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Discussing Hot Topics, Thaddeus & Palmer Part II

September 21, 2022 Tyler Yaw Episode 33
Whiskey & Wisdom
Discussing Hot Topics, Thaddeus & Palmer Part II
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This week we bring back Thaddeus Brown and Palmer Grigsby, the guests from our two most listened to podcasts. We talk about hard work and pick each other's brains about how we'd handle different situations.

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It's not that crazy. I know. But I might as well, just the ghost, this episode is brought to you by ghost protein. I, I wish, oh man, me too. the cocoa mix. And you actually make, it's a hot drink. You make it like cocoa and you put it in there. It's not bad. It's pretty good. Cause they did that. So holiday season they'll do like they did a snicker doodles mm-hmm and then they did a cocoa mix. So like at the end of the day, if you still need to get protein, but you want to be festive, you can literally put it as a hot cocoa. Hmm. I'll have to be on the lookout for that. But no, the Chip's a ho goes, protein is so good. Oh, so the chips of Hawaii is at my office and I have that for lunch. Like if I'm gonna skip a meal mm-hmm and then the Oreo's at my house. And after I work out at night, that's my. You heard that right? He's skipping meals on 75 hard. See, skipping meals. I Skipp a meal for the day. I'm not, I'm not see that's how loses so much weight. That's my, like my dietician, when she was like, you need to get 2,700 calories in. And I was just like, how am I gonna do that? Mm-hmm and she's like, she's like pick some more calorie, dense food. So like in the morning I have real bacon. I don't do Turkey bacon anymore. I got the real McCoy. Yeah. I got a egg cooker and so I have my hard boiled eggs. I'll do two pieces of toast. And so like, my breakfast is around 500 5600 calories. That's what I've been doing now too. Almost that the tea, then I'll have my protein shake chips of Hoy and then I'll do lunch another 550 to 600 calorie. Mm-hmm chips, a Hoy again around three, and then you have your other, and then you, you know, then I'm set, but working, you need to get like, she would be great on, I wasn't gonna say. Well, one on here and two, I just need to work with her. Yeah, she's awesome. She's really awesome. So like my mom and my sister are in that world, but they're not nutritionist and they're not looking for like peak performance people. Mm-hmm yeah. My mom is like, where can you change to be like, have more whole foods? Like what nutrients are you missing in your diet? That's more what my mom focuses on. And then my sister enjoys working with people that are obese or overweight and helping them like go to the grocery store and pick out like what you should choose over. Like, okay, you should not take the chips always off the say for the ghost protein, save for the ghost protein and and do that kind of stuff with them. So when I asked my sister, I was like, oh, Hey, you do this stuff. Like, how can I gain weight doing this? And she was like, I help people lose weight. I don't like, that's not my specialty. She was like, I can give you some things to do, but like find someone that that's what they do. Yeah. Cuz that's, you know, that's another thing like. There's so many things I, you can get in like this it's like you wanted to box your dad taught you kind of how to box. Yeah. But you're like, I wanna learn how to box you go to a boxing gym. Mm-hmm mm-hmm you know, so many people try to like, do it yourself route and yeah. You can get a lot done. Like, I mean, I, I lost a lot of my weight without like going to a specific gym or having like a workout plan or having like a meal plan. But man, how, like, it just makes so much more sense and it's a huge load off. Yeah. Could you imagine me, like, I'm gonna learn how to box just by watching YouTube. It ain't gonna work, you know, like, or I'm just, I'm gonna figure out, I figured out how to lose weight, but then I was like, well, I'm scared to eat. you know, like I'm scared to eat. I can only eat a hundred calories. He's like 1800 calories. How's that gonna work? And so when I started working with her, it was just like, all right, I'm gonna turn it over into your hands. Yeah, you got, I like, you're my coach. Like, I'll do whatever you tell me to do. And we're just gonna roll like that. And. It's it's just trusted professionals. That's what trust say, enrich that poor day. Yeah. Trust the professionals. Like if it's one less thing you have to worry about, then that's good. Yeah. Like it's, you can focus on something else. That was another reason why I would stop like lifting and working out at some points too. Cuz I would hit a plateau. Yeah. I'm like, I know what I know at this point, like this is as big as I'm gonna get, like it is what it is, but turn it over bus large as right. you know, take that Japanese medium and turn into a American large. Right. But no, like just turning it over to professional, but yeah. She's, she's awesome. Can't see her in PRS enough dietician, Caitlin. And she's in Leland, which is right down the road for me. Yeah, it's right there. I mean and then the chiropractor's office high tide chiropractor is awesome too. Okay. Highly recommend. All right. So we can add this to the first part. Do shout you gimme a lot of stuff to edit. Thank you. The. Randomness you're right. Actually you wouldn't know what helped me a lot was counting backwards from going three to one. Oh. To know when to start welcome. Yeah. Oh, you mean like when I just, I used to go like this back when I didn't use the script, but now since everything's transcribed, I can't see that. That makes sense. Mm-hmm but I can see 3, 2, 1. Welcome back you guys to part two of the combined podcast we have on Palmer gr Grigsby, right? Yes, sir. In my boy, Thaddius brown. Howdy. Back for another hot take session you know, part one, we talked about health, mental health, and just concepts where we think pretty much everybody should be healthy. oh, so this episode we're just gonna be, is not brought to you by ghost protein. No, yet I wish legit stuff. No, we're just having fun. We're. To be completely honest. Chris is taste testing 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 drinks. It looks like me and a combo regular podcast. Yeah. I look like Tyler this week. So I have, I, we have the unknown craft ginger from I'm guessing the unknown brewery. Yep. Outside of it's in North Carolina brewery, which is really cool. We got Ling Juanita's hop, hop refresher. That east, what do you think about that one? It's like a sparkling green tea. See, good for your palette recommended with sushi. Yeah. Ooh. Oh, Ooh. That is a good idea. That's a good, yeah. This is why we bring the, the intelligent minds on here. Mm-hmm we got hop splash from Sierra Nevada, which is also bayed North Carolina. Right. They have have a brewery here. They brought one here. Yeah. In Nashville. And that is a pretty much a sparkling water street, zero. But it's hop infused, so it's very different Palmer. What's your take on that one? I think it's the it's. For a zero calorie non-alcoholic beverage. I think it's the most beer tasting one that's out there. Cause then, like I said, you have the logs, that's like a green Tish sparkling kind of a citrus refresher. Yeah. But as far as like a beer taste, like you definitely get the hop from the Sierra, Nevada, the hop splash. I will agree. Like, if you want, if you're pushing the boat or you're like cooking on the grill and you're doing like no alcohol I like that one, cuz it definitely has that, that taste. Like you can taste the happiness. You're like, okay. You know, I feel like I'm kind of drinking a beer. But it has zero calories, zero carbs, all that mess. Mm-hmm so it's a little bit healthier. And then Tyler also grabbed all this was pretty much picked up at total wine and more in Wilmington. Also not sponsored sadly enough but he picked up, I think it's C brewing company. Looks like and it's a non-alcoholic grain wave. It's a Belgian style hops are used in this like non, but lemme try that. It's kind of cool. Lemme try tee what you think it's a very light beer. It's not typically something I would pick up on a regular day, but it's not bad necessary. Like if you're typically going like quarries cos ish it's kind of like that. It's definitely not my favorite, like NAB light. yeah. I'm not a big fan of this at all. I don't know about it. I don't know about it. It tastes like a kind of like a oatmeal taste to it. Like a, I don't know it does have, it does. So actually, and that makes that sense. That's where it's got the two grams of protein, but yeah, because I mean, that's like an ODI. It tastes like liquid oats almost. I don't know if I, because you're right, because there's water peel malt, malted, wheat oats hop, orange peel. A word. I don't know. And natural flavors. Yeah. That's not. So you definitely get the O in it. Yeah. That's not. And no offense to these kind people. I'm sure they're work hard, but that's not very good. that's not very good. It's it's different. So, yeah. See, I don't really mind it. I wouldn't say it's not good. But it's not gonna be my, like, go to if there's five, if there are five NA I've tried at least five to six NAS. Yeah. I'd say that's probably not one. That's have you tried partake? Mm-hmm I love, you know, call me a basic white man, but I love some Coors edge. I think the Coors edge. So wait, that's not alcoholic. Yeah. That's poor edges. Yeah. That's one of my favorites. I will a really good one. That's the closest thing to beer. You're gonna get mm-hmm and also zero bud. Zero's good too. Oh, I haven't tried that, but both brands. Are literally like beer. Companies' like, they, that's what they focus on and they've been doing it for years. So they're like, Hey, you know, we will we'll slide into that space. Not alcoholic. I do. Um, What do you think that is of the se if you ever didn't have milk for like your corn plates. Yeah. And you used water instead when you get to the bottom of that corn flakes. Yeah. It's kinda like, know what it tastes like. It's not horrible, but it definitely reminds me, you know, you run outta milk in the house. You gotta put water on the cereal. Yeah. And then that, but the water on that damn shoot, that's really what I was like. So if you ever watching Friday and you wanna know what it tastes like at the beginning of the movie, it's this that's but it's not horrible. No, it's got a little bit of orangey taste to it. Little. Yeah. See that. That's what makes it not horrible for me because you kind of get that like citrus on it. Yeah. Maybe I'm just being an asshole. Let me try this again. to me, I'm just, you gotta swish it around a little so I'm so I'm trying the unknown craft ginger. Mix in with the, the I just don't like it, it almost tastes like wheels. It tastes like if wheels pizza was blended it tastes like yeasty. It tastes very yeasty. I just can't do it. Pizza wheels. It tastes like wheels. Pizza. Okay. It tastes like if you threw wheels pizza and kind of a blender, couple drops of water and yeah. Add some water. Yeah. I don't know. And like I said, I'm, I'm sure they're lovely people, but I can't do that. That's not for me. And that's okay. So I need to start bringing new places because I like almost anything. So if anyone asks, for my opinion, like if you have food or something, I'm probably gonna like it. Like, I just have a bad pallet that way, I guess. Yeah. There's some, and I need to start taking, cuz people are like, oh, tell me how you'd like this taste. And if it's different, I'm gonna like it. Cuz it's. and it could be horrible, but just cuz it's different. I'm gonna like it. Yeah. See, and I'm trying not to come from like this pompous, like world traveler. I've had, you know, like all this stuff, but it's just, there's sometimes like, I'll go to some, you know, I, I love Mexican food, but there's some Mexican restaurants in town that are terrible. No, you gotta go out to Rocky point. You gotta go. boom. Is there a good spot? Rocky point gasoline and Rocky point. Yeah, they got the little shops out there, all out there. Mm-hmm I love Los Beals. Los portal. Los Portales is my favorite. My favorite one's on sir. So we'll go. Yes. So we'll go. We'll go out. We'll go eat. Be like Palmer. What do you think of this place? I'll shoot you straight. I will shoot you straight. They need to add a function on untapped where you can just follow a specific person. Yeah. And see like their taste reviews. Cause I feel like Palmer would like try everything and. Three stars. Yeah. I mean, you have and give like a decent, you'd be willing to give a one. I don't think I could ever taste anything and give it a, so there is no way. I mean, I'm not tell it to like the person who just made it be like, yo, this your Angelos are dog shit. You know, I'm not gonna like, yeah, like I'm not gonna blow someone up. But like, yeah. I mean, if I don't like something, I mean, I'm not gonna, so the one thing and swear, I'm not the kind of guy that leaves like one star games. I promise I'm not. So my wife will appreciate this story and my mom, because one of their favorite places to go when they like for off galling, the town is they go to and it's that pizza. Yeah. I think it's absolute trash. I that's the worst pizza that I've ever had. And I didn't know, you could mess up pizza. Where is it? It's or so it's on the corner of college Inder behind there's the us cellular dog is, do you know where lucky dog, dog coffee is? By the dunking donuts off of Oder and college there's ups store in that kind of yep. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So terrible. I don't like it at all. Okay. Well that's good. That's good. You're you're getting there. Yeah. So I also, but to me, your pie is literally the opposite side of a blaze pizza coin. Like they're both very thin pies that are put together, you know, quick made. I don't know if I've ever had blaze. I mean, it's right across from me for, I don't think I'm missing anything. Yeah. Wilmington and I can, well, I mean, you being from New York, I was gonna say talking pizza. Yeah. It's like, it's all dog shit down here. Yeah. Like when, when I moved down here and I was like, what's the best pizza place? Someone told me, Elizabeth slice of life is good. Compared the one downtown slice of life is pretty good. And I, the one importer's neck is no. Yes. I, I. you're right. Slice life is, yeah. That's for me the best you're gonna get. And then there's a place on the way to cure. It's like, if you're going to cure beach, it's a little shop. It's like BETOS pizza or something like that. Yeah. BETOS he's, they're pretty good. BETOS is good. And then the best bacon, egg, and cheese SNL deley on 17th. Yep. SNL's a good, I love SNL. They have a good locks, but the pizza here was just kind of like not good, but, and it's just recently gotten better, like wheels. I like wheels. I think wheels has got a really good that's pretty good wheels is good pizza. The new joint that just opened up by high wire, the U G for that's really good. And then Vito's, Vito's I always do the one at Vito's at Midtown. Mm mm-hmm good. But yeah, Wilington pizza scene was struggling for a while, but now it's kind of on the up and up. You know what Yankees you don't like Brooklyn pizza. It don't taste like Brooklyn pizza. Okay. No disrespect. You know what I mean? But they're from up there. That's when you all hit us with the it's the water, it's the water. It's the water. It's the water that makes thes and the pizza. Good. No, I legit. Yeah. Now I'll, I'll tell you guys what, if there wasn't a significant difference in quality from down here to up there? Not every place would be named New York styled pizza. Yes. You know what I mean? Good point. Yeah. So, but I, it really is the water because I dated a girl and her family was from from long island. Okay. And she's not, she's not biased at all. I mean, she grew up in Rocky point. Like she knew, like she went through the city. She, she knew what she wanted. Her dad grew up there. And I was like, oh, I mean, these are, these should be good. I mean, they're New York south. She's like, no mm-hmm and there's a place in. Shalot that they used to legitimately, the guy would go up there, get 50 gallon things of water, bring it back here and help make his bagels. And like her dad growing up, living there. I mean, he'd been down here for like 20 years or so. He was like, that's the best bagels you'll find down here. But now I don't know the name place, cuz I haven't been down there in like six years since before I met my wife. So I don't know if it's still there. But because we're just being random on this one, our Instagram poll did say they'd like the random yes stories. Oh, do they? Yeah. Cool. So yes, I, Chris, I sit on TikTok while I'm like walking and just like getting random ideas and that's how I grow my mind is cuz I see other people's point of views and I ask questions and I, I think of stupid stuff. Last one we talked about Mr. Beast. There was a AAC where he was running around Walmart, asking people questions. Mm-hmm so I'm gonna put it to you guys. If you're sitting there, would you take right now, someone gave you $10,000 mm-hmm or you had a minute to go find someone else and give somebody else. Well, hold on, I'm changing it a little bit. Okay. Cause it, I was like makes it not right. I know it makes more sense based on his, his personality and his lifestyle. Okay. Because if you took $10,000 right now, mm-hmm or you can go give somebody in the store a hundred thousand dollars. Mm-hmm what would you choose? Would I, so I can either accept 10 grand right now, or I can give someone else a hundred. Mm-hmm you're getting the same question. I mean, I'm, I'm taking the 10 grand. Okay. And I'm gonna tell you why I'm gonna take the 10 grand. Yeah, because. I would have, and of course, I can't say I'm all high and mighty, but in my mind, like I have a pretty good idea of what I would do with that 10 grand to give some rando person a hundred grand would probably be too much. And I think they'd, I think it'd be gone pretty dagum quick. I think it'd be gone pretty. Can, can we ask them the, no, I'm gonna figure out everyone's point of view and I'm gonna ask him the real version. I'm the, but I'm like, like if I see a hundred, if I see money on the ground, I'm picking it up. Like I'm not my wife, she'll go and find out who it came from and all that stuff. It's it's going in my pocket. I'm sorry. So there's another TikTok one. That's really sorry to interrupt, but this makes sense for what he just said. Well he goes around and says, I'll give you a dollar now or I'll go and double it and give it to someone else. What do you choose? And. Usually for the lower dollar amounts, they're like, oh yeah, go ahead. Double it. And so there was a gentleman who he asked, it was at $96 at that point. And he goes up to, and like, I'll give you $96 now, or we can double it to the next person. He goes, I've seen you on TikTok. And I've always thought to myself, if I saw you, I'm going to actually take the money because I know I'm going to give it to someone who actually needs it. And I know who that person is in my head. And he goes, it's hard to sit here and know that you're gonna double it, give it to someone else. But I don't know where that money's going. If it leaves my hand. And he's like, I know someone that can use this money right now. And so he took it. Wow. He's a much better person than I am. Cuz he was still Phil, you know, philanthropic, philanthropic. Thank you. About it. So wait, what do you, what would you do? I'm taking the 10 grand dude. Okay. So Tyler. Yeah, I would tell, well we know what Tyler's doing. I mean, I go back and forth personally. I would give away a hundred grand cuz. That person only because I know the bills I have and how quickly I would spend 10 grand. I'm like what a hundred thousand would go further for somebody else. But the question I'm pointing to you guys is yeah. Would it change your mindset if it was, you get a thousand right now, or you give 10,000 away? Or would you say the same thing? Man, I'd probably still say the same. Yeah. And, and honestly, yeah, I I'd say the same just because like, it's kind of like around town, you see a lot of people, like you do see quite a bit of people, you know, you know, bumming wanting this and that. And like I've never given them any money and it's like the homeless people and it's not because like, I don't like care about them. Mm-hmm but I know like it's going, it's not going to like where it needs to go. Like, it's just. Even if it's a even, I think a lot of people are like, it's the lady that's, there's like, that's still not going, like where it needs to go. Mm-hmm yeah. I mean, LIBO, that's a mental game that they're playing. Yeah. Yeah. You know, it was like, there's one guy in Lexington. This was wild. He was was back when I lived in Kentucky, he was on the news. He got busted. He was panhandling. And he got, I forgot. He was saying that he had something wrong with him or he had a stroke and like this happened or whatever, and he was paying him, but it, they caught him like acting a hundred percent, just like fine. What? Yeah. And he, and then they kind of dug deeper and he was making like 70 grand a year. Mm-hmm just acting like he was, there was something wrong with him, but he was completely fine. He was completely fine. So to kind of similar to that too pro snow bond when, when I lived in PA, there was a guy who was out panhandling and a friend of mine, his dad had a construction company and his dad went up to and was like, Hey I, I forget what he did in construction, but he was like, Hey, like, I'm not gonna give you money, but I'll hire you. We're paying. And this was years ago. So $20 an hour, especially years ago was quite a bit of money. Sure. And still, still decent too. And the guy was like, mm, I make more standing here. Yeah. I was like, sh dude, there was a guy when I was in college. Back at UK, there was a guy that was a homeless dude outside this Jimmy Johns. And I was like, you know what, I'm gonna, I'm gonna buy this dude a sandwich mm-hmm And so went through, got my order. And then I got, you know, got him something. I was like, what, you know, just something generic. Right, right. And so I go out and be like, Hey man, like here's, you know, here's the sandwich, like have a good day. And he's like, does that have Mayo on it? and I'm like, yeah, I think so. He's like, I don't want it then. And I was like, dang, like, you must not be that hungry then. Are you like, where are you eating? You know, like. So once that happened, like, I, you know, you hate like one thing to happen that like spurs you from everything, but it's kind of like, dude, it definitely did though. Yeah, it definitely did. I mean, I had Jimmy Johns twice that day, but it worked out like, that's it, I didn't just trash the sandwich, but I was just like, dang, like I couldn't imagine being like real down and out and being like, eh, it's got Mayo on it. Like I'm probably gonna pass like what that's wild. So I'm surprised Chris wasn't like, but what if he was allergic to eggs? oh, no, that but see, wow. Where's your, where's your, so here, here's the thing I am, I typically am like the devil's advocate and like most situations, but I'm a hundred percent with you. Like I don't, let's be roll. I've probably maybe given like $20 to people standing on their side pain handling mostly because I'm a person of the world and I'm like, who's this say, like I was with my friend and Baltimore? No, I think we're in, yeah, we were in Baltimore or Charlotte, one of the two places randomly, and some kids were like, came up to us and they were trying to like do our windshield wipers. And I was like, no, that's a Baltimore thing. I'm like, I'm not giving you money to like, do my windshield. Cuz I'm, I've also seen the stories of like the kids who are selling like pop in Atlanta who are like, oh yeah, just cash at me. And then you hand 'em your phone on accident cuz you know, their cash app didn't work. And then they cash at themselves like a thousand dollars and then run off. Like I just don't trust the world. No one. So many people nowadays, like all the old boomers are like, oh kid, nobody wants to work. No. Like people want to work for the most part, but they wanna make a decent amount of money. But everyone is for the. Yeah, they wanna scam you. Yeah. They wanna scam you the quick buck, the easy amount of money. Like I know what that is, has like we've talked before, like of course, if you're starting in a new gig, why am I gonna pay you, you know, 15, $20 an hour to start. If you have no history in this business, mm-hmm you gotta work up to that point. But I also think that businesses should be giving proper raises to people who are showing increase in what they're doing. Like obviously if you're at the one year mark and you're hitting the base level numbers, okay, well you get the base level raise, but if you're, if you're doing work and putting in work and you're showing growth, like, all right, so I can trust you to go do this by yourself. Okay. Then you deserve a proper raise, but nobody wants to put in that the starting ground level to move to the next level. I have a kid that started with me at 15 hour last year. He's making way more than that. you know what I mean? That boy hustles that boy hustles his ass off. There ain't know many people out there like him. So, and with Thad is too, cuz I met you cause I needed someone to pressure wash the house and I, and I liked your stories and everything and I liked what you were saying. And so there's a great job. I've got to know you a little bit more too, just like, and you associate associate yourselves with people of the same standard and quality. So I needed someone to come spray around my house for some bugs and stuff. So he was the first person I wanna get a reference from Thaddius. So I hit him up today and he was like, oh yeah, here's my boy. And called him up. And he was like, oh yeah, sweet. Like, and I told him I knew Thaddius and stuff. And he was like, oh, that's awesome. Thanks that name drop Well, I didn't want him to have like a name outta nowhere and I'm definitely not asking for cuz I'm one of those people too, Chris and. Say this all the time. I'm not going to my friends or people that I know and be like, can I have a discount? Yeah. I'm like, no, that's, that's shitty. And so I was like, Hey, all, I'll hire you. And he was like is this price okay? And I was like, Hey, Thaddius said that you were good. I was gonna pay you whatever you told me. like, that's a good dude. You going back to Ray? You know, I remember one time I worked at the Y M C a, I just got out of college and I was working lot. Y M C a downtown Lex. It's probably still there. And you know, it was crap wage, right? Like it was, it was a job. And I was wanting to work with kids at that point in time. So it was like, it was kind of in the field realm house, whatnot. So it looked kind of good. So anyway, I think I was getting like $9 and something in an hour, like it was trash. And so anyway, like I was, you know, working a bit, I thought I was doing good work and whatnot, and this, that, and the other. And they I got called up to the one of the off, you know, the head honchos and they're like, all right, we're gonna, we're gonna, you know, we've seen what you've been doing around here. We're gonna give you a raise. I was like, oh, wow. Like that's, that's awesome. Like, you know, like, yeah, it's gonna be about 25 cents. and I was like, man, what? Like, y'all brought, y'all brought me up here. Like I thought I was in like, tell me, I'm doing good doing this and that. And you're gonna gimme a 25 cent an hour raise and you're think that's like, like, good, like get out of here, take that 25 cents. Give it to somebody else, give someone a 50 cent raise. Right. You know what I'm saying? Like, but it's more than 7%. I mean, yeah, it is. But like dad gum, like I can't even buy Wrigley gum with that anymore. So it's just like, don't even bother, like I hate when business you're, you know, pay people. What, like people that help us, like stuff, letters and stuff. Mm-hmm, it's a very unsexy job. You're putting paper in paper, you're seal the paper and then putting a stick, a paper sticker on it. Mm-hmm you know, anyone can do it, but I'm like, well, what would it take for me to do that? Right? Would it take me 20 an hour? 25 an hour? Okay. To like do it and take it seriously. Okay. And that's why I'm gonna pay someone to do it. Like coming to stuff letters next week, coming over next week, let's go Saturday, Sunday got me. Like, you know what I'm saying? Because like, you have to pay people like what it's worth to you. Right. And like, and they'll take it seriously. And they value, you know, I hope they value it, but it's like, and you wanted to come back again too, because your, your time to go find those people, like, you're paying someone not an hour. And then you're gonna like gas, like them. And think 25 cents is a big boy raise, like, get outta here with that. Like, that's a disrespect. I have story like that. Yeah. That is so disrespectful while I was like, man, I'm about to act. I'm about to if 25, if I'm like on stellar behavior and I'm getting 25 cents, then I'm just about to like, let it all, hang out, just stay here at what I'm at. You know what I'm saying? I worked for towels can get fetch them damn cells. I've worked in retail for years. So any raise you get is always. Since it's never like over a dollar for the most part. And I remember like, I joke with my friends all the time and I'm like, you just need to quit and come back. Yeah. Because if you do well, guess what your resume says, you have this many years of experience. So now you deserve the, the true raise, cuz they're only gonna give you pennies on dollar for a raise. And like, usually I was getting 33 cents one year. I had like, I had one raise and it was literally I worked at the movie theater and they were like, all right. So before minimum wage was like seven 50 or whatever or whatever it is now, 7 25. So I went from $5 and I moved up to, I, I think I I'm, no, I went from six to $7. I was like, yes. The only reason I got it was because I got, got a promotion. Well then they hired the new kids. Like they came back from college and they got a promotion and they came in making seven 50 and I'm like, so. They weren't here this whole time. I had to do all this work, like don't I get my, my annual raise and like, no, cause you got a promotion. You don't get another raise. Mm-hmm I'm like, what is this baby back? Bullshit. Yeah. Yeah. Could I play devil's advocate? Yeah, go ahead. If you didn't start out with those low wages, see there's two sides to it. You could pay people what they're worth off the jump. Yep. And that's great. But if you didn't start out at that little bit of money, you wouldn't strive for more. Yes. You know what I mean? It's like, if we straight up paid everyone right now, everyone in America, $25 an hour, $30, you know what we'll say, 50 an hour. Society's gonna plateau. And because there's no earning, no, you know, no one wants to go higher. Yeah. I worked at a car wash for $3 an hour, dude. $3 an hour. and if there wasn't tips, guess what I made for the day eight hours. What's eight times 3, 24 hours four. Yep. And I was busting my ass and then I got opportunity to get another job. And guess what? See you later do what's gonna pay me. You definitely need, so you gotta, you definitely need, like, I remember like hauling hay, hauling hay was awful. Like that was Kentucky awful, awful work. And I remember like you got paid, was it worse in tobacco? No, tobacco's worth worse, but I, I didn't do tobacco. Because a lot of the people around, you know, a lot of the Hispanic, you know, a lot of Hispanic guys would do all the tobacco stuff, but I did hay for this one dude. And I think I made like eight an hour and it was miserable work, but you know, it is, it's like, I know I don't wanna haul, Hey, no more. like, you know, I know you learned, but I learned like, I'd need to make more money than eight an hour if I'm gonna do something. But he would bring like cold pizza, like here's my lunch and be like cold pizza and all this jazz. Like it was awful. But yeah, you do need that. You're drinking that bad. I'm thirsty, man. I've read outta my, we have budget other stuff. We have so many better options. Yeah. What's that thing. That's that's you went to ginger reel. No, I'll just finish this. Oh my, yeah. It's like, you need, you need so much. You need, you need the bad, you need like the experience and like, just like the down of just being kind of like, almost taken advantage of, I mean, honestly, let's call it for what it is. Oh yeah. But you hundred percent. You do learn my dad. I'm not doing that again. Yeah. My dad was the president of the factory for a while when I was in high school and guess what I did on my summer. So I was in the freaking sweat box. Yeah. Where it would get so damn hot in that thing, a the siren would go off and you would get a 15 minute like hot break. Like that's how freaking hot it would get in those places. And I worked there the whole entire summer and I definitely wasn't making like president's son pay. I got paid. What every other intern got paid. Yeah. That's how it's supposed to be. Man. Everybody wants it, you know? Oh, gimme this. Gimme that. No. Oh the fuck. You gotta earn that shit. Excuse my language. But it's the truth. I, if I have a son or a daughter or whatever, Whatever the minimum wage is at that time, you go get a job. If they go get a job, making that and they come to me, oh, they're working me so hard. Da, da, da, you don't wanna come work for me then mm-hmm you know what I mean? Because you have to earn it. There's no, that's why everything's the way it is. Everybody once has this sense of entitlement. Yeah. The, the world doesn't know you. Nothing. I don't care if the cost to living in, I don't care if rent is 50,000 a month and you only make $10 an hour, you gotta figure that shit out and move. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Look at the wild. You don't make it. You die. it? I mean, I mean, it's crazy that that people don't realize what else is out there though, too. Yeah, because for instance, There's two factories. There's one in, this is real life. There's one in California. There's one in North Carolina. So starting pay in North Carolina, $25 an hour. And we know living here, like that's pretty good money, especially for this area. Yeah. California, significantly more expensive, $8 a gallon gas house isn't even like fathomable for people that make a hundred thousand dollars taxes. Yeah. Taxes absurd. So the factory out there $30 an hour is where it starts. You're not getting shit in California for $30 an hour. And so those people find out that, oh, like you can have a house in North Carolina. Gas isn't $8. Like I'll take a $5 pay cut to go move over there and have a house to have cheaper gas, to have lower cost of living. Like you have to put it all into perspective there. That's what we're talking about. Statement was a little harsh. Maybe you don't but I mean like, people really think like no one in the world owes you shit. You either hold it down on your own or you, you don't. Yeah. I mean, I think there should be like minimum wage should make sense for a living that you're like, you should be able to live in the area that you're at, but it's also, the other side of coin is rent. Also. Shouldn't be so fricking ridiculous that the only way you can afford it is you have three jobs that are all paying like $10 an hour and $10 an hour is actually over minimum wage. So then you're the corporate capital is people like, well, we don't want to pay you more than that. Cuz then we're cutting into our bottom line. But that's what breeds the winners man. That's what gives the human race to pedigree. You know, that's what breeds the winners. Like if you don't. Like on my lazy days and I'm not like bragging on my lazy days. I still do something. If you don't go after it. Like, that's why people like, oh my God, look at Jeff Bezo. Oh, Jeff Bezos, look at a guy who won and who won on his own, no handouts or anything. Look at a real winner. Yep. Talk to them. They are men of character, men of adversity, men of multitudes, of intelligence. And they're people that you will see that don't give a shit what's going on around them. They just go and get it. The, so the thing too, to kind of bring both sides all together is there's a new podcast. They kind of change a little bit. It's called citizen. I highly recommend you listen to it. Cause it's, it's about individual responsibility. And not even just of like what you do with yourself, but how you support others. Mm-hmm And so with that being said, like to earn a dollar, no matter if it's $1 or if it's a hundred thousand dollars to earn it, that's your money and you feel close to it, spend it like you actually. Earned it and that it's going somewhere good. Mm-hmm because if you take that $1 and I give it to tha is who I, I know it's, it's him and it's his crew and it's going, staying in this community. Or I could like, for instance, I could have given it to like bug her rug for the spraying guy. And it was gonna go to a franchise, but I chose someone else who was gonna go, it's gonna stay in that community. Right. So what's happening is everyone is paying for ease and going for Amazon. So Amazon has gotten that big and Jeff Bezos did, did a, he did a great job and he was able to exploit that people were gonna pay for ease. So now what Amazon does is it's almost like dumping from like the Chinese coming over here and saying like, Hey, I wanna give like dirt cheap chips to make sure that no other American company can keep up with it. They're doing the same thing except in the labor market. Like, oh, we're gonna start at, I'm making this up, but we're gonna start at $40 an hour and we're gonna be into this town. So all of these other. like small mom and pops can't afford to pay these people and we're gonna have this thing. And oh, now we're buying all of your healthcare around here and everything else, because you have to shop here because this is what we did. I mean, technically that is what Walmart did. There's actually documentary about that. Well, they did it with the products and they actually did dumping, but they didn't do it in the labor market. Amazon's doing it in the labor market. See, I feel like it was, it was both like, cuz they're paying more slightly than like places around you mm-hmm but then all their shit is a lot cheaper and people don't like, I don't, I still don't understand this factoid of like yes, because everyone wants things to be cheaper. But you've also gotta think how much time I had to put in to build this up. Yeah. It costs me time and effort to get to this point. Like don't ask daddy as how he got and built his business and expect him to give you that knowledge for free. Like you gotta barter, you gotta do something like you gotta bring something to the table. Whereas like Walmart brought things to the table, they brought cheap products and they paid people, eh, pricing. But then guess what? People didn't know how to do shit else. No one, like no one supported their local businesses. They didn't support the guy who legit is from that town, selling the stuff, the same exact thing for like a dollar more expensive had to be a dollar more expensive. Cuz you know, he had to pay people a real price, a real wage and get the stuff shipped in. Cuz he can't get wholesale prices and they didn't wanna support it. Mm-hmm I'm like no support, your local support, your friends. And don't be asking for discounts for all that shit. And that's how community's built. And that's why there's a lot of problems too, because there's no community really anymore. There's Wilmington start and Wilmington has a good community. Mm-hmm mm-hmm and it's grow. but outside of, you know, certain areas, there's no community and without community, you can't raise kids properly, you can't provide necessary resources and you can't build structure and integrity. Yep. Yeah. I remember when I was, I, I wasn't this philosophical when I was in eighth grade, it, it just happens to work this way. And it just interesting. I was at a leadership convention and it was one of those situations when you're in eighth grade, you're at a leadership convention. Yeah. I know. Look how much I failed up. Anyway, so what the question was is what, what is the most important thing that you need in a civilization to need or, or like a town mm-hmm like, if you're a brand new town, what is needed in that spot there, like people wise, and some people were like, You need to have a government. And like, in there you need to have people Yeah. Unfriend those people, right. There's other ones who are like, oh, you have to have doctors, you have to have businesses. And I was like, you need citizens. And they're like, well, duh, you need people. And I'm like, no, no, no, not people, you need citizens. You need a community that works together. Yeah. That wants to trade and barter and like grow as like people. And they're like, we're gonna stick with government. And I'm like, no, I'm like, that's not. And I sat there and I like was gonna die on the sword for this. And I was like, you need the citizens, you need the citizens. And they were like, for fuck's sake, Tyler fine. Well, put citizens on here. And I was like, not number six. It needs to be like, at least number two. Now we're arguing for spot. Yeah. So like, I wasn't gonna give this up. And so the, what they were trying to get at with that is how persuasive are you and how far up can you get your number? And so I won that, but but to now looking back on it, Like you do need, like, that is the most important part is the citizens. Yeah. Because if you don't have people who are willing to work together, you really don't have anything. No, it's crazy. Cuz people think you need a government. You don't need a government. You need a man, a woman and kids, you need a man. That's gonna discipline the kids. You need a woman. That's gonna look out for the kids. And I'm not saying traditional roles here or any of that nonsense. I'm saying that if your kid's acting up, like how I grew up, I could get smacked by my dad, my neighbor, right? The lady up the street lady across the road, there was discipline. There was respect. And everyone worked together, you know? And that's what you need. You don't need a government. The government could is Joe Biden or Donald Trump gonna come right now to change your flat tire on your car? No, if you're no one of us for it, right? Yep. Yep. Why? Cause we're in community. Yes mm-hmm everyone gets so wrapped up. Them dudes come from millions of dollars on both sides. They're nothing like us. They never will be anything like us. Mm-hmm so I don't know why people think you need a government. You don't need none. That shit you need men and women who are accountable. You, I know what made me think of this, but just a random story from like Bebe in fifth grade popped into my head. So it was fifth grade at St. Dominic. We were Mrs. Chelsea's class. And we're reading about convention. No, we were reading about the Oregon trail and great video game. Great video game, super great video game. But anyway, we were talking about the Oregon trail and she was like, you know, you all are making this journey on the organ trail. Right? Like you need to, like, what's gonna be in your covered wagon. Yeah. And so we would split off into groups and stuff, and we were talking about what we'd bring and all this stuff. And I remember I was in this group with Jonathan Barlow and so he like read what we all, you know, we said, and he kept, he said that he wanted to bring petty coats and so, and so, anyway, so she says this he's like, you know, we're gonna bring petty coats and this stuff mm-hmm and she's like, and the teacher was. Do you know what petty coats are? he's like, no, but he's like, they talk about them all the time. Like, you know that we have to, like, I had a petty coat. She's like, it's like your underwear, something like that. Like women's underwear. And we started dying laughing, cuz that was the one thing he was gonna bring to the Oregon trail. Shout out Jonathan Barlow. I don't know you're ever gonna listen to this, but that made me think of you, man. So that makes people start searching for you on Instagram. Yeah, it was so funny. I'll have to tell 'em I have to, I I've got 'em on Instagram. I'll have to tell 'em I outside about the petty code story, but that was so yeah, you gotta know what you want. I think there's a, you gotta know what you want, know what you need, which leads me to old school. You start talking about women's underwear. We're not going there. yeah, of course. I'm talking about old school TV land. They used to have a show called petty coat junction. I actually never knew what a Petco was until just now. But it was hilarious. It must been a place oh yeah. Yeah. I know it was, it was hilarious because it was a train that like ran through the town and it was just a stop called Petco junction. But it, they did wonder was there like how they NBC has like Chicago med, Chicago fire all that random stuff. It's all in one similar world. They did the same thing for that show. So they had like petty go junction and then green acres. And there's a third show that was all in the same, but it was a community that everyone talked to each other. They helped each other. Oh, like, has anyone ever seen green acres, petty go, do you know what I'm talking about? It just looks stupid. So I know what you're talking about. I've heard of green acres, but you're telling me that they're like, well, I wanna go over to Petco junction, like next month's next week's episode. Like they've arrived at Petco junction. Oh no. I mean, they literally, there was episodes where they just call up on the phone and like somebody on the, from Petco junction would answer. You know, I think it's always wild when like TVs, like do crossovers crossovers. It's like Chicago fire meets, you know, like ER or whatever. And it's just like, isn't it just weird? You know? It's like, I just want my shows to be set. It's like, well, I'm going to Grey's anatomy, you know, got shot in Seattle. You know, it's just the crossovers always kill me. I just thought about, I just thought it was funny because green acres, she had a pig. Like she literally came from the city, moved to the, bought a farm, had a pig that she would lose all the time. And then she would just randomly like, get a phone call and she's like, oh, Hey, your pig's over here. It's like, oh, Hey, thank you. And then they would just go pick it up or whatever. But crossover wise, I just saw the episode of Brooklyn, 99, where like a girl from new girl showed up and he like had to steal her car. And I was like, this is the worst crossover. They're like, none of them are ever again, they shouldn't be connected because one's a west coast and one's an east coast show. And I understand the reason they did it, but like, Ugh, it was so bad. but on a totally total different note change. I'm gonna ask you guys a question. Let's do it real quick. This, this whole conversation, the first one and the second part of this, do you guys watch, I know you listen to Joe Rogan. Yeah. Not as much as I used to, but it definitely, you know, have you seen one comes along? Yeah. Where all the guys get together at safe? Our parks. I've not seen that one yet. No. So there's like five of 'em now. And it's, it's like this, you just get a bunch of people together and you just like talk shit. so I was thinking about that. I was like, oh, that's interesting. Save our parks. Yep. So go ahead. So I need to know top two fruits. I'm bringing back my randomness. So go. Yeah. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna do a fruit draft. Okay. So I knew this is where we were going, had to go for it. So when, when the fruit's picked it's off the table. Okay. We're doing three rounds. Okay. Okay. Cause there's four of us. And so at that east, you get to start off first fruit, like, so I want eat. Yeah. Favorite fruit, just top mango, just one, just one at a time, the NBA draft in the first election and you went mango mango. And, and I like this idea, cuz I mean, OB we're filming this during like the final week of fantasy football, like drafts and everything and all my friends were doing their drafts. So that's why I went for this shout out to Freddy mango. I said shout out to Freddy Freddy podcast. Ah, yes. Number two, Tyler. We'll see what's your top grandkid strawberry. Ooh, good one watermelon. All right. How I to pick, how am I last? I'm a guest on the thing and I don't it's a second pick. No, no, but it's just like a normal draft you get I'm gonna do okay. I'm gonna do avocado. Okay. Number. What's your number two. So then I'd probably go blueberry. Oh. I I, you could have kept blueberry. I wasn't gonna go for that one. I'm gonna go for grapes. All right. A little boring. I mean, I'll take it really. Have you not had the cotton candy grapes? Cotton candy grapes are pretty good, but I'm gonna go raspberry. I wouldn't have caught thought about that one. Bust. What could I ask one question? Thenj yeah. Are cotton grapes real grapes or are they just like no they're grapes that are actually genetically modified to taste like cotton and candy. Yeah. Still considered a grape. They breed a bunch of different grapes together to get that flavor. They're good. Yeah. Pair pair is my second one. I put, that was like my number hard beat, like cottage cheese pair and cottage cheese pairs. Good. As long as it's not a pair of mayonnaise. I'm nah, man. have you not seen that? Not psychos. No. I'll talk about that in a second. All right. So last. I think I'm gonna, are we doing four now? No, no, he did two. He's doing got two. Oh, that's right. The Chinese apple, the star one. You know what I'm talking about? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, that thing I love those things. That star is it called star niche, star star. Something like that. Star fruit? Yeah. That okay. Peach. That was a good one. High apple tomato. I knew you were going with that because you had avocado. Yeah. So you threw avocado. I was like I'm not gonna toot my own horn here, but I won this draft avocado, blueberry and tomato. Are you gonna put that on a sandwich? Well, I mean, are you gonna put your pineapple, your Chinese grapes? And I'm gonna put my pineapple on a pizza if I need to. Hey, I've got my avocado. That's that's got breakfast, lunch and dinner rein all over it. I've got blueberry. That's a breakfast lunch that can go on a salad. and then tomato come on, tomatoes on everything. True Palmer was going for, if he was stranded on a desert island. Yes, he, this is what he would choose. I'm going for my favorite fruits. So I'm like, I'm just going. I'm not saying that the Baltimore Ravens might want to think about a GM the next 30 years, but Hey, I just stole this draft they still haven't gotten talks for stole this draft. Yeah. You need to talk to them getting Lamar to the table. Boy, that's a that's gonna be that's. That's tough, man. I want my dude to get paid, but also don't I don't know. Show me a football team. Are we going football? I guess we are. Let's do it. Show me a football team that pays the quarterback a shit ton of money and they win the super bowl. Like I don't like Tom Brady. I've never been a Tom Brady fan, but Tom Brady has never been the top quarterback paid quarterback in the NFL. I don't think in any of his seasons. No. And he is even taken pay cuts. to like work the cap when he went to the books. Oh, that's right. Like when he went to buck Anders, he made a lot more money. Sure. But he, Hey, he quit his job. Yes and then he came back, he got another job. So, but they, it doesn't set up for long success. Like the chiefs, like they paid pat Mahomes, a lot of money. You paid Kelsey a lot of money. And so it's like when Tyre keel, when his number came up to get paid, it's like Tyre, keel had to bounce. Cause they couldn't pay him. No. So like, if you sink all your money into like one dude, what's the rest of your, you know, what's the rest of your team gonna look like? I don't know, but right. I mean, and it goes back too, like you need a football team, not a football quarterback. You need, you need petty coats. Yes. You need fruit, avocado and blueberries. But it goes back to a business statement. Like, yes, obviously everyone wants to make money, but you gotta like spread it out. You also don't need to pinch pennies, like. There's too many businesses nowadays that just pinch pennies and like low ball everybody. And what happens? Someone's gonna walk. Yeah. So since we're back in the business world, I've been meaning to ask you this in general anyway, just cuz I wanted to see where your head's at with it. Okay. I feel like the business that you do other than the, the, the, the love of God, we haven't drinking real alcohol other than the design mm-hmm of it. Could you automate the rest of it? Well, you know, it's funny you bring that up because we're possibly going to, so like for a while, like I was putting stamps on all the envelopes right. Which got real old, real fast. Once we were around 5,000 subscribers at that point was probably got really dry. Yes. Oh, but you gotta don't you get the little, oh yeah. How you got so, so I was like, this is not scalable, like for me to sit here and like, do this shit like this, like this is not gonna work. And so we got a machine, so now we have like a, a it's called like a Pitney bows, like print machine that puts post to join it for you. And it seals the envelope for you. And so right now, the only thing that we have people do is stuff, the envelope, and then put the sticker on the back mm-hmm and there is a machine that you can use to sticker. And then we're also looking at machine that can stuff. And we're actually getting that tested, like right now, like I sent samples last week to an a place that's gonna maybe not sell us, but rent us an insertion machine. Interesting. So we can, do you like keeping it all in house like that? Cause I, I feel like there's, there has to be somewhere out there in the world that I do, like keeping it all in house and for one, it going back to like earning. it makes you feel like you're actually doing something, right. Like if I sent all this out, like for one, it would cut into profit, of course. Like, you know, a lot of it cuts into profit. And so I would rather keep it in house and actually work, you know, cuz like I have to, you know, like I could be super lazy and not do anything, but I, that's not like that's not good for anybody involved, you know? So like, so keeping a lot of it in keeping that part in house. I don't mind, I don't mind at all the, the reason why I was thinking about that and you the other day too, is cuz you have a lot of like big goals and dreams of other things to do as well. And I was thinking like, oh I can you probably send it out. Of course you wouldn't be making as much money, but it would free up the time for you to go after other endeavors that you've brought up. I think the pro the ProCon doesn't like for the media, it. You know, it's just not there. Yeah. Like I knew you've thought about all of that too, which is why I was, I wanted to ask you, because I know you, you've probably done this a million times in your head. Yeah. That, and my wife's super smart too. Like, I'm not gonna take it. Like, we've talked a, when I say you, I mean like your, your unit. Yes. Our community, your community. my wife and I yeah, no, just keeping some stuff in house. Like you just, you know, it's like, you, you probably don't have to go out and necessarily, and spray, like, you don't have to do in the manual labor yourself, but like you do. Yeah. Cause it's like, I want to at least feel like I'm doing, you know, like, it's that earning it? You know what I'm saying? So keeping some things like in house you just got to. Yeah. But there's machine for that. So there you go. You know, as long as the machine works and like it does the job, then we'll go from there. But right now we just roll what we got. Yeah. And stick it on the I'm sorry. I was gonna say, sticking on the business route. I know you've been doing some more hiring and stuff. How's that process been going for you? It's babysitting. Yeah. I got two good guys and that's all I'm keeping for right now. Every other time, you know, I get guys that like, oh, I wanna work with you. I see you. Da, da, da. All right. We all meet it. My place at seven 30, jump in the truck to everything you need to do. They don't show up till 8 30, 9 o'clock they'll text me. Oh man. I, I had too many drinks last night or this or that. You expect me to what? You know what I mean? Get outta here. So I just got right now, I'm rolling with two guys. Honestly, I'm taking a little break. I'm not gonna lie. I'm being a little lazy, cuz I can, because ive afforded to, to be able to push the way we push through this last season. So I have no problem dialing back a little bit. And I'm just taking a little me time, man, because. We got some shit done this season. You know what I mean? Yeah. You guys are going after, you can just tell, just watching on social. Got we got some shit done. I burnt out. I'm not gonna lie. I burnt out super bad between working every day, working out and everything like that. Yeah. So I was just like, you know what, I'm gonna take my foot off the gas a little bit. Cuz tell you what, when you're constantly going, going, going, going, going, the money's still going, going, going, going, going, you know what I mean? It's not like, oh I'm grind here making all this money. It's kind of like, wait, I gotta pay this to do this and this and this. You know what I mean? Slow it down a little bit and just nitpick. And then that's my plan for now. Yeah. One of the big things that I was kind of reflecting on, not too long ago to, and it works in business, it works in working out almost anywhere in life is really the growth comes in the spaces. Yeah. So when you take that, that time to take a step back, so if you're lifting real hard and you don't, if you never stop lifting hard, you, you don't get the gains from that because you don't have time for your muscles to heal heal. If you're not going to the chiropractor to get your like back realigned or whatever, then you're going to continue wearing on that, that knee problem that you have. And same thing with I started going to massage therapist again, too, just to kind of work out some of the kinks in the back so I can start lifting heavier again. So it's, it's the pauses in life where you start getting that, that gain. Well, it's like, like what do you do it all for? Right. I mean, are you just, I mean, are we, are we just working hard all the time? Just to work hard all the time? Like, and that's a thing like, my wife is really good at is, you know, like living life and enjoying, like mm-hmm, you know, we work hard for this. Like we're going to go have fun. Right? And like, if it's like a three or four day weekend in New York, Or we're just gonna eat awesome food and just like walk around in New York and do that. Then that's what we're doing. Like in October, we're gonna go to Spain. Sweet and, or yeah, September late, September, early October, we're gonna to Spain. And so it's like, you know, I'm yeah, it's a, it's a leisure, you know, I, you know, and like, I don't know if I would've, you know, spent money on that to do it, but like, why do I, like, why do we work hard? Like why, you know, it's a good question. Yeah. Like, why do you do it? Because like, was your money just set in a bank account? And that's cool. And that's nice, but like inflation, like it's not gonna do anything. Right. So you might as well spend it on something. Yeah. Enjoy life, enjoy life. Like, why do you, you know, why are we doing all this? Why are we killing ourselves? Like to work. So we can go do something so we can like run 20 miles or, Hey, there might be a place where you wanna go to in life. It's like, man, I gotta walk to get there. Yeah. Or, oh, like, it's kind of a journey to get there. Like I wanna go see the sunset at certain place. You know, like I gotta work to get there. I mean, on top of that too, like I have kids now, so what I'm thinking, it's like, if they have kids, like I wanna be around and alive. Like that's where the health thing comes in to like see them have kids. So it's like, why are we, you know, it's fun to work hard and grind and like, you gotta do it. But then of the day you have to realize like, why am I like, what's all it for mm-hmm if it's, if it's just to keep working hard, then, I mean, that's fine. I think that's sad cuz I mean, you gotta have something to enjoy. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's kind of back to like having a goal, like what are you working towards? Yeah. That most people aren't working towards the. Yeah. I mean, like I said, to have it to have like security of a bank account, like that's awesome. And like everyone, you should work definitely to have that mm-hmm Cause I know a lot of people don't like when COVID happened, like, it was like, well, I paid month, you know, rent this month, but next month's probably looking pretty squirrly so like, yeah, you should have money in the bank to do what you want. The anti-D Dave Ramsey here, but it's like, it's like, there's so many people and I, and I'm kind of that way too. It's like, you work really hard and you just get stuck in the rut of working really hard all the time. And then so it's like, what do you do for fun? What, I mean, what do you, I don't really do much for fun. Mm-hmm what's like, well, why like, well not I was thinking about that the other day too. Right? Where kind of like, you have to find this like happy medium, right? Cuz there's so many people out there in today's world because like, I, I know where like thas is coming from too, where you have these people who are like, I worked really hard. for two days, I deserve a vacation. It's like, well, you gotta grind, man. Like there, there is a grind to this. And when I say grind, I don't mean like grind, culture, like grind yourself into like dust. But like, there's a happy medium there. You, after working two days, you don't deserve a five day vacation. you have to kind of like work this out. Yeah, yeah. You know, cuz it's cuz you enjoy it a lot more when you earn it. Right. Right. You know? And when it's not given to you all the time there was a really good, not that I even remotely like him, but I know a lot of people liked Danar mm-hmm I, he was given a hundred million dollars and like so many. Is he self made? No, no, no. But he brought up a really good point in one of his interviews. He's like when I was gonna basic training or whatever, he's like when I'd go out to eat, like if someone like took me an Outback, I'd be pumped. Yeah, right. Because it's like, man, I'm eating crap at the barracks or, you know, whatever I'm doing, like I'm not eating good. Like they're gonna take me out back. Like, this is awesome. I appreciate this. And he's like, now he's like, I have the money to have world class chefs cook, like private chefs cook for me every night. And he's like, how many nights can you have that? And be excited or like, appreciate that. Yeah. Yeah. And that, you know, kind of made me feel sorry for him in a bit. Because it's like, how often can you do that? Like how often can you have the best of everything all the time to where it's just like, to where you lose mm-hmm you kind of almost the joy. Yeah. It's like, wow. If someone took me out back, like now me personally, I'd be like, well, it's out back, you know, it's all right. The blooming onion, the blooming onion, get that Bush bread. Yeah. You know, but you know, there's times where, I don't know, I'm just kinda go off on tangent, but like it's. If you get used to like having the good life all the time, then you it's, it loses, you know, you gotta find that next thing that next big high, that next big rush. Mm-hmm now it's just like, just work hard, enjoy little things, like enjoy little things. Yeah. And you know, I don't know. You work, work hard so you can play hard. Yeah. It's always like interesting. Cuz I, there are so many jobs now that don't even offer like paid time off or anything like that. And I think that's how we ended up in this point where you're just work, work, work, work, because nobody offered you time off. And if you're not working, you're not making no money. And then you're bank account's dropping. But I've worked with people recently and they're like, Hey, you know, I just came back to work. Or I just got a job here and I gotta take a vacation in two weeks. I'm like, I've been working here for years. I got vacation stacked up and I'm gonna get paid to take vacation. Can I take my vacation? No, no, no, no. They asked for it first. I'll go a flying. Fuck. Mm-hmm. Yeah, no. If they asked that's all for it, first I put in the time shouldn't I get preferential treatment cuz I was the one who stuck around for this shit. That's why I got tired of working places for people, man. You know, people want to treat you like shit or treat you like you're in disposable. I just say, you know what, man, you guys could have it. I'd rather go. If I, if I only make a hundred dollars a day, that's 30 days a month. Let's you just say mm-hmm I mean 3000. I could cover all my living expenses and be fine. Yep. You know what I mean? Rather than take some shit from someone for, you know, a little bit more. Yeah. That's kind where I got with uni first. Because like when you would take a vacation, they'd be, they would like give you the hardest time. Yeah. I like then why do you give this to me? Like, why are you giving me these week? These why, why you giving 14 days? Yeah. Right. Why are you giving me 14 days? If, when I tell you that I'm taking three and having, you know, a long-ish weekend, oh man. You know, you're gonna miss out on the sale. There's someone that could call in. And I was like, well. they weren't that bad, you know, they can go, I don't, you know, Ugh. It's just a piss and contest boy universe. Mm-hmm But yeah, when people make you feel bad for taking vacation, they give you that's that's for the birds. Yeah. You know, that's for the birds one day. That's why you gotta get jacked and workouts. They built the self confidence to tell you boys to go have himself I mean, one day we'll eventually hit the spot where we'll have a, a business and I can be my own boss, but until we're working there slowly but surely. Oh, I didn't mean it. I mean, oh, I know I didn't we're going on a field trip tomorrow, Chris and I, so, oh yeah. With that being said, we have early days and we've hit this at an hour again, too. So thank you for sticking around for two episodes with the, with the gang over. So yeah, we love it. That is Palmer. Thanks for coming back on. Yeah, it was nice to meet you, dude. Nice to meet you too. it's the first time we met. Yeah. Oh really? Yeah. So we're this during 75 hard as you guys have seen, we're trying about trying out a bunch of random new stuff, just seeing what you guys like and what you don't like. But yeah, thank you for listening. On all our podcasts, we'll have their information in our show notes and we'll also post about 'em throughout the week. So definitely give them a follow and you know, thanks for listening to the, to our pod. Leave us alike, leave us a good comment. Leave us a five star review on all the fun stuff. But if you ain't got nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. That's what mom always said, but unless it's about the Sarah brewing beer, it taste like crap. yeah, but constructive criticism is not saying bad stuff. It's being constructive. So what we can do to get you better, you gotta know the difference. Agree, their efforts would be better placed elsewhere. And it was a little harsh for me to say, if you don't make it, you die, but that is a law in nature. Right. I fed that as respect. We're everything gonna say? We're we're not walking anything back. All right. We're you're right here before we just completely go against everything we said. Thank you. Cheers. Cheers.