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Giveaways & Updates, FIRST GIVEAWAY IS TODAY

November 16, 2022 Tyler Yaw & Chris Kellum
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Giveaways & Updates, FIRST GIVEAWAY IS TODAY
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This week it's just Chris and Tyler on the podcast. They come on to give everyone an update on what's to come in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas and all the giveaways they have round up for everyone! You don't want to miss out on all the free stuff you can get and WIN. First giveaway is TODAY November 16th. Whiskey & Wisdom has teamed up with Kale Me Crazy Wilmington and giving away coffees for most of the day today. So check them out and get your free coffee.

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  welcome back for short and sweet iteration of Whiskey and Wisdom. This week is just your boy, Tyler and Chris. We. Sipping on Jameson Black Barrel. Thank you to Tim Howard who came on a couple weeks ago. He brought this in for us during our 75 hard program, and we could not drink it at the time, so it has been sitting in our studio patiently waiting for us to sip on it.

And we thought now was the better time than any to bring it on, because we also wanted to give a shout out to Tim's. That was just released the mirror as well. So check that out on Amazon and definitely support him. And thank you for the bottle of whiskey. Thank you, sir. Yeah, this one, if you guys in here, Jameson Black Barrel is triple distilled Irish whiskey, so totally different flavor profile than your traditional jmo.

So this is one that you would sip on. I would, I mean, it's nothing got some legs. Yeah, Tylers over around, swirling around. I'm like, Good. That got some legs. But this is not one that I would mix with a Jamison and Ginger. Potentially, probably not. We'll find out in like 42 seconds. Okay. Less than that.

So yeah. Cheer. Cheers.

 Yeah. Much better than a typical Jameson and Ginger that you would. Yeah, for sure. This one is, I mean, we're drinking this one neat straight, Is that what it's called? Both. Yeah. For those who don't know, I know shit about whiskey. We're learning on this journey together. Yeah. , we were just talking about that the other day.

I was like, Man, I just started drinking whiskey and I remember the only thing I had was Jameson. Mm-hmm. . And then I was at a. A training and they were like, Oh, we'll buy you something. I was like, Can I get a McAllen 12? I was like, I don't even know what I'm ordering. I just know shot in the dark. Yeah. I hope this is good.

Loved it. Yeah. My version of high end whiskey just a couple years ago was Woodford. So I was like, All right, I'm getting spoiled now. Woodford is, is a pretty good whiskey. I mean, it is very good, especially if we're a daily drinker. It's a very good, smooth whiskey that you can just kind of sip on or I don't feel bad if I decide to put a little bit of ginger in there.

Yes, CI beer. See, it's been my staple cuz we had it in the whatever the, the fancy looking bottle's called. I don't know. I just poured it out and put in a fancy bottle. My wife got me from my wedding, like a to cancer. Yeah. There we go. Ah, okay. And it's been sitting in there since I got it for our anniversary.

It's like, I should probably drink this. And I've been using it for old fashions ever since I got cold. That's one of my favorite old fashions. That and bullet bourbon are my two old go-tos. See, bullet is just so spicy. That's why I like it. Cause I like those rise. See, wait. Bullets are rye or you just like the spice that you normally get.

So both. So bullet can be a rye, It has different ones. Yeah. I like the bullet rye. If you see a fun fact, if you see a green label, more often than not it's gonna be a rye. Okay, that makes sense. Yep. Understandable. So since I've been gone for a minute, kind of not really feels like it. Yeah.  a whole week.

Had my friends getting engaged. Very exciting. Drink. At every meal possible.  and had some amazing bagels. Yeah. New York City. Yes. We went to the, the Liberty bagel. Have you been there? Yeah. Yeah. And they, they're known for their rainbow bagels. I'm, I still don't know what the difference in taste was.

But yeah, they had rainbow bagels. So much different flavored smear. Yeah, that, that's reserved for normal people. It's just fancy cream cheese, . And then they had one that legitimately I had to get, cause I'm from the south, it was a fried chicken cutlet with bacon and lettuce and tomato. And this thing was so big, like it take, it was like eating a burger.

That does sound good. It almost makes me want to, You said sear, It makes me want to go back to c w to Einstein. Because they do have a pretty decent selection. Really? Yeah. It's so annoying cuz like it's on campus so I don't go. I know. Yeah. I feel like I have to wear a backpack. I mean, I carry one.

Anyways, someone's releasing a new backpack, which I hope to see under the Christmas tree. Same here. Jennifer . I mean technically you could buy her one. I mean, steal it like she does all my gifts. No, If we, if we, all of us, go. To get one, then potentially we could have four, or we could have at least two  there.

we, we can't give shout outs for the brand because they're not a sponsor. And I don't want you guys taking the one I want. If you know, you know, and since we're already a few minutes into this, we actually have important news, which is why we're doing this  podcast the way that we're doing. So first of all, If you are listening to this on the release date, which I highly recommend you do, even when we're not giving stuff away,

We are giving away along with kale Me Crazy. There is free coffee today no matter what it is at Kill Me Crazy. I originally went to kill me crazy and said, Hey, you're doing drip coffee. Let's do some drip coffee for free. And they said, Why stop at drip coffee? Let's do absolutely. . Anything that they want with any kind of coffee or espresso in it is gonna be free.

So if you want a cappuccino, if you want a latte, if you want drip coffee, no matter what you want, that kill me Crazy on November 16th is going to be free for you if you follow the podcast. If you follow the podcast. But how do they know? If they follow the podcast, do they just have like, show 'em their Instagram or say like, Whiskey and Wisdom sent me?

Yeah. Say Whiskey and Wisdom sent you, Show 'em that you follow us. Preferably on Spotify or Apple Podcast or Instagram. I mean, I'd prefer if you followed us on all of them. Yeah, if you do all of them. That'll make us feel extra special inside. But in that order, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Instagram, . I mean, I personally don't like Apple Podcasts because, An Android person.

Yeah, I prefer if it's all on Spotify, that would help us a lot because Spotify is being difficult with us right now. So if you could help us on that end, that would be fantastic. Yes. It helps us with sponsorships in the future. It does, which we'll eventually start looking at in 2023. So if you know someone who's also interested, And sponsoring Whiskey and Wisdom Podcast, or if you're interested in sponsoring Whiskey Wisdom Podcast, we can have that conversation soon.

But that's not where our giveaways stop though. Is it? Chris, what? Are you serious? That's 100% serious. We're gonna take one week off, not from the podcast, but from giveaways for Thanksgiving because we want to be thankful and I'm probably gonna get drunk as fuck because it's my birthday. So make sure you reach out on Wednesday after this podcast, the 23rd, on the 23rd, and tell Chris happy birthday.

And that's the way he's gonna know that you listen to the podcast. Yes. And you can Venmo me and buy me a shot. That too.  . But after Chris's birthday podcast, we are going to do another giveaway on the 30th. With Haler head, which we are still hollerer head ambassadors, which you notice you follow our Instagram because I do silly, weird cocktails with Haler head.

Yes, you do. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don't, But. The one thing that you will always find if you make the cocktails that I make with Haler head is, no matter how disgusting you think it will taste, it actually tastes very good. I mean, it's cuz they use plantain. It's not just straight bananas.

They actually have a, a nice flavor to it. I mean, like I said before, it tastes great during the summertime and warm months, but it also tastes really good. Makes into. In the winter time. So we did make our version of a like a Heller head Shandy bomb. And that was actually really good. So I didn't use a he and Wisen beer.

I was educated from our friends at Flying Machine on what type of beer  that I used. So go back to our Instagram and look at that. But you're supposed to use a Hef and Wein. I used the FES beer that they. , but I mixed it with Hollerer head and I thought a beer and hollerer head would be nasty, but it's actually my go to cocktail with Hollerer head now.

It's, it's incredible. So definitely do that. That's the 30th on December 7th? Mm-hmm. . We're doing another giveaway, and that is going to be from Walton's Distillery in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Okay. Let's be. We say Jacksonville, North Carolina. But saying Jacksonville is like saying you live in Wilmington, North Carolina because technically is in the like outskirts, like when I say I live in Wilmington, but I actually live in the borderlands of like Porter's neck and Castle Hayne.

It feels like that, but it is an amazing distillery. It was very cool going out there cuz they keep it to the roots and that's for sure a thousand. Yeah, they keep it as close to authentic. What's it called? Like Boot Laker days? Yes. So like they have their, We'll talk about this more so on the episode when we release this one.

Or released the Waltons. But it was so cool because they talked about where they got the recipe and Mr. Walton who gave it to 'em and how he worked with them mm-hmm.  and helped them establish this and Old man was so straight boot Lega. Yeah. Which is crazy to think and mostly known for their moonshine, but they started aging some whiskey out there in the barrels.

Mm-hmm.  and it's is pretty good. Yeah. I mean it's definitely. Similar to end of days where they did a few iterations with like the oak chips chart. Right. And the, they're now getting to the point where they've had some that's actually aged in barrels. And it's really cool. I mean, they're aging some other things besides whiskey.

Yeah. . So check that out. And now you'll have a chance to win a bottle yourself too. What, what? And then after our Walton's Distillery giveaway, we are still working with Bones Coffee out there, the veteran owned coffee company with all of the crazy flavors. And you're not only gonna get coffee with this one, but also, if you remember we had on Emily.

Who does pottery, You'll also get some mugs to put that coffee into. Yes. And because it is the holiday season, you'll be getting the  the much sought after Christmas Sten mugs. Ooh. Because I pestered the mess out of her and it's like, Hey, can I get some of these? So yeah, definitely check her out. I love her pottery.

I mean, she, you can definitely tell she puts her heart and soul in it. Mm-hmm. . Definitely go back and listen to that episode. It was just fun. Even if she wasn't a friend, I think it was a fun episode. Oh yeah. And Jennifer loves getting something every single time she sees her out and about as well too.

Yes. And we're part of the reason why she we're gonna be in that one is because she will also be in one of those, Are they festivals? What are those things? The weekend showcases. Oh yeah. I, We don't go to them. Well, I don't go to 'em because I work every weekend and Tyler doesn't because he has kids and they keep him stacked.

So definitely check her out. She, she will be at, I wanna say one every week, if not every other week for the month of December. That's right. Yeah. So check out our post. You'll see. The Christmas tree one that I'm talking about. It was between that and the wave, and I chose the Christmas tree. Makes sense.

Yeah. That is the season. Yes. I didn't know bones was veteran owned. It was. It is. Yeah. See, we like to support veterans. We do. Yeah. And especially when they're doing something cool and different out there in the world. Yeah. If you wanna support this veteran, you know, follow the podcast, , plug it again, again, and, Before Christmas, we are going to have.

One last giveaway and that is going to be our end of day's giveaway and they came out with a rye not too long ago. You can no longer find it out on the shelves, but we got an extra one just for this giveaway. So you will be one of the very last people to have a bottle of the end of day's rye. So one, if you didn't have a chance to get it and you won it, here's your chance.

Or if you did get it and you didn't want to drink, Because you wanted to save the bottle, now you can drink it so you can have this bottle. Yes. It was just hilarious because Halloween we were walking our neighborhood and one of the guys, because we live in one of those real fun neighborhoods where people are like, Hey, do you want candy or whiskey?

And what? Yeah. Well, technically it was whiskey or vodka. I literally just walked up. I got off of work rolled home, and Emily's like, Hey, check this out. They were like, Hey, you. Trick or treat, Get one in the shots, pick one. So I tried the rye. It's actually way better than I expected. Cause I didn't know they were aging rye in the first place.

Yeah. I'm not sure if I talked to you about this or if it was someone else, but I don't u I don't usually recommend mixing your whiskeys with things, but sometimes I enjoy mixing it with ginger a or ginger beer just for the extra. It's not as often as it used to be. Oh, okay. So we'll keep it at that. But the ginger beer and the end of day's rye is now my new go-to for the ginger beer.

Huh. It is incredible. The spices go together just perfectly. So, which ginger beer do you use? Whichever the popular one is at Harris Teeter. That's in the, I know a few, in the same one from the podcast a couple weeks back. No. That one's just hard to get. Whatever that soda water is on our stand over there, it's that And the ginger beer form.

The fever tree. Yep. Fever tree. Yeah. I, I mean, I personally am not gonna lie, Emily does all the shopping , and that's also because I work on the weekend, so she picks up that stuff. But yeah, Fever Tree makes a bunch of stuff. I think we have their simple syrup at the house to make old fashions. Yeah, I think that sounds right.

And then I found out that I could just make my own simple syrup and I'm afraid to try it, but I will do it. It's not that hard. Mm, You learned about it? Half part sugar of your choosing? Half part water. Equal parts. I can't say half part. So that, I mean equal parts. Well, when, when there's two ingredients, , I'm just saying.

I mean, 10 half. It's like, wait, what's a full part? Okay, fair, fair, fair. See you got 'em. . I'm here to just make sure we totally fuck shit up. Mm-hmm. . But yes, we're doing the end of day awry. Because I was going through and I said can I please get an extra bottle? I was hoping to write it off on my taxes, but I don't think my count will let me do that.

Possibly depends on the. We'll talk about that later. I need to talk to more accountants because of my job. . 

That makes sense. Mm-hmm. , I mean, I like to consider myself a jack of all trades and master of none. I do too, but since I've gotten to the financial world, I've had to be a master of it. Or you don't. Yeah. No, it's hilarious. And like stemming off that in the store, everyone's like, Ugh, that person's looking at watches.

Chris, go ahead. Mm-hmm. . I'm like, Y'all should know how to sell a watch. True. 90% of you have done your training. You should know how to properly sell a watch. But if you're just gonna say, Hey, this is, this is a pretty watch. Here's Chris. Tough break. I'm taking a wholesale over. Yeah, gotta do something about it.

The other thing too is you can't really BS your way through selling a watch cuz it's very technical. I do it all the time. You know a lot more about watch than you get it  to explain. No, there's a level though cuz it's just like with everything, like there are some people who are just watch.  focus, like they're a hundred percent in into ology.

Mm-hmm. . And they just watch videos and they're like, Oh, well does this have this movement that has, I'm like, Bruh. Mm-hmm. , really? You realize that unlike you, I don't have to know a hundred percent about, say brand B I have to know about A through S Yeah. In these brands, like, come on. I can't memorize. I know what the movement does.

I don't know the movement numbers and Right. Yeah. The actual specs down until where it was made and how it was made and yeah. But I also have to know all the stuff that goes into all of our jewelry brands as well as the diamonds that I'm trying to sell. Your wife. Yeah. Which is really hilarious because talking about watches and diamonds tomorrow, if you're listening to this on the 16th, the 17th, we're doing a watch and whiskey.

Hosted at Reed Shoulders in. That's right. So the day after you get your free coffee at Cab Crazy, go to the other side of Mayfair and you get to try all of the Did you say North Carolina whiskeys or, Yeah, I picked I handpicked different North Carolina whiskeys. Because I'm trying to support local and so, and also Reeds is a North Carolina company.

Yeah. Wilmington company. Yeah. I mean, the family, most, if not almost all of the family still lives here in Wilmington or has come back here. Yeah. So I like to keep it. North Carolina centered. So our event, which will hopefully become a annual thing will each year will showcase a different whiskey from North Carolina.

This time we're focusing on Wild and Mills. Nice. Which unfortunately was a whiskey we forgot on our countdown list. And we did that a while ago. Like we remembered it and it tasted really good, but we couldn't remember the names cuz we're too many. Yes. And then also the secondary feature is Southern.

Good choice. You know, after trying that with the boys a couple weeks back I picked up a few bottles of the Southern Star Paragon. Mm-hmm. . I got similar series. I'm pretty sure it's not from the same barrel that they have at Rebellion. And the Downtown Brown collaboration. Mm-hmm.  But I got a bottle that and a few other iterations from Southern Star so we can Nice.

Check that. Sweet. I'm looking forward to it. But yeah we're just trying to sup, like we say, support family as I call it family cuz our living in the whiskey and wisdom. Ecosystem, everyone's family. Once you've been on the podcast, it's amazing the connections have you made in here and then the last connections too.

Yes. Like the people that you think are just gonna come on, you never talk to 'em again. You end up talking to 'em all the time and it's, it's pretty cool. And then you have other people that reach back out and they're like, Hey, I had such a great time. When's the next time I'm coming back on? So it's, it's very humbling, which is why Palmer's been on at least three times.

Yeah.  and Catherine twice. Catherine's been on twice. Thaddius has been on twice. Yes. And the wives still beat my brow every time. Cause like when are we getting on? I know I talk about it every time too, but it's hard to get a teacher, someone in retail myself and then my wife who's watching the kids all on the same schedule.

So for everyone else who's wondering, Cause I get that question a lot. , if you can figure out all four of our schedules, I mean, if someone wants to babysit. That would be the biggest thing. So if you wanna babysit, reach on out. Yeah, I mean, we're totally looking for a babysitter. I need at least two and a half hours of time because we need to record and also get another drink.

That's true. So yeah, and if you've ever recorded with us, you know, it takes about a half hour before we start recording and a half hour after record. So that's too hellacious there. I mean, technically we could do it. It would still take dishes long. Yeah, I know. And then I couldn't eat brunch and I love brunch.

So yes, I would suggest if you're here in this episode, definitely check out, kill Me Crazy, Get you that free coffee. But also leave, And this is how I know you listen to the podcast. Leave your best suggestion for something to eat at brunch. Yeah. Cause I typically get the same thing, but I'm. What is there, Like what do you get at brunch?

I change it every single time depending on where I go. Really? Mm-hmm. , There's not a one, one size fits all for me. So, you know, so this is how I judge a restaurant. I go and I get the biscuits and gravy. Mm-hmm. , and I'm like, Mm. If you fuck up your biscuit, I'm done. If they don't have biscuits and gravy, I try chicken and waffles.

Yes, I am a southern black man, so I have to try chicken and waffles almost everywhere. And that's how I get you. I'm like, I gotta try both of those or one of them and then if it's, if that's good, then I'll try something else on the menu. You just maybe really want fishes biscuit tomorrow. Facts. So that's gonna happen.

See, that's all I'm here for. We. We will have somebody from Vicious Biscuit on the podcast within the next six months. . So keep an eye out. I love that place. So good. So, so good. 75 Heart Put a big pulse on that for a while, but they did have that that one bowl that was pretty incredible. That was 75 hard approved.

So, and we'll eventually have an episode depicting 75 hard. And just going over that, you know, after we have time to reminisce and think about it and debate whether or not I wanna do it again, . So we'll check that out. Sounds good. Well, we wanna make this short and sweet episode. Thank you for listening.

We wanted to let you know about all the giveaways. Most importantly. So again, just to recap, free Coffee is today at Kill Me Crazy in Mayfair Town Center, which is on the Harris Teeter side and Dick's Sport. That is correct. So if you are going up like the main entrance, you're gonna go past brunches and keep on going to kill me.

Crazy. It'll be on your left and if you're there and Send me a text cuz I'll walk outta my office and I'll come say Hi . And then we are not gonna do any giveaway for Thanksgiving because we're being thankful. Because we're being thankful What we have  so people don't think we're Stooges prompts.

Exactly. We just wanna be, We're thankful for all of you listeners, and we wanna just spend the time and the money on buying Chris birthday. Yes. Most importantly, that's why we're not doing a giveaway, is so you can remember to give messages to Chris to make him feel special on his birthday and say Happy birthday.

But after that, we were going back and giving a bottle of Haler head away, still haler head ambassadors, which is why you get all the fun, crazy cocktails. I highly suggest trying them out too. What? Then after Haller head we go to Walton's Distillery, which is up there in the outskirts of Jacksonville, North Carolina.

I also suggest even if you don't win, to go up there and go give it a try and check it out. Yes, they do. Tours. Yeah, very often. So find their tour schedule for the season. Mm-hmm.  and they also do free tastings afterwards, but they also have moonshine. They have an apple pie moonshine, which is what I bought.

Oh, I can't, I have that apple pie moonshine for Thanksgiving. Thank you for reminding me. I am so excited for it. It's so good for the holiday seasons. Yes, it's perfect. So definitely try them out. If you're going up around the holiday season, get the apple by moon shine. Mm-hmm. . But then after that we are going to the bones coffee giveaway with the mugs from Emily Tippet.

Mm-hmm. . So you have something to put your coffee in. And our final giveaway is gonna be the end of day's Rye, cuz there's none, none out there that you can get anymore. This is one of the last bottles that you're gonna get unsealed. So enjoy that and make sure you win. Most importantly, follow the show.

Rate the show, review the. Yes. I mean, we would love for you guys to share it. I mean, if you found some wisdom or you found just some fun, listen to the podcast. You know, support us by throwing it up on your socials or just telling somebody you know to listen to us and maybe we'll give you a extra entry.

And the giveaways. If on this episode you comment what your favorite episode is, and by maybe we mean yes. We'll definitely give you an extra entry in the final giveaway for the rye. That's right. Cool. Cool. So thank you guys for listening to this. Like I said, short and sweet episode of Whiskey and Wisdom.

If you do wanna save money buying Christmas presents, for those who like coffee hit up bones coffee use code wisdom. If you don't know how to spell wisdom, it's W I S D O. I mean, I don't, there's weird ways to spell everything nowadays. True. So yeah, support us. We love you guys. Thank you so much.

Cheers, Cheer. Cheers.

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