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Importance of Recovery in Fitness and Life with Jason Lampman, owner of Renoja

October 05, 2022 Jason Lampman Episode 35
Whiskey & Wisdom
Importance of Recovery in Fitness and Life with Jason Lampman, owner of Renoja
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This week we bring on Jason Lampman, owner of Renoja Wellness Center. In this episode we talk about the importance of taking care of your body and how Jason's new business is a great way to recover from not just working out, but life as well. Since many of you are local, stop by Renoja and let them know Whiskey & Wisdom sent you and if they have space will set you up for a free service to give it a try. I promise, you won't regret it!

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Hey you guys, welcome back. This week it's your boy Chris and my constant main host, co-host cohost Tyler. And we brought on Jason Laman, who is the owner of Reno. It's a new wellness. Is it a rejuvenation? We call it a wellness studio. Okay. In Mayfair. So it's in the right to the right of Harris Tee. Yeah, I would con I think that's the lifestyle side cuz they're, they're considered two separate, There's like the main shopping and the, the lifestyle. So I say go check 'em out before you go pick up your Chick-fil-A. I definitely agree. cause it, it's right there. You maybe balance out the, the Fried Chick-fil-A Right. Or maybe you could make yourself feel better. So you feel like you don't have to go to Chick Chick-fil-A. That's right. But this week, because we're still doing seven to five hard mm-hmm. I know I mentioned it a couple weeks ago and I tried the unknown craft ginger. We mixed it with the spirit of bourbon from free spirits. Yep. This week we're just drinking it straight because the unknown was, is apparently a brewery based outta Charlotte. And I didn't know that. I think right now they're in Newton which I've, I've been to Charlotte multiple times. I still don't know where Newton is. Me either. but yeah, it's a local quote unquote thing, and that's kind of what we're here to do is support people in small businesses, in local spots. Their ginger oil is actually real legit. They use actual real ginger root. They mix in some pure, pure sugar cane. And then you gotta top it off with some fresh lime juice. This thing tastes amazing and it would be really good like summertime, like if you're mixing a drink or if you got something that needs a little bit of like kick to it. Like if I'm eating some, if I'm doing like grilled chicken with rice, you know, eat, drink some of the slic of the ginger. But yeah, check it out. Cheers it up. Cheers coming on. Yeah. Thank you for coming on. I do have a quick confession to make. Mm-hmm. You know, I, I told you guys I was doing 75 hard and I was but I only made it like 40 days and so 40 days I would say. That's pretty good. Yeah. It was good. It was, it wasn't. The alcohol was fine. That was easy. Right. It was, It was really the two workouts a day. Like just finding the time. Yes. And that was a struggle. And especially like I, we were talking about before too. Launching a business at the same time as doing 75 hard is one hell of a feet. So I give you props for even trying it. It was, it was, gosh. Yeah. No, my, my wife hates it because I'll do, she's, she originally was gonna do like her own like 75 medium and only do like one workout a day, And then I got her for like the first week I got off at a decent time and she was walking with me. Yeah. And so now she's doing two a days and she doesn't even get to walk with me half the time because I get off, get home at like eight, still need to eat dinner, and I still have another workout to do and I don't go out and walk until like 10 30. Yeah. Mm-hmm. And I'm like, Yeah. The other night I, I didn't even get out the house until like 1115. Wow. 1145. It's late night. I was like, Well, I'm out It counts as long as I don't actually fall asleep, so. Exactly. Well, tell us a little bit more about yourself. You can start as early as you want. Yeah. Well, I was born young, right? You didn't do a Benjamin Button? did not do a Benjamin Button. No. That would be kind of cool though. Well, so I moved to Wilmington eight years ago. Okay. Okay. My wife and I have kind of lived all over. We started dating right outta college in Vail, Colorado. Oh. I went to Florida State University, Go Noles. Oh, wow. How did you end up in Colorado, right? Yeah, we just wanted to um, my buddy and I say we threw a dart at a map and it landed on veil. So that's where we, that's where we went. And then from there you know, just to give you the very short version moved to the Northeast for a little while. Right outside of Boston essentially. Okay. Ended up moving to Austin, Texas for a couple years and then up to Dallas for a couple years. Then we moved over to the wine country, Lodi. Oh, wow. On California. Yeah. Okay. Lived there for a couple years. From there we went to Baltimore, Maryland. We were in Baltimore for five years, I guess. Mm. From Baltimore, we went to Nashville, Tennessee. We were in Nashville for a couple years. And then at that point we had three kids. And we were like, You know what? We want to find the right place to raise our kids. Mm-hmm. We were missing the water. Yeah. And a friend of mine was like, Hey, you want to come stay in my condo on Wrightsville Beach for a couple weeks? We're like, Sure. Yeah. So we right. So we we spent two weeks on the beach Sweet. And said, Yeah, this is where we're gonna move. And that was eight years ago. So here we are. Wow. That's cool. Yeah. So what brought you around pretty much the whole entire United States? Yeah. So I think we just, my wife grew up moving around a lot. Okay. I did not, I grew up in Tallahassee where, where Florida State is, right. Mm-hmm. But I'm just by nature, just love to travel. We both studied overseas. Okay. For a while. In there I didn't mention we were in Ireland for three months as well. Oh wow. Considering moving there. But yeah, we just we liked to, we liked to adventure around a little bit. And then I actually went into ministry, so I was full time pastor. Wow. And so that kind of moved me around a little bit to some different places. Dallas was where I went to grad school, and then from there we kind of moved around, did some ministry. Last time I was in full-time ministry was in Baltimore. We worked down in the city. Yeah. Mostly with people on the street. That's really neat. I love Baltimore. I've only been there Mm. Probably like five times, but I had a friend who lived on the north side closer to Towson. Yep. And it's just, it's a different city. It's very different. It was, it was great for young kids. Mm-hmm. Um, We didn't really want our kids in school at least where we were Right in the middle of the city, right. Mm-hmm. And so you know, as they started getting older, it wasn't as great, but for when they were very young. There's great community there. All the houses, you know, they're row homes. Yeah. Yeah. So you're just really tight with your neighbors and you can walk to the bank in the grocery store and all that kind of stuff. Very different from like suburb living than definitely the rest of the country has become, you know, I'm from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, so I was not that far away at all. So that was an easy day trip for us to head down there and hang out a little bit. I feel like despite Wilmington being like a mid-size to small city mm-hmm. it's still a suburb kind of town. Like you can't just get up let's, let's walk to the grocery store in most places. Yeah. And I'm kind of sad about that. I saw the grew up watching TV and people were like, Oh, let's just walk to the store. I'm like, I can't do that. It, it is, it is really cool though, in the last couple years, the change going on, Right. With downtown and then I think there's a grocery store going in downtown right now, right? Yeah. They, it was where the old grocery store used to be downtown and they kind of revamped it. Oh yeah. Cuz they closed after Florence. So what got you out of ministry in the health and wellness industry? Or was there a time in between there? That definitely a time in between. So you know, with three kids in ministry and the kind of ministry I was doing, which was on the street with homeless, right? Mm-hmm. and I, I worked in a mission with men going through substance recovery. Okay. That part was you know, didn't, didn't pay the bills. Right, right. There wasn't like, it wasn't like a church where they're taking up an offering and you're getting a salary from that or whatever. Yeah. I had a, another job which was raising support. I had to go all over the country, get people to support our efforts and whatever, and. I just, at some point I was like, this is, this is gonna be hard to be sustainable with three kids and looking ahead at college and all that kind of stuff. And I was like, I'm just gonna find a job that I can do on the side and fund, you know, the ability to do ministry. And I found something in sales and I was good at it and you know, started making pretty good money and yeah. Eventually we decided it was time to leave Baltimore and at that point we decided we didn't leave ministry. We just left doing it, being paid to do it. Okay. Yeah, so that's neat. So is that kind of what you did when you were moving around everywhere too? You kind of stayed in the min ministry world. Yeah, so I was in the ministry world moving all around. And then when I moved into this sales organization we, we just, we left Baltimore moved, that's when we moved to Nashville. Oh, okay. And at that point I moved into more of a leadership role within the company. The company decided to franchise. I moved into an executive type role and was able to live anywhere at that point. Oh yeah. Which is why we were able to move to Wilmington. Right. Very cool. So in Nashville, did you find any good whiskey? So yeah, I was seeing you guys a little bit before. So I love and they, I was so excited they brought it just to the ABC here Bell me Bourbon, and they have both a regular and sometimes they'll have the reserve as well. It's a great, I mean, it's a 30, $40 bottle of bourbon. The reserve's like maybe 60 or so. It's very smooth. I mean, I, they do a phenomenal job with the, so the, the history actually goes back, if you look at bell meat is. It's a city within the city of Nashville, it's own city. Right. Oh, okay. So you pay your taxes to that city and you pay to Nashville. Oh, oh, wow. They have their own little police department. And we're only talking like 1500 homes, right. In this quote city. Yeah. But it's an extremely wealthy city, and they have this old farm there that where they used to make bourbon back in the 18 hundreds, Bellie bourbon. And and that eventually, you know, stopped. And so a couple guys, maybe 10, 15 years ago decided that it was time to bring it back. Yeah, that's really cool. So, yeah. So, and now it's become a, a favorite. That's neat. Yeah. Yeah. So you said it's in the North Carolina ABC now? Yeah. You can get it here. Yeah. Check it out. Yeah. Oh, for sure. Next. Yeah. When my brother-in-law comes in, we'll have him on and, but they live in Tennessee. He did a stint at Fort Campbell. Mm-hmm. And then he got out and now they're. Living in an rv, doing whatever. Nice. I'm like, y'all are young enough to pull that off. Ain't no way. My old self is gonna be getting an RV with four kids. I'll tell you what, I got a buddy who just bought one of those big old sprinter type bands. Mm-hmm. And he shipped it down to the furthest point South America and they're driving it all the way up. Oh my goodness. So it's like a year long journey they're doing him and his whole family. Wow. Yeah. There is a section that you actually have to take a boat cuz you can't drive all the way through. Yeah, I'm sure. I only know this cuz I've randomly popped up and looked it up, but there's a section and like the Panama now since no Central America, there's a, it's north of the Panama Canal. There's a spot that it's literally just forest because there's tribes and people that live there that will not let non, I could see that people in, so there's no path. I was like, probably smart of them. That's, that's kind of cool. I mean, it sucks that you can't just be like, Yo, let me take a trip and just straight through it. But it's also kind of cool that there, there are parts of the world like that random island off of India that like, normal people can't just go up and influence, I guess. Yeah. Keeping it clean. Exactly. So what made you want to go from an executive type role into this new business that you're doing now? Yeah. So that's a, that's a really long story, but I'll But the really, the short of it is, you know, there was this I, I don't know, lots of people talk about this kind of exodus during covid people quit their jobs and that kind of thing. Over the course of my last couple years in that role I had been focusing on. Passive investing. Okay. Building up my income through investments. Mm-hmm. That I'm not, you know, actively managing, right. Mm-hmm. And so we got to a point where financially I, you know, it made sense. I didn't need to be in that job anymore. Right. And you know, I was watching my kids heading into high school and I was thinking, ah, you know, I was working all the time. And I love spending as much time with my kids as I could, but I was like, I'm not spending as much as I want. Right, Right. You'll really only have one chance to build a relationship with your kids. And last thing I want is like, you know, they go off to college or, you know, 10 years from now I expect to have a relationship with 'em when I didn't take the time to build it. So, Right. We decided it was time to leave and and I did, and so I just focused a hundred percent on my investing. Took me 20 hours a week. Yeah. And that was great for about a year, And I started to get a little bit bored with it, to be honest. And a guy called me and he's like, Hey, I know you you know, had a big part to play in this other company that had become a franchise, and I've got this this concept um, that I want you to come check out. And that people always tell me I should franchise. Yeah. And so, you know, I was like, Cool. I flew out to Phoenix and checked it out. I loved it. And you know, we, we started to move forward. Yeah. But then to go back like just, you know, this specific industry health and wellness. So some of our. I used to be that guy that was you know, my wife would be like, We gotta get organic food. And I'm like, No, why would what for? You know, like it's just more expensive. Yeah. So much more Right. So I was kind of like a naysayer with that. But we had some close friends that their daughter was struggling to, this was in Nashville, was struggling to take nutrients into her bones. Oh, wow. And she went to all kinds of hospitals. And, you know, was last thing I think was she was at the children's hospital and her parents were told like, You know what, there's really nothing you can do. She's gonna get cancer and when she gets cancer, you can bring her back here and we can treat her. And and her parents, like, they were like, they refused to accept that. Right, Right. Yeah. And so they dove hard into nutrition and I watched like, you know her mom just dig in at a deep level and find out that, you know, with food and with other just natural things. She could actually create something that was nutrient rich that her daughter could absorb. Wow. And and now, you know, she's 15 years old. She's healthy as a horse. Doing that. That's crazy. No issues as far as cancer, any of that kind of thing. So that was kind of my first experience with that. The second experience was more recently with my own son. He was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. Mm. And you know, we had him up at Duke and everything, and they wanted to put him on a cancer drug, which is extremely toxic. Yeah. And we were like, Oh, you know, we don't, we don't really wanna put our young son. On that. He was struggling with a lot of joint issues and. You know, trying to play soccer through that and all that. And so we did a similar thing. We, we figured out like, you know, different foods that maybe he shouldn't be eating or mm-hmm. Um, And, you know, within several months he was not, he didn't have any symptoms anymore. And at that point the doctors were even like, you know, well, couldn't be from that. Couldn't be of course, of course not. Right. And we were, we were, you know we just were like, Nope. It definitely was right. And to give some credit to one of the doctors, he was, he was like, Listen, whatever, whatever you're doing is working, so stick with it. And and you know, again, that was a couple years ago and he's doing great. And so my mind was reshaped over time about what is what it means to be healthy and you know, what, what, what are some of the ways that we can get healthy outside of, you know, filling ourselves with a bunch of drugs and mm-hmm. and that kind of thing. So that kind of, that sparked the passion in me for that. I have a very similar story with my son as well too. So he had extremely bad eczema, like almost head to toe covered eczema. Yeah. And they're like, Oh, well you could put him on this drug or that drug. And like he's one years old, like, we don't wanna put 'em on all these things. Like, well you can give him these immune suppressant shots for the rest of his life. Like, that doesn't seem like a way to get set up for success. And my mom's a naturopath, so it was just her and her blood anyway. Yeah. But like there's, there's more of a natural way to do this. So we just went through, we created a new protocol and everything for kids that have eczema and put him on that and he's completely fine. Nothing wrong anything at all. That's awesome. And there's a few kids that started going to there's a woman that my mom works with as well and I started the same protocol with these other kids and it, it seems to be working. So to your point, eating healthy food and health and wellness has something to say about your overall Kind of body. It's surprising that we don't, I don't know, for, it seems like the last couple of decades we've not really considered that food Right? Is the thing that we're putting in our body the most is something that can impact our health the most. Yeah. I mean, we can go into conspiracy theories. All we want. we hit, Daddy is on the other weekend. He, he, I love talking to him. He has so many thoughts and I'm was like, you know, I'm, I'm not a, I listen to conspiracies all the time, but I wouldn't be surprised if that is part of the reason why so many people are overweight and sick and at the hospital all the time is cuz they're all conspiring together because it's so much more expensive to do the right thing for your. And also no one wants to actually go out hunt and you don't wanna grow your own food. They just want the, they want the easy fix too. Like, I, I want to eat my Oreos and I just wanna take this pill and get it over with as opposed to doing the hard work. Well, it's also the cheap fix, right? I mean, it is cheaper to go get a couple of burgers at your local McDonald's than it is to make something healthy at home. Yeah. But all, and I don't think people think about this is like all you're doing is like you're treating the symptom. Mm-hmm. not like the actual root cause. Well, yeah. The symptom at the moment is you're hungry, but why are you so hungry all the time? Cause you're not eating something that's nutrient richer, carb dense of like healthy stuff. Right? So then you're, And then what happens in the long run is then your body hurts even. Well, I'm 15. It doesn't mi well. Yeah, it doesn't hurt you now, but when you hit 30 you can't touch your toes. Or you hit 50 and you have arthritis all throughout your body and you can't figure out, Well, if I had done things differently, well, you know, I'm the last one to judge too, cuz I tell you my daughter loves bread. Yeah. She will eat bread like, you know, nobody's business. And you know, in the morning I'll be like, really? That that's what you're going to eat. Like to, to get your nutrients to get going for the day. So, you know, I know it's hard as a parent to like figure out, like, all right, that balance for sure. So wait, if you don't do, what do you eat to like, start your day? So I don't, I don't eat breakfast. Mm-hmm. I, I'm a real big intermittent faster. Yeah. Okay. And for me that means pretty much I stop eating around seven o'clock at night. I don't eat until around 12 o'clock in, you know, noon. So that's my first meal. And, you know, there's just there exceptions to that. I'm not crazy about it. Yeah. But you know, from going out to breakfast with my team or with my kids or something like that, that's, you know, I'll do that. And but yeah, otherwise I'm, I'm pretty uh, nothing for breakfast. Yeah. Makes sense. That's typically what I do. Oh, in mint fasting. Mm-hmm. Mine's usually like eight to 12. That makes sense. Yep. But tell us a little bit more about Reja and what it means and the Yeah. The meaning behind it and what you hope to accomplish. Yeah. So so when we started it, you know, kind of going back to you know, the last company I worked in, the thing that I was most passionate about there is we were helping people to start their own business. Mm-hmm. Um, And so I'm really passionate about that. And then you already heard like, I'm really passionate about health and wellness. Right? So this was kind of bringing those two things together. With the opportunity to build a business that we think can be franchised but also something that's gonna help a lot of individuals who are using the facility. So Reno, you know, it's we randomly came across this name. We got really lucky. Know, it's one of those things, like these days finding a one word domain.com so hard. Yeah. It's really hard. And so, you know, I'm obviously very spiritual and I was like, Man, God just brought us this name. Yeah. And so the, the name itself refers to when, when you look at it as far as a person, like that name refers to a person who's always giving to others. So much so that they forget to take care of themself. Yeah. And we wanted to be a place where the givers of the world, the impact makers, could come and take care of themself because you. You can't really be a hundred percent, you can't make the a hundred percent impact if you're not taking care of yourself. Yeah. Mm-hmm. So that was number one. And then you know, one day some guy looked at me and he is like, Oh, Reha. And I was like, What? And he's like, Reha, and that means we're renew. So I didn't even know that when we picked the name. That's a perfect circle. Yeah. Yeah. So it was awesome. We got, you know, so that's where the name came from. But like I said, we, I had a, I have a partner that out in Phoenix. Mm-hmm. You know, he had started a center out there a little different name. And you know, he was the response he was getting from people was they were always happy. Like, that's one of the things he loved about the business. He's like, We just don't have people that are upset. They don't come in angry. If they come in angry, they leave happy. Right. And so that was, that was kind of fun and exciting. Yeah. And in fact, I sat down with my my team just last week. We had breakfast over at First watch. Yeah. And which by the way, I love first watch. Very good. I do too. I haven't, haven't had it yet. Really. I know. Investing the train, It's tasty. It's right. Well I work at Reed, so it's literally across the parking lot. Yeah. And I, and on Saturday mornings when we have a meeting and you just walk out and it's just, you smell the bacon and I'm like, Yeah. They, they have a lot of good, healthy food too. Yeah, they do. Oh, that's good to know. Okay. I mean, so I just smell the bacon cuz that's usually what's like, grilling up. But no, they actually have some really healthy options. Yeah. Despite what, like my first assumption when I walked over there, cuz they have like caned bacon as like an appetizer and like the full size plate pancakes and waffles, but then they have actual like oatmeal and like avocado toast and that kind of stuff. Yeah. Yeah. It's good to know. Yeah. But digressing there. So yeah, I had, we, we were over there and they were just, you know, all saying how much they love, this is the best work environment they've had. Not because of something I've made, but because. The interaction they get to have with our, our clients, our, you know the customers that come in and yeah. They're just, you know, people that are dealing with a lot of things and you know, they share a lot of things mm-hmm. with our team and you know, it's, it's a lot of fun. So what do you offer over there for everyone? And so we so our philosophy is really like, you can, you can come in for, there are three main reasons that people come in. Number one is like, some people will come in just cuz they want like a, a spa type experience, Right. To set it up. We are a self-service. We're very much like a gym. So just like a gym where you'd walk in and you kind of go use a piece of equipment. That's how we are, have private suites. So people can come in and they can use a piece of equipment in a private suite. We have wipes in every room, so people kind of wipe down equipment before, after their service. There's no person in there with them. They're literally going in locking the door and using the service. Mm-hmm. But so we have people that come in and some our services feel great. So you can come in and, for instance, we have our infrared sauna bed. This is like, you know, when people go into a sauna, typically? Mm-hmm. The things they don't like is one, you're like sitting on a hard bench and sometimes you're like eye level with the guy with the towel on. Right. that's not the best. The second thing is like the the heat, like your head gets really hot too, right? Yes. Yeah. So an infrared sauna bed you actually lay down in your head has cool fans blowing on it. And it can get up to 194 degrees. So you can get really hot in there. And the bed is massaging as as you're laying there. So it's a really, like, it can be a spa-like experience. Yeah. But you can also burn two to 400 calories in 20 minutes just laying there. Oh my goodness. Right. And then there's so many benefits to infrared heat in general really reduces inflammation, which is kind of the cause of so many things in our body. These days. So we have people that come in just cuz they just wanna relax in that. Mm-hmm. And then we have also, we have people that come in very much for health reasons. Like they're dealing with all kinds of arthritis. They've had all kinds of surgeries they've got lots of inflammation in their body. They might be dealing with issues with their skin. There's so many different things that people can be dealing with and they can come in and use our service. So like one of our most populars are red light bed. So it's a complete bed. That has different wave lengths that you consent mm-hmm. So for instance, you could set it to a certain wavelength that's going to, at least a lot of studies will show that it helps with your skin. Specifically things like bruising or scars or eczema or, you know my, my boys will use it for acne. Right. So Oh, wow. Any of those types of things can be, you know, really useful for, There's another setting, Right. A different wavelength that a lot of studies will show that that help with inflammation and arthritis and pain management, all those kinds of things. So Okay. That's quickly become one of the favorites. In there as well. We also have dry float. So a lot of people are familiar with like float therapy. Yeah. Right, right. It's like this immersion experience. But the, for some people they don't, they don't want to get in a tub, Right? Yeah. Filled with water. They don't like the water in their ears. Mm-hmm. It can be a pretty long experience. You have to shower, get in mm-hmm. and take another shower. And so ours is you lay on a, a board, it sinks below you. There's a membrane between you and the water. It almost looks like a water bed except there's no structure to it. So you literally float on the water, but there's membrane between you so you don't get wet. So you can be in your sweats or whatever, lay down. And then we've, we've turned that same room into basically a salt cave. Mm-hmm. You know, there's a lot of studies again on the benefits of, of breathing in salt air. So we've got a salt generator that's blowing in pharmaceutical grade salt for people to breathe in for things like bronchitis or allergies or all these different things. So some people will come and they'll just relax and, and there, and they'll take that spa environment and then they'll you know, also get the health benefit. But then the third thing, so we got the spa, we got people that are coming in for health, and then we've kind of got like your restoration your recovery. So like your athlete who is. Maybe just finished, you know, a marathon, you know, and they're coming in and they're putting on the compression stockings, Right. Which is doing a lot of lymphatic flushing through your legs. Athletes who just want to just get their muscles recovered as quickly as possible so they can go onto the next thing. Mm-hmm. Yeah. That's really neat. The um, one of the things that I saw that got me really interested in it was the dry float tank, and then having the salt that's pumped in there too. Yeah. Because my two favorite ways of relaxation was the float tank and the salt cave. And I was like, You have that all in one room and I don't have to get wet. Yeah. I'm like, This is fantastic. It's pretty cool. Yeah. You don't get wet. And then you also can you put on headphones and we got guided meditation if you want. Oh, okay. So, which is good for a guy like me, my mind is always going a hundred miles a minute. Mm-hmm. This allows the meditation is one way that, you know, can force your brain not to be thinking about other things. Right. Of course you can just put on, you know, put on your earbuds and do some soft music if you want. People will come in and they'll just take a nap. Yeah. And we actually have this thing called a nap ccino. Have you guys ever heard of that? No. I've seen you post something about, but I don't really know what it is. Yeah. So I, I love the Ccino cuz especially in my last company when I was just working like nonstop, right? Mm-hmm. I find, and it's not just me, like, there's a lot of studies that show that people are most effective early in the morning, right? Yeah. Cause they're fresh and they go. Yeah. So for me it was like right around that two o'clock timeframe, like I would start to lose a lot of energy. So what an cappuccino is, is you, you drink like a espresso, a cappuccino cup of coffee, whatever mm-hmm. And it takes 25 to 30 minutes for caffeine to actually hit your bloodstream. Okay. So what we do is, hey, come in. We have one of those espressos Yeah. Amazing coffee. I don't know if you ever guys, I, I love their coffee. And people will, will take one of those and then they'll jump in the float bed, you know, do a 20, 25 minute session. And then when they get up, they're actually, the, the caffeine's hitting their bloodstream now they feel great. Oh wow. I'm not saying caffeine's a healthy thing necessarily. Good way to get you to the rest of the day, but it gets you through the rest of the day. Yeah. Nice. I'm going back cuz you guys do the, you said the red light. The red light bed. There you go. Yep. My brain was on a too many different wavelengths. And in my head is because, do you think that the red light helps, like, with healing more so like as the opposite to blue light? So we have both Okay. So we have a, the red light bed is specifically red light. But then we also have kind of like your. Cadillac version of a massage share. Mm-hmm. Okay. Not like you've tried an airport type thing. but it's, it's, you know, it's as close as you can get to a real, real person's massage, right? Mm-hmm. But in that room we also have light therapy, which is multi spectrum. So you can do red that's where my boys will actually do the acne treatment with the blue light. Mm-hmm. And then there's a couple other colors Okay. That mixed in. So people will come in there and they'll put that over their face or a specific, you know part of their arm. From a, from a a healing standpoint most of the research that I've read is red light is typically more used for that. Blue lights are used in preemies, often at hospitals. Okay. They're used. That's, that's the setting that you're usually using for like acne or. For skin specifically, but once you, once you go to the red light bed and you get down to like a 850 wavelength, and I won't go onto all the, I won't nerd out on the tech stuff here, but that's where it starts going really deep. Right. So you gotta get that right wavelength. It's not, this isn't just like a red l e d light that you right down your garage or something. Right. So it's getting down there like you know, six millimeters deep and getting into your, your blood and your muscles and your tendons and stuff. And that's where it's supposed to help. So what's one of your favorite things to use at Reja? I mean, I love the compression, honestly. Okay. Um, Cuz I run every morning and so if I can, I'll, I'll jump in there and just do 20 minutes on compression. My legs feel great. You know, my wife's had three pregnancies and like her legs have had vein issues, so she loves that compression as well. I can't, honestly, I can't wait for our cryo machine there. The cryo machine that we have coming is unlike anything else in town. We've had people call us and say, What kind of cryo machine do you have? And they're, they're typically have been, you know, tourist. Yeah. And when we tell 'em, they're like, Oh, thank God. And they're like, excited about it. So I can't wait for that to get here cuz I think, I think people are gonna be blown away with that. Can you help me get over my fear of the cryo machine? I just don't like being cold. Yeah. So the, the cool thing about our machine, so the way it works is it's like a, it's a two, two chamber machine. Okay? So if you're used to cryo most cryo has traditionally been this thing that you stand in, they close the door on you. Yes. Somebody's out there holding a tower robe for you and then all of a sudden all this smoke comes up cuz the nitrogen's pouring in. Yeah. And that's not what this is. This is, this is run on electricity. So think of like a walk in cooler, but much colder. Okay. So the way this works is you walk into chamber one, chamber one is 30 degrees, so it's not terribly cold. It's very dry, right? Cause there's, the moisture is kind of the enemy of this, so there's no, there's not really moisture in the air, so you don't feel it the same way you would in like a, a wet cold. Okay. It's like Colorado cold versus like Massachusetts cold Yeah. So you walk in, it's 30 degrees, that's getting your, the ambient room temperature off your body, and then you go into the next chamber. Ah, okay. Which is cold. Cold. Yeah. I mean, you know, somewhere in that neighborhood of a hundred to 150 below. Oh my goodness. Yeah. Oh wow. How long are you in that for? So the idea is you're in that, So the first chamber you're in for 30 seconds. The other chamber you're in for three minutes. Okay. But the, the cool thing is because you're just walking in, you can walk out whenever you want. Right? Okay. So there might be someone that's like, Hey, can I do four minutes? And, you know, they could, like, it's, it's not gonna, they're not gonna die in four minutes, not gonna get frost by it everywhere. Right. And we do make people, you have to wear mittens and, you know, slippers and that kind of thing, but. Yeah. Yeah. It's the cool thing is when you walk out if you've ever experienced like a runner's high mm-hmm. you'll have a similar feeling because what's happening while you're in there, is it shocking your body and you're getting all these chemicals sent to your brain. So like dopamine and endorphins and all that kind of stuff, it's being produced. So there's a lot of research saying that it can be really good for things like Alzheimer's and you know, memory loss and that kind of stuff. It's not going to revert from somebody who's dealing with it, but it can really, you know, at least some of the studies are showing that it can really help you know, keep that from happening because of all the chemicals being produced in your brain. Yeah. Okay. But then your body just goes into shock, like flight or fight, you know, mode. Yeah. Mm-hmm. And you come out and you know, it's a, it's a, it's an experience. There's lots of people that say, I don't know if I wanna try that one. Like, you gotta try it once, right? You gotta just try it because you'll fall in love. That's neat. Yeah. That, that seems a little bit more doable than Yeah. Like the, the ones that you were describing before. Yeah. I'm like, that just doesn't sound Yeah. You're not, you're not trapped. Yeah, like, I don't like being cold and I'm like claustrophobic. So those things together. Yeah. This thing has windows. Like you're seeing like the whole thing and it's much bigger space. Right. And then people who have done it, the experience is so different because your head is in there. So with those other ones, like, you know, there's like, there's hot spots in them cuz you can't just get the, the nitrogen to go perfectly Right. This is totally uniform. And with your head in there, you just feel it's just a very different feeling. That's neat. Yeah. So do most people come in just do one thing and leave? Or there like a magical like I wouldn't say magical necessarily, but a process that if you have this, you should do one, two, and three. Yeah. There's, there's not like an or people are always like, Hey what's the order I should do things in? Right. Or should I do you know, this one first or that one first? And I mean, there's. There's some of that where you can say, Well, yeah, you wanna do this one first because you're gonna get really sweaty in this other one But there's, there's not a real order. The vast majority of people, I mean, interesting enough that, that the cool thing about our for us anyway, is we just wanna get people in because 90% of people that come in, they actually join. Wow. Yeah. Which is a very, very high number, you know, in business. So it's incredible attention rate. Yeah. So it's just like, we just wanna get people in cuz we know once they've tried it, they've experienced it. They're gonna see the benefits and they're gonna love it. So yeah. Most people will come in and they'll do like two services a day. Okay. And then you know, I don't know that we have a lot of people that would come in and just do once they're, I'm sure once the cryo is up, some people will just run in cuz it's such a short service. Right. They're gonna run in and we do have that, we'll have people on their lunch break who are members Yeah. Will just, you know, they'll call us and say, you know, Hey, I'm gonna come in and do, you know, 20 minutes the nap thing on the nap ccino on the, on the float bed. Yeah. It just depends on the person. But yeah, most people are coming in doing two services. Okay. Is there anything you suggest? So my full-time job is right behind you and I'm dressed in like a nice shirt and nice pants. Is there something you suggest I could come in and do on a lunch break? Well, I definitely, you know, the compression is one thing that you can easily do on a lunch break. But the Salton dry float obviously, so you can do anytime on a lunch break. And like I said, just to get refreshed for the, the rest of the day. Outside the massage chair is definitely something someone can do. And even the, the red light bed you know, if, if somebody were doing that consistently which is, it is something you gotta do consistently. That's, that's why we have the membership thing, be honest. Yeah. When we were looking at health and wellness, it's like, all right, well you could come in here and just enjoy a service. Mm-hmm. Um, So we actually have a membership that's like, you know, four services a month. I don't really, you know, you know, it's like. People could look at me and say, Well, you're gonna, you're gonna sell us the largest membership because financially it makes the most sense for you. And I'm like, honestly, that's not it. The four, the four a month, it actually makes more, makes me more money. True. Yeah. Cause you're not coming back using all the space. Yeah. But you're not really getting the health benefits cuz you can't really use a red light bed, you know, once a month and have, make an impact. So that's why we like, you know, our unlimited plan is like, is such a deal because we want people to come in a couple of times a week and really utilize it because we know that they're gonna see the results they wanna see then. Yeah, that makes sense. But yeah, the red light bed, to answer your question, you know, it, it gets warm but it doesn't get hot so you don't sweat. Ah, okay. So you know, between that and the the dry flow and massage chair and compression, those are kind of the ones that you can do without getting anything. Now we have another one that I didn't mention yet called our hydration detox. Mm. And I sort of joke, I call this a car wash for your body. You literally get in this machine and it's like a steam room. First off, your head is sticking out, so your head has a cool fan on it. Again, you're laying down and you can steam your whole body. But then you can also spray your body and it sprays top and bottom, right? Oh, wow. So like these jets are coming out and spraying you in certain orders, and part of the idea is it steams your body first. It opens up all your pores, and then the spray, it gets all that, it basically detox in your body. Oh, wow. You know, people that are looking for ways to detox, it's a great, it's a great detox. And then again, if, you know, we don't really market weight loss, like that's not really our thing. But if you were literally to go and do our infrared sauna, you know, which is you get really hot and sweaty or whatever mm-hmm. and then you go and do this, both of them are gonna burn two to 400 calories each. Oh, wow. So you could come in there and burn like six to 800 calories, like in a spa type environment. Yeah. Like really enjoying it. That's neat. Which is crazy. Yeah. I tell those people like, Listen, you still gotta exercise. Yeah, yeah. This isn't the magic bullet. No, it's not a magic bullet But it's, it's also cool, like you explaining the different things to me gives that extra perspective, I would say to like the younger people because it helps you. Like your kids are in high school, right? They're doing this, this is like preventative maintenance to keep yourself going further and longer and longer run. And I think that's good to have something like that. I mean, yeah, everyone hears, Oh, just go to the chiropractor. But I'm like, that's just like telling somebody to go see the doctor. Like it's not a one one pill fixes everything kind of set up. Yeah. And if you look at like where our equipment, where else do you see our equipment? Outside of a studio like ours? It's in NFL locker rooms. Yep. You know what I mean? That float bed that we have, that dry float bed, it doesn't exist in a lot of places around the country except for NFL locker rooms. Clemson University has it, Miami University, University, Alabama has it. A lot of this stuff is in those places. So you gotta ask yourself, like, if those elite athletes that are in tip top, you know, shape, are using this stuff, why, like, why, why would I not want to use it? Right. They do with their job. So most of our listeners are gonna be the between 28 to 35. So on the hustle a lot and everything. What, what's something, what's kind of the value prop to those guys out there and what can they gain from it? Yeah, I think one of the, so from a health perspective, and this is just a, you know, this is just opinion, right? So I don't have a ton of data to, to, to share with you on this, right? But I think two of the biggest things that people are struggling with these days in that age group and even younger are inflammation. Right, Right. Just because of our diets. So that's number one. And number two is anxiety. Mm-hmm. um, Depression, anxiety, and all kinds of things that are going on with their head stress. Yeah. Especially if you're in that like running after it chasing like, you know, success, right? Yeah. And so a lot of things we do fight against stress and anxiety and inflammation which are two biggest, you know, things that are causing health issues. And if you don't think stress causes physical things you got something coming cuz it will at some point. Yeah, definitely. And I was actually listening to a different podcast earlier and just the amount of hormones that go through your body from stress and how much that can. Not even just your weight in general, cuz that's one big thing, but just your mood, your mentality, like everything on top of it. It's, it's crazy. I didn't realize the actual physical impact that stress can put upon you. It's massive. It's massive and a lot of stuff going on with your blood and your heart and mm-hmm. you know, a lot of our services are, are, you know, help to lower blood pressure and you know, again, with the, the shocking of your body and the right way with the, with the cold therapy and all that kind of stuff. So there's a lot of different ways that we can help people. We, we actually have you know, several, Younger, under the age of 18, people that have joined just for, or their parents and them have joined just for stress and anxiety. Oh, wow. Alone. So yeah, it's shown me like, ah, this is gonna be, especially with the way the Covid thing went down, I think there's gonna be a lot more of this in that next generation. No, I definitely see the value for that for sure. When I saw it come in, I got super excited, like I said, just because of everything that it's offering. I think it's coming at the perfect timing too. Yeah. We're, we're excited about the last thing I didn't mention that we do have service wise, we're not a fitness place, right. So we're partnering, like we're partner with Orange Theory Fitness. Yeah. We're doing some stuff with them to to try to get both of our members. Like we want our members, you know, exercising, like I said mm-hmm. right. Spending time doing that. They want their members recovering and looking for all the ways that can grow and get, get healthy. We do have one piece of fitness equipment in our place. It's our fitness sauna, so we have another infrared sauna. It's a fairly. So it's not quite as big as this room, but it's not much smaller. It's nine by seven. There's plenty of space in there. And we've got TRX in there. Okay. And people will go in there and do do that or do yoga. But, you know, working out, I, I tell you, I did it the other day and I was like, working out in 125 degrees is not easy. Mm-hmm. I'm sure. Yeah. It's, it is challenging, but I don't think, I don't think we were really designed to like, work out an air conditioning. I'm not sure. Air conditioning. Good point. Yeah. There's a lot of research that shows that like, working out in heat is like three to four times more impactful. Mm-hmm. One thing that you know, is important to distinguish is it's not just heat, it's infrared heat. Mm-hmm. So the infrared heat waves are what are helping to, again, detox and get into your muscles and your in your bones and reduce your inflammation, you know, all those types of things. So that's but yeah. Yeah, like, I mean, when I go running, I'm, I'm running first thing in the morning right? Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. No, there's definitely the value with the infrared heat. Yeah. Just to make sure we do have that completely separate. We're not talking about like working out in the middle of the day in Wilmington, North Carolina and the like humidity out there. Oh yeah. The humidity. It's meant, it's meant to actually help bring out the toxins, like you said, and to help with your body while you work out well, and the humidity makes all the difference, right? Yeah. Oh gosh. It's such a drastic difference. I know. I, I literally walked in this morning and my wife was, you know, she said, So how was your run? I said, It was wet. Yeah. And she was like, When, when, when are we gonna cool down? It's, it's time now. It's funny. We always go back and forth, right? It's like, when are we gonna cool down? It's like, when is it gonna get warm? Yes. Yep. Exactly. Yeah. We had our false fall at the beginning of the month. Yeah. Or beginning of August and now it's back to like, Yeah, the true summer and then probably end of September it'll get. Cool again. Yeah. So with location wise, did you decide to put it here just because you lived here or did it make a lot of sense to just demographically? Yeah, it was just cuz I lived here. Yeah. Um, You know, I told my partner if we're gonna really try to build this as a franchise, I wanted to be involved with every little detail and see it Right. Inside and out. So we built it here. We've got we're looking at one right now up in Fredericksburg. Oh, okay. One out in Lincoln, Nebraska and then one down to Florida. So we're working on those and we continue to, to make this one better. And yeah. You know learn from our, our clients, you know, much better than I do, but just thinking like franchise wise, I feel like that's a good. Kind of value to bring to another franchisee too. It's like, Hey, we made this work in a county of 250,000 people. Sure. Like if you can show the growth and value there, then if you take it to Tampa Yeah. Like I'm sure sky's the limit. Yeah. I think, I think we probably have room for two here. Yeah. So, you know, we'll look at, you know, somewhere down around the point or something at some that point sense. Yeah. And, but you know, Yeah. For now this is it's a great start and you know, as, as our members, we already have members that are like, When you gonna build one down there? Cause that's where they live. Yes, exactly. I always forget how big Wilmington has gotten, cuz like, I've grown up here. So to me, driving to the mall and driving home, and I lived in Rocky Point, I'm like, Oh, that's 20 minutes. Like, it's, it's no big thing. But now you're like, it's, I have who call me who live in Carolina Beach and they're like, Well, I have to schedule a trip to come to Mayfair. And I'm like, you. You gotta schedule a trip to come up here. We're not that far, but technically, I mean, you really are. So when you were building this out, what was one of the biggest challenges that you were faced, that you faced? Oh, wow. There's so many. Yeah. You know, I mean, we've, well, like I said, our cryo isn't in yet. We ordered that over a year ago. Supply chain issues just got crazy. Yeah. So we had all kinds of issues with our equipment. The build out was, was fairly fast. We had an awesome builder. They did a great job. We got, we got things done quickly. Our lease took forever. It took six months to get our lease signed. Oh my goodness. Yeah. Right. So which, yeah, it's people don't, they? They're like, they can't even fathom that. It's like, Yeah, we want that space. Okay, you want that? Here's the price. Okay, well let's just do a little negotiation. That's not how it works. you're like, Uhuh. Yeah. We have to send it to our corporate person and then they have to look it over and send it up to chain and then send it back to him. With lawyers, you have to get lawyers involved and it takes weeks and weeks just to get like one little change back and just going back and forth. And was that because of the build out that you wanted to do? I just, I just think it's, cuz you know, the, the the, the, the people who are local here and and our center are, are awesome. Mm-hmm. But they're not the ones doing that. It's, it's getting shipped across the country to the owners and, you know, it's just it's just the process. Ah, you know? I see. Yeah. When you're a large company, like you said, like processes just move a little slower, so. Yeah. Makes sense. And you know, we, we, we wanted negotiate, we wanted to get the best deal we could and so did they. Yeah. that works. Exactly. Yeah. Business. Yeah. So what's one of the. Goals, like short term goals that you have for Reja and where you plan to expand? Yeah. I mean, short term the goals are we just simply want to help as many people here as we can. Yeah. We also want to create a sense of community. So one of the things that we do is once a month we close down to bring in another organization to use our center. And we want our members to be involved with that. So, you know, we're inviting 'em, Hey, come in and let's, you know, I mean, one of the places my wife and I support is a safe place, mm-hmm. and you know, we think sex trafficking is you know, one of the, the greatest terrors of, of absolutely our current modern times. And you know, so anything we can do to support those types of organizations. We also wanna like, you know, we wanna bring firefighters in and we bring teachers in, so we wanna just get back to the community and we want our members to be involved with that, so. Right. We're trying to find ways to, to bring that community together, cuz. You know, I mean, your, your health and your wellness in general. It's, it is a journey. It's not like a, you know, there's no quick fixes. Mm-hmm. You know, 75 hearts chronic, as close as you can get, maybe, but But yeah, so we're, we're, we're trying to build that in the short term, like a sense of community around. Yeah. The desire to get, to get healthy long term. We want to, we want to help individuals who wanna build their own business to launches, and then they get to help and, you know, really impact a community locally. So that's kind of our, our, our, you know, I won't go into numbers necessarily, but we'd love to see, you know, dozens and dozens of these over the next two years. So that's definitely, Yeah. What does your ideal Fran franchisee look like? So, someone who's listening right now. If you could make the perfect person, who would that be out there? Yeah. So I'm gonna make a little, I'm gonna do a little like switch on you here because I've been using the word franchisee as well. Mm-hmm. And I'm not a big fan of actual franchise. And the reason I'm not is because it's sold as if like we're going into partnership together. Mm-hmm. but it, that's not, that's not reality. The franchisor is always trying to get as much as they possibly can out the franchisee. Mm-hmm. And so for me, I'm not, we're not, we're not actually franchising. We have a model that looks like a franchise, but it's more of a partnership. Okay. And the reason for that is I don't really, like, I have no reason to franchise. I make way more money building units than I will franchising. Right. So there's no financial incentive for me to, to franchise it out. But I, like I said earlier, like I love helping people build their own business. I get, that's where I get a lot of passion out of them. Mm. And so our model is not exactly a franchise, it's more of a partnership. Okay. So people aren't buying into our system. We're actually helping fund a percentage of the business ourselves. So that makes us extremely picky, right? Yeah. Because we can't just have someone come in and it's like, well, they paid me $40,000. Who cares if they fail or succeed Right? No, it's like, I'm gonna be putting $40,000 into that, so you better succeed. Right? Right. Yeah. And I've got a backup plan if you don't, Right? Yeah. But so ideally it's there are two people. One is, you know, I mentioned like I got into passive investing. Mm-hmm. the business is not one that the owner necessarily has to be there all the time. This isn't like a, you know, 80 hour work week type of business is designed to be fairly passive. I don't know that there's anything that's truly passive when it comes to owning a business. Yeah. And I'm certainly not passive right now. But the idea is for that investor who's looking for another franchise, I've got a lot of friends in the franchise, or, you know, I, I'm using that name, that term still, but space, Right. Who are, who own, you know, different franchise and whatever, and, and they don't want to be in the day to day. So our system is set up to be something that you don't have to necessarily be in day to day if you don't want to. Right. So there's that type of person who can, you know who's looking for that. Then there's the person that's just really looking for this is gonna be their job. Maybe they're passionate about helping people, maybe their passionate about health and wellness in general. Maybe it's fitness that they're passionate about and they love the way this ties into that. Mm-hmm. But ultimately they wanna run a business. And I especially love those people that are, you know, in a similar situation where they're like, I'm, I'm having kids and I want to be a great dad or a great mom. You know, someone who's like, I want to have some, some freedom in my life. I don't know if you guys have read like, you know, some of the, the, the great books when it comes to financing, like Rich Dad, Poor Dad type stuff, right? Yeah. So you know, the concept of like, I don't want to just be an employee all my life. Nothing wrong with that. Like, you know, that's certainly for some people, but for those who are like, Hey, I want to own my own business, but I'm not the kind of guy who's gonna go figure it out. Mm-hmm. Right? Cause not everybody's the figured out guy. Right? True. And I can tell you there are, I mean, we didn't go through all the challenges, right? We really didn't go through barely any, The challenges are extensive when you're figuring it out, but I love that. Right? Like that to me is exciting and I'm okay with it. Yeah. But we wanna produce something that's like, All right, here you go. It's kind of on a platter. Yeah. Go out there and go for it. That's really neat. So my random question for you, cuz I always ask one for everybody Nice. How well do you see the semis doing this year? Well, we're two and oh. Which is better than last year where we're owned four. Well, to start the season you know, like I am a optimist always with Florida State. Yeah. You know, I, I grew up during the good years. My son, I'll tell you this quick story. Yeah. He was out playing golf with or my son wasn't playing. This is when he was like, I don't know, maybe eight. My father-in-law was out playing golf. Okay. And they. They came by they lived on the golf course and they came by. And so we, my son ran out to go say hi to him while I was by and he was playing with Bobby Bowden and he was like, he's like, Hey, this is Bobby Bowden. And my son's like, Oh, cool. He didn't, very clear. Bobby Bowden, get back. I'm like, You met Bobby Bowden. Yeah. So yeah, I'm, I'm an optimist. I think. I, I like Coach Nobel. I think he's awesome. I think we have some really talented players on the team. I think Jordan Travis has really, is, is looking, I mean, against lsu. He looked phenomenal. Mm-hmm. he looked like the kind of quarterback we'd been missing for a while. Yeah. Yeah. So he was looking great. Our, our running backs, I don't know where Benson was, but Ward, we had some great running backs great receivers. We got six, seven Wilson needs. The guy's a, he's huge yeast. Yeah. I know somebody's like, why don't, why don't they just do like the whole, you know, Brady thing down the field. Right. cro. Yeah. So yeah, I mean we, I, we, we got, and our defense looked amazing. I don't know how good LSU is, right? So that's yet to be seen. So I'm, But I can tell you like last year we lost a Jacksonville state first. So I'm like, well, yeah, it kind of sets the tone. Yeah. So I'm like, well, this year we killed, I don't remember, I can't even remember who we played. But you know, so it's like, all right, well we're, we're, you know, looking good. And we even looked a lot better in that game than the, than I mean, I, against lsu, we only won by one, but we looked like a much better team than, in my opinion, than lsu. Yeah. There's a lot of weird, a couple bad play calls I'd say on our part and a couple weird things that happen. But anyway, long answer to a short question because I'm passionate that Florida State is still number one regardless. My second random question, do you have an NFL team you root for? You know, I, I probably would get like crushed. Like, people hate, like, you know, you either love Tom Brady or you don't. Right, Right. So my wife's family's all New England nurse. Mm-hmm. um, And so we were kind of Patriot fans. And we, you know, we, we kind of, we like watching him mm-hmm. So it doesn't matter where he is, you know, Bucks or whatever. Yeah. It'll be interesting to seeing what James does out at Saints, mm-hmm. So you know, I like to watch Florida State guys. Yeah. And there's a lot of 'em in the nfl, so Yeah. I kind of track with those guys. But no, I've never had really like a, a, you know, when you grow up in a college town and Florida State is like there and you're in the top five every year as I was growing up, you really just focus in on that. And so I just never became like a, a real NFL guy. Makes sense. I was just curious. Yeah. Yeah. Well, we are starting to run up on an hour now, so last question of the morning. I suppose is, if you were to tell your younger self one thing, what would it be? Oh, wow. Um Hmm. I think I would probably tell myself that you don't know everything. Yeah. Right. So when you're, when you're, you know, I see it in my boys even now, but I guess, you know, you always see it in your teenagers, right? Right. Yeah. But even you get into like your twenties and stuff and you kind of think you know everything. And have you guys ever heard of the Engram test? Mm-hmm. Okay. So I'm an eight. I'm a challenger. Okay. Yeah. And uh, you know, so I challenge everything and I don't, I don't think I know everything now, but I, I know for several years I kind of did. Yeah. I don't mean I kind of did know everything. No, I know what You're fine. So yeah, I would tell, I would tell myself like, you know, listen more, I think is probably maybe the best way to say it. Just listen more. Don't, don't don't always be the one with the answer, but listen, listen first at least. Right. I like that one. It's funny too, cuz I grew up in the social media age and especially with Facebook, it shows you all of the stupid things that you posted over the past over 10 years for me. Yeah. And. I see the things that I posted when I was like a sophomore in high school and I'm like, Wow, what an idiot. Like I thought I knew all of this stuff. I was like, but looking back on it like made no sense. Yeah. Yep. So yeah, completely. Right. That's why I try to avoid social media as much as possible so I don't look stupid later. right? Yeah. It stays out there. You can't take it back. That's right. Yeah. Which leads into where can people find your business and or you on the inner webs. Yeah. So we do have an Instagram page. And I've been posting my mug on there probably too much. Showing videos. I think we have what we have like a a time lapsed tour coming up on there. Oh, cool. Neat. Next, sometime this week, so you'd be able to go through it in like 30 seconds. See the whole space. So that's at Renos underscore Wellness on Instagram. We have a Facebook page as well. And so, and then, you know, of course you can Google us and I mean, we're the first thing that pops up with when you put in, there's not a lot of renos out there. Right. Which is another cool thing about the name. You know, It's easy. Yeah. Easy to find. But more importantly, like we just tell people, Hey, listen, if you're a local, we'll we'll usually let you come in and try a couple services, so just stop by. Yeah, ask if you can try a couple services and you know, like I said, 90% of people end up joining. So yeah. So all my friends out there that do go to Orange Theory all the time and kill me crazy right next door, make sure you take a few extra steps and go check out Rania as well. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, one last thing with Orange series. So they're doing a dry ath. This month. Okay. And we're gonna be there. We're, we're gonna come out and, and join. So all the, all the guys that are going there that are part of that mm-hmm. that little dryathlon, we're gonna come bring our compression out there. Oh, cool. And, and be there for, for the athletes afterwards. Nice. That'll be fun. Yeah. Good stuff. Yeah. Very nice. So we're gonna wrap it up. I just wanna say thank you everybody for listening. And joining us on our wellness journey, as I'd like to call it, as we go through 75 hard. Yeah. And get our butts handed to us. Yeah. On a very regular basis. But Reno, I'm happy to open when it did, cuz we actually have the chance to properly heal ourselves after Yeah. Two workouts a day and definitely needs some rejuvenation. Oh yeah. Yes. So definitely check them out. Like I said, it's in Mayfair right next to Harris Teeter by the nail salon. You replace the nail salon. Yeah, we're right. We're right between quick cuts and the nail salon. Yeah. Mm-hmm. see. I was like, I remember some things. Yep. But yeah, definitely check them out. Thank you guys. For all the people who've left, left us reviews, we definitely enjoy it. And for those who didn't, please leave us one. We always love a five star review and it really helps us out with people finding us. Yes. Yeah. And you know, it leads us to our next giveaway, which we'll have in the future, so mm-hmm. the more five stars we get, the faster we can get to that giveaway. Yep. Yeah. Thanks for coming on Jason. Absolutely. Thank you very much. Really appreciate your time. Yeah, thank you. Cheer. Cheers.