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Physical Health is as Important as Mental Health, with Thaddeus Brown & Palmer Grigsby

September 14, 2022 Thaddeus Brown & Palmer Grigsby Episode 32
Whiskey & Wisdom
Physical Health is as Important as Mental Health, with Thaddeus Brown & Palmer Grigsby
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This week we bring back Thaddeus Brown and Palmer Grigsby, the guests from our two most listened to podcasts. But this time we dive into one of their favorite topics, physical health. We talk a lot about mental health on this podcast but we feel that is important to also take care of your physical body as well.

In this episode we start out pretty crazy but we slowly get back on task. Enjoy our banter!

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Thaddeus - @seasprayilm
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Welcome back everybody. To the whiskey and wisdom podcast. I am Tyler y'all. I got my co-host Chris Kellen and we have brought on your two favorite guests all at the same time. Now Palmer Grigsby. And Thaddius brown Palmer's over here laughing you two are, actually are like most listened to podcasts. Yeah. I'm honored. Like that's so that's really cool, but I think you've had much better podcasts than mine, so they need to listen to all of them. yeah, they do. Thank you though, guys. No definitely. Yeah. You two have the two highest listened podcasts that we've ever done before. And you two have a very similar personality where I thought you guys would get along. Well, you all believe relatively similar and have very strong beliefs. So another reason why we brought you on and you're both fun. Yes. So, awesome. so this is why you're here. Technically our first round of trying it with four people that aren't like co-conspirators so we're, we're trying something new, seeing what the, the crowd likes. Yeah. Giving it a shot. Why not give the people what they want? Yeah, exactly. Most certainly. So we are still doing 75 hard, so we're not drinking actual liquor now, but I do have in front of us some non-alcoholic whiskey, again, like we did prior, but this one is called spiritless. I think Chris has a little bit of info on it. Yes. It's from. Really fast. No, go ahead. And the other reason why we're doing this is because Palmer's on and he feels very strongly about non-alcoholic whiskey. And I wanted his honest opinion on this one when we finally drink it. So we're go ahead, Chris. This is called, this is actually from a brand called free spirits. Not spiritless. That was our, did I say spirit list? Yeah, my bed free spirits. Yeah. Free spirits. I don't what the I'm talking about is called the spirit of bourbon is supposed to have a rich Okie and caramel kiss. Non-alcoholic taste to it. Alternative for Kentucky bourbon. And I mean, this is for all those listening. We, you know, typically if you're doing a non-alcoholic bourbon, you're gonna want to put it on ice. And, or like have it in a mixed drink. This is just kind of to give you that sensation. I feel like this is a good alternative for those of us who are doing 75 hard and just have the habit of like going home and pouring a drink where you're just like, I wanna try something different, but yeah, this is, we're doing it without ice. It's just chilled a little bit. We're just gonna figure it out. And then I'm also gonna miss mix it with some ginger beer. We'll talk about later. Okay. Let's cheer. I'm not looking forward to this. you know, this one at least has the bite. Yeah. I don't know if it's a bite or a, like a vomit it's like tea and chili powder. Yeah. I don't know about that chili or ginger. Yeah. I like that iced tea and chili powder. That's really a, you know, it's actually a good description. Yeah. Nice. Yeah. I will see how's a small ye of non-A. Bourbons. I would that's sweet tea and chili P yeah. Chili powder, whatever. No Northern sweet tea. Yeah. This is not taste like Southern sweet tea. I gotta let people know. Yeah. This is Pennsylvania sweet tea and chili peppers. Yes. Yeah. I don't know. It's it's not, you get that splice in there like that. That's I'm telling you, I feel like they have ginger infused into it, cuz it has like that we have a ginger plant Outback of our house now and I'm just like, oh, Hey, I know what it smells like. So if you guys want ginger yeah, that'd be awesome. That's cool. N tea. But yeah, so we're mixing it up this time around you guys. Just having fun shooting the shit, but why did I just have a second taste of it? You're gonna keep on doing it. Why did I do that? You're you're eventually gonna like it. It's so bad. It's like that's so bad. I've gotta try it again to make sure I don't like it. Like a train wreck. I'm going back to it, but giving away from me. The first thing that I wanted to bring up after this is I wanna talk about your jellyfish experience. That is man. It was, that looks painful. Yeah. You're the second person that I've known in the stretch of four days. That's gotten stung by jellyfish. You wanna hear something crazy? I've been serving since I was 10 years old. This was my first time I could ever remember getting stung by a jellyfish ever. And what happened was I was out there. Everybody was getting stung. Everybody was running off, you know, patting themselves, this, that the third. And then this guy paddles out next to me and he's like he's like, Hey man, you get stung by a jellyfish yet. Da, da, da. I was like, no. As soon as I put my arm in the damn water bro lit up, I was like, you gotta be kidding me. so how what's it feel like? Is it like grabbing electric fence or no? It's like you ever get burned. Yeah, that's what I'd describe it as, as like a add in nowhere, like something right now, just burn the hell outta you. That's what it feels like. Huh? To me they got your whole alarm too. Yeah, no, it was pretty good. It was gnarly. I mean, yeah. Hopefully my rents due for the week now. Right. yeah, but the weather has been so ridiculous lately. Like we were in Myrtle beach. I guess it was a month ago now. And like every person out there you'd be sitting there looking. Yep. She just got stung. She just got stung and my wife is like, we should go out. I'm like, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah. I don't go past a bad idea. Like I I'm tall enough so I can go out like up to my chest and just be comfortable. But there are too many things getting stung. So I was like, Nope, not going past my waist, which is funny because. Chris going out to his like waist is like up to my eyeballs. Yeah. Wait here, son. I'll be back for you. he's standing, but it's the same, her whole family. Like her mom hates going to the ocean, but she's also like five foot two. So me going out to my waist height is like chest height for her. And she's like, Nope. Getting beat up by these waves. I'm not about this. Is it like the water temperature that, or like what attracts jellyfish to like the area? Cause if it seems like they're more, they're here more now than normal. So like, is it a weather thing? Is it like a water temperature thing? Like what is it? So as a non Marine biologist, I will say no, it is actually a water temperature. They cuz they don't actually propel themselves. They flow with the current and typically they flow up and then back around. But they come from Gulf of Mexico. Mm-hmm for the most. Part and flip through the current. But because there's a lot of like tropical app things going on out there, mm-hmm, it's pushing the current a lot more pushing the weather and Wilmington sticks out. So it catches that. So you'll, we'll see a big rush of like jellyfish and then it'll kind of go away. Huh? I didn't know that for the Marine biologists that are out there, please comment down below. If that is happen. I mean, Hey, you sold me. I'll go home and tell that story. No, I have a friend who actually is a biologist who studied Marine biology at UTW. So I'll check I'll fact check it, but I'm like, makes sense. Hey, I'm buying it right. I'm buying it. But yeah. That's why you want to you'll notice like when the end of summertime, the water's hotter and you'll see more jellyfish versus like the top of summer mm-hmm so like may, June, you don't see as much. There's not as much tropical. Yeah movement. And so the current's not as quick and as fast mm-hmm you interesting. You'll probably see more purposes this time of year. God watch out them purposes was gonna say gotta watch out them purposes. The big jellyfish is best APUS gets all w right. If you get beat up by a dolphin, I'm sorry. yes. I think that's a stay outta line. You know, I, if we were drinking, we would go somewhere else, but I've heard some things about dolphins getting ahold of you. Whoa, wait, have you not heard about that? I, I, my mind, I don't want, let it go there because that's oh, no, that's it. Yeah, no, yeah. Yep. It's true. That's why, I mean, what are y'all thinking about? Exactly? Oh, no, we we're a hundred percent what you're thinking. Well, yeah. That's but I don't think that about that. Yeah. So y'all think about that. No, it actually happens. There's there's news articles about it. That's where the little mermaid came from. Yes Well, no, but what happens under the sea stays under the sea. Oh my gosh. This is gonna need a a little E next to this episode. so, because we're doing 75 hours trying to be healthy. And you just got lit up by a jellyfish. Do you consider surfing as like part of your like exercise or is it just like something you do to get out? Cause I know you run a shit ton. also, it depends on the day. Like if it's big and pumping and like overhead shit like that, then I'm surfing, surfing, and like, I'll be tired, you know, I'll take like a good four hour nap afterwards. Sometimes I'll go to the gym after. But like, if I'm just out there playing around, it's wasted, chest high or something, it's not really a workout, you know, it's. It's a filler, like, I'll go run and then I'll go surf or I'll go surf, and then I'll go run. Okay. Or go to the gym, but you will be pooped. Like, it is very good cardio and like, you know, you're moving shoulders and all that. So it is pretty exhausting. I like it more in the winter when I'm in my winter suit. Cuz then this way I got that, whatever it's called the resistance, that's the yes. The resistance to be able to that's a whole nother animal. So it's kind of workout, you know what I mean? Like you'll see most surfers that surf often like Kelly Slater, other boys, Jack. He doesn't. Yeah, exactly. But he doesn't, he has that lean muscle. He doesn't have that like, oh, well look you muscle. Yeah. You know what I mean? So it does help you build explosive muscle. So I guess it would be 50% workout. 50% leisure. Nice. You surf in the winter. Yeah. Hell yeah. That's the best time cuz people don't know what they're doing. Don't go out because the water is cold and I don't do that. That's why you have a full body seal. That's he away from the, yeah. He's not out there in like a man keen or anything. Like he's do those. Do this things actually. Yeah. Hell yeah. You're warmer than you are right now in it. Yeah. And you know, you're peeing it too when it, it helps you warm. Oh, I'm sure that helps keep you warm too. on a random note. So Kelly Slater being an amazing surfer mm-hmm is actually sponsored by Brightling. And he's worked with them to build like a, a special like surf watch. Yeah. And one of his things is they'd use like ocean plastic and they recycle it and make straps out of it. That's sick. So, so next time the Brightling wrap comes in. You have to ask if later will come in and do an episode with us. Yeah. Ah, man, with a shot, I, I have a brand new Brightling grip, so I don't have that. Ah, I gotta build it up, build it up. Just walk up to take that vicious biscuit. And mm-hmm after 75 hard it's concluded. I mean, technically we can go because they have like, they that's right. Most places now will show you like shelter stuff is I only eat like. On a good day. If I'm working, I'll eat like three meals a day and I still have calories left over, but on like a rush day, like if I go to work in the morning and I wake up late, I only have two. So I'm like, well, if I only eat two meals, that means I can split it up a lot more. And have, you know, Andy PRI says, that's cheating. How is that cheating? You can't just like, save your carbs to have like a banana split at the end of the day. Oh no, I don't say I'm saying like, if my, if my macros work out and I'm like, okay, cool. It's one of those like cheating. I feel bodybuilders that what's it called? It's called a refi. If it fits your macros. Yeah. I think it counts. As long as it's under 1200, right? Yeah. Right. but like this, if it fits you, macros is one way of tracking, like how you're like you taking your carbs and your fat and your protein which is one way of tracking and like eating whatever you want to. But to me, a cheat meal is when you're looking, you're like, let's just go ham going recently. Yeah. Most certainly. And what glorious meals they are. Yep. And another 26 days, maybe 27 for you. Wait, hold on. Sorry. 40, 45. And you're the mathematician in the group. Yep. So Palmer, I was getting get ahead of myself. My question. What do you do as like a workout? Non-workout cause you do like jujitsu still. Well, I used to do jujitsu for a bit and then did Mo Thai and kickboxing with Mr. Y. Yep. But now primarily I'll just do probably. 30 minutes of a walk jog each day. And then I'll do that with like a 45 minute to an hour lifting session. So that's kind, and I'll probably do that like six days a week. Mm-hmm so that's what I'm doing now. And that's just, what's kind of easiest. I'll, I've got boxing gloves and I'll, you know, I'll shadow box a little bit. But I can't say like martial arts is like a huge part of, like, I can't say it's like what it used to be, whereas like a huge part of my fitness, like not so much anymore, I'm just kind of doing cardio and in the gym and stuff like that over at PFI. Okay. So yeah, PFIT fam I ask these like, so people get ideas of other ways to work out. Like I tweaked the mess outta my knee and this is the first day it's been okay in the past, like two weeks, but I still get outside and still walk and get a horrible sweat, cuz I'm overweight going on for 45 minutes. and I know Thaddius when I said earlier, he runs a lot, like the other day, he was like, if you follow him, he, I love his stories. Cuz he posts things like one just fun. But he also posts like things that'll push people like mentally, like if you actually open and broaden your mindset, you can actually take in a lot that he posts mm-hmm like he pushed himself and ran. Was it a marathon distance? I ran 20 miles two weeks ago because I was sparring at the boxing gym. I was doing some sparring and lately I've been puking I'll spar like two, three rounds. And then I'll just profusely vomit. And I'm like, what? The hell's wrong, man? I ain't changing nothing in my diet, nothing. So I wanted to confront that. So I got up at six in the morning with a buddy of mine and I said, let's run 20 miles. And she was like, what? I said, we're running 20 miles. She, you know, I I was like, Hey, you know, you wanna do something great. She was like tough. I said, let's go run 20 miles. She was like what I said, okay. She showed up and did it. And we ran 20 miles and I didn't puke. I was so mad. I didn't puke. Cause I was trying to puke just to see what the hell had a hold on me, you know what I'm saying? And we did the 20 and it was humbly speaking. It was kind of a walk in the park. I was like, what the hell is this? You know what I mean? Yeah. I gonna have puke. when I saw you running, doing that and you post, I was like, something had to be chasing this dude or like, or he was chasing after something. Like, I don't see. That's one thing. Like I avoided like running for cardio because I just hate running. I hate running. Like, unless something's chasing me, like, yeah. That's the only time you're gonna find me really running, maybe doing flag football and stuff too. Well. So that's why like we did jujitsu and like Motown, all that stuff is to get cardio and supplement, but. Mad props for and for running, like, and to wake up just like, Hey, I'm gonna wake up today and run 20 miles. Like that's And to have a friend that joins you. That's awesome. Yeah. Like that's really awesome. Prefaces. He did not just get outta bed and just say, Hey, I'm going 20 miles. He actually runs on a regular basis. So like he has some sort of background in his life of, yeah. Don't everyone listening. Don't just wake up tomorrow and like start rolling 20 miles or do you're gonna do it. See what's going on in your mind. You'll also be visiting the D the di yeah. Getting all the bones fixed in your foot. Yeah, don't pull a Barney since in and be like, huh, I'll go run the New York marathon. Do you guys ever see that episode? Mm-hmm oh my God. So I love how I met your mother as well as Brooklyn, 99, just silly shows based in New York, quote unquote. But he literally, like, one of the guys was practicing and working out and the New York marathon was going on that weekend and he was like, yeah, I can. I bet you, and they were like, ain't no fucking way. So what did you do? He got up ran the New York marathon and got to the end. And apparently if you run the marathon, you get a free like day pass for the sub. So like he went down and rode on the subway because he'd never worked out. His legs gave out and he couldn't stand up. So like he got on the train and like rode it all the way to the end and then wrote it back like three times. And like, there's just clips of him just sitting there and like pregnant ladies walking up. And he is like, I, I can't stand up old lady. He walks up, you know, somebody like with all their groceries. And he was like, and everyone's just booing him. And he finally found his phone and called him. And it was like, that would be my look like if I was like, yeah, I can do this donezo. Well, I did the let's see, like two, was it two or three years ago? I did like the Joco 420 burpees. Yeah. That sucked that. Sucked a lot. And I did not do anything but nap after that. And I was so sore the next day, but that was when I, you know, I'm still, I was still in the workout, you know, routine and whatnot, but boy, nothing. I don't think anything prepare you for just like a four on 20 burpees or 20 miles likes. You're doing anything that many times that is, is gonna kill you. Yeah. Not fun. Don't recommend it, but I mean your mind do it. Yeah. Once a year. right. Yeah. It's once a year thing. I do recommend boxing. Yes. Because that does it, is there a gym around here? Yeah. Right up port. Okay. Yeah's like I thought, cause cuz I grew up on castle street, so I saw it and I'm like, I could have swore there was a boxing gym here. Mm-hmm and then I thought there was a second one, but apparently it's just the same one. Yeah. But did you box before you got here or is it just something you picked up? So when I was younger, my dad told me he had to fight, but he didn't want to put me in boxing because I was an aggressive little child and he was worried I'd get in trouble. And thankfully he didn't, but he taught me how to fight. He taught me how to box. And then one day I was just down here. I was like, man, the waves, aren't what they need to be. Let me just start again. And I was like, so I went down there and I told the coach, I was like, Hey, you know, I wanna fight. He was like, really? I was like, yeah, think so. Why not? So I got my ass whooped for like six months straight by everybody in the gym. Yeah. I mean, beat down bleeding, you name. And then I started fighting and it's been fun. I like it. I do it for fun. Anyone out there who feels proud about themselves or feels like you're on top of the world to go to a boxing gym, you will not feel like that long. No, if there's that you will be instantly humbled and you will feel humbled every single day like that. He said. And if you're very happen to be very athletic, maybe it takes six months. But if you're not, it'll be much longer. Gosh. Well certainly no. The reason I thought about that is cuz. There's a difference between boxing and like MMA fighting mm-hmm so like, when people, like, when you're watching an MMA match, it's like, typically the guys it's either one, he either has a boxing background or like a wrestling background, because one of those you're really good at, and the other one, you're just gonna get your ass handed to you. But Anderson Silva is supposed to fight Jake Paul. Yeah. At the end of October. And I, I was like, this is gonna be so bad. it's gonna be good for Silva because like, cuz since he broke his leg, like that'll at least give him some like something to do, but it'll be an interesting fight. I'm scared OFA guys about what I'm scared of the MMA guys. I ain't gonna lie. I spar with some of I've spar with some of the MMA guys, man, and they can switch dance and stuff. You know, you could get a jab off and keep 'em away. But if they switch that stance to catch with that check hook, you feel it I'm. It's very interesting. I never, and it's funny especially MMA wise and you guys know it depends on what gym you go to as well. So even just in Wilmington, if you're going to like, Brunsons, for instance, it's a lot more stand up there. If you end up going to salty dog with Salter, it's a lot more jujitsu and on the ground and wrestling and stuff like that. So it's just, it's interesting. And then of course, when you're at that high level, then you cross train and everything too, but that makes sense. Yep. Have you fought anybody yet? I spared officially. Oh, I haven't fought anyone. I've sparred with some of Bronson's guys. And I see Salter at the boxing gym every once in a while. Never got a chance to spar him or Brunson. Not saying I want to John. I know what you meant. but yeah, I mean, it's just a whole different animal. Like boxing. I like boxing because I don't like being hemmed. You know what I mean? Like, whatever you knock me out. Cool. I could live to tell about it, but if you put me in some contortion, I'm CR I'm screaming. Somebody get me outta this thing. I don't want to be here. I don't like it here. You know what I mean? Yeah. That's why I chose boxing cuz you know, that makes sense. I could go out on my sword versus on the ground screaming. So now I'm the opposite though, because like every time every, every fight starts on the feet. Yeah. And if I try to stand up with like anyone I'm just like getting pieced out, like boom, boom, boom. Like every jab is like hitting me in the face. Like if I try to like take a step forward, I'm getting like hit in the face and I'm like, all right, we're going to the ground and get outta the way. Or if I'm sparring Palmer, I just hit him with some weird cheeky kick Yeah. That was your, that was kind of your thing. You'd always move in and just like do a calf kick or some shit like that. Which was, was the only thing I had. they're not they're calf kicks are really like, that's something that's kind of come on in the last seen yeah. Three to four years. Really? Like the calf kick has like been prominent. Right. Really? And that's a really. Hard thing to Def, you know, kind of defend, and it's a really effective one. Mm-hmm it can, calf kicks are, I'd say one of the more, I mean, one of the more painful, painful, and just debilitating all those. Yeah. It just works like calf. Like you can just jab, you know, you can jab 'em all day long body, you know, hook to the body or, you know, of course your kidney shots stuff, you know, shots like that, or liver shots, but just calf kicks, like are just, it's like you take it's like how many more can I take? You know? And then if you're hobbling, then you're done, you know, once you're hobbling, you can't walk around. Like you're done. Yeah. If you're front foot is heavy at all and you're getting hit with calf kicks, you're, you're pretty much over with mm-hmm I just feel my calf like cramping up, thinking that, just getting that's what. We need to get you two We need to get you two against each other. I've got, we've got, I've got two pairs of gloves. Like let deer, yeah, we should let you two go at it. Yeah. We'll run after a frustrating podcast. We'll let you guys go in drinking. Yeah, that'd be fun. 40 more days. Right. See, I, I am the face of my side of the store, so I can't go in like busted lips and everything. Like that's what, it's not gonna be that bad. Come on now. It's just Tyler. Right? I can't reach your face anyway. It's fine. On a different part of fitness. I thought of Palmer. When I saw this the other day, I was putting on a t-shirt and on the tag of the t-shirt, you know, how it has like the different countries and it has like the different sizes and everything mm-hmm and at the very end of it. So I was putting on my medium t-shirt and and it makes sense in the story. So. Listen so it had us medium that had whatever for the UK or whatever, and then it had Japan and it said large. And the one thing that like really had me thinking is one, I was thinking Palmer because he loves Japan. Mm-hmm and I see your wife always posting about her dream homes in Japan. Mm-hmm And the other thing I thought of too is the conversation we had the other day on how like mental health has talked about all the time, but not physical health. And I was like, look at this, how, even in Japan there's shirts say like, Hey, this medium in the us is our large. Yeah. Well, I think a lot of that's probably due to like, and I'm not, you know, this is like just the stature. Right. You know, the stature of people, like definitely like me going over Japan, Chris, going over Japan. That is going any of you guys, like going over Japan, like it's, it's different, it's so different. Like you stick out like a sore thumb. And like, I definitely did obviously being like redheaded, just a goofball, but cuz like I was on this, we were on the, the bullet train and like there was a guy just taking a picture of me and I wasn't doing, I think, I, I don't know if I brought this up or not in the last no. Yeah. He just took, he was just taking pictures of me and like I looked over and there was nothing like, it's just the side of the bullet train. So like he has to be taking pictures of me. Like you can barely see Shawnee is on his side cuz he's like a row back on the other side. Right. He's like, so he's literally just taking pictures of me probably, cuz he's never seen anyone like, like me before. Gosh, which I mean, I guess that's kind of cool, but it's kinda like what's he gonna do with those photos? Like but like, well I saw what was Mr. Beast was like in India cuz he has, if anybody knows. I support Mr. Beese cuz he's actually from Greenville, North Carolina. Yeah. Went to ECU, quit that and just followed his dream of just making YouTube videos. And now he has a bunch of sponsors and does stupid, crazy shit. Oh yeah. He has a whole philanthropy channel where he just gives money away. That was actually really cool. He did an episode where he told us guy to just fill up if this much time to fill up the circle and all that, all that stuff's getting donated and fill in his food pantry. I was like, that's pretty cool. Oh yeah. That's but he was in India. Mm-hmm a little while ago. And he was just wandering, walking around and somebody was like, oh, Hey, let me get a picture with you. And he's like, yeah, cool. He took some picture and he is like, oh, do you know me? Cause I, Mr. Bey's like, no, I just wanted a picture with a tall white guy. yeah. I was like it's that to me would be very humbling. Like if you're at the point where like you get millions of views on YouTube and like most people in America. Or have heard of you and you go to another country and they're like, nah, you just were a tall white dude. Yeah. It's like, I dunno, when this opportunity's gonna come around again, hit my iron's hot. Yeah, let's get it. Yeah. He just passed a hundred million subscribers on YouTube and gets hundreds of millions of views every, every month. It's crazy. It's wild. And, and what makes it even more wild is he was he's monetized multiple channels. Mm-hmm so like he actually, as someone he's paid somebody to translate all of his videos to post him on like a different language video or a different language channel. So he is like the Spanish version. He has like the Chinese version. Like someone translates his videos into another language and he post on that page so people can watch him on that. And then he does do a lot of like, like I said, philanthropy, like, he'll go out. If, have you seen his videos? No, not at all. Do you know who, so I'm one of the millions that have had I'm one of the view that have there's a lot of people who don't know him. Okay. But like he does, like, he started out making silly videos of like, Hey, you know, I'm counting to a hundred thousand, literally 1, 2, 3, all the way up. And then his more recent stuff has just been like big productions. Like he blocked off this, his most recent one mm-hmm he blocked off a mall in New Jersey and gave a hundred people, $10,000 said, go hide for 10 hours. And if you survive, you keep your money. And I was like, you did what did some crazy? And literally people like in the mall had like a toys or us. And I was like, wait, that still exists. But as a toys are us, like a ski slope had a water park. Like this place was massive. And he was like, yeah, just, just go hide, survive. He brought in some other people to help him look for all these people. And I was like, that's kind of cool. His dedication is to be the largest YouTuber ever. And he already is, but it's still his goal to keep getting larger and larger and larger. And he doesn't care about money at all. Well, I mean, yeah, at that point, I mean, you're making it hand over fist. So I mean like, you have the option of being like, of making the most absurd the stuff in the world, right? Yeah. So he takes everything. He, he has these other channels to fund his projects on his main channel. Yes. Like that's how much stupid money that he spends on these things. It's crazy the dedication, but to get back on the, the fitness train real quick back to the dedication is one of the reasons I wanted to bring you on Palmer is you had one hell of a fitness journey. Yeah. I so probably at let's see, I moved down here five years ago. So was it 2017? Yeah. Yeah. 2017. Yeah. We were, I was getting ready to move down here. And we were having like a, just a go away party at my house and stuff. And some of my mom was just taking pictures and she took a picture of me and my wife. And after the night was over and stuff, she just was sending me all the pictures and everything she took. And she took a picture of me and I was just kind of, it just was one of those moments where I was just like, man, there isn't like, there, ain't no way. Like, like really, you know, mm-hmm, you know, it was just one of those moments where it was just like, man, I, and of course my wife is a gorgeous, gorgeous woman and she's, and like, I just looked awful on the picture. Like I looked off like, there's really no other way to put it. Like, I looked awful. Like I was trying to like squeeze into like my pants. I was like, it was just not a good look. And so I was like, you know what? Like, I'm moving to the beach. I'm going to, I'm gonna do better than this. Mm-hmm I was like, I'm just gonna do better than this cuz like what's my alternative, like to keep. look like, keep looking like this and then keep like sliding, you know, down. So how'd you feel when you were at that point too, man? I just felt like I was kind of embarrassed. Mm-hmm I think that was, I think I was just embarrassed. Cuz I am, you know, I'm a bit, I'm kind of vain. Like I can be pretty vain and you know, and it's and so like just to, you know, see yourself at that point. And I was just like GE, like I was like, I know the camera adds 10 pounds, but I was like, I didn't add like a hundred, you know what I'm saying? Like that's really me, you know what I'm saying? And so I was just kind of like, I don't know. I mean, I was, I was down like when I saw a picture, I was like, man, like that sucks. Yeah. Like if I saw, if I didn't know who I was, I just saw, you know, this guy look just like me with like my wife. I'd be like, what is she doing with like that dude? Like honestly, like, what is you doing that? Like, what does he like. Yeah. And so I was like, that's just not gonna be me. Like, I'm not gonna ha like, I just don't wanna be, I just don't wanna look like that. And I just don't want, I don't know. It was, it was a lot of looks, had a lot to do with it. Mm-hmm and so when I moved down here, I was like, I'm just not, I'm not gonna do that anymore. Like, I'm just gonna, I wanna change up everything. Yeah. And so when I moved down here I was in sales, you know, like I was selling a couple other podcasts. I was a traveling sales rep. And then with that, like your food options suck cuz like you're traveling and stuff. And so like, you know, so you get the salads, Z's bees and you know, all that stuff, but like still like that's not good food. And so, you know, you kind of make your own meals and just kind of snack on stuff and change your diet up. Cuz when I was going about it, I was like, well, everyone says you can't out train bad nutrition. Right. So I was like, well that's what I need to work on first. Like I need to work on like getting my, you know, at least picking better choices, you know, like eating better. Of course, we move down here. We're poor. So that helps, like, you know, like can't really be extravagant. So like we go to islands and get like, I'd get like the healthiest taco possible for like $2, you know, a dollar after five and all that stuff. And, you know, chicken and rice and a vegetable, like that's, you know, that's all your macro, you know, that's your macros in a, in a nutshell. And so I was just like, this is how I wanna do it. And then and then I got into jujitsu a little bit and did that for a while. And then it's not that I didn't, I liked that a lot. But I just, I couldn't devote like five days a week to it, like, you know, like the kind of the coach and everything wanted it. So like at that point I was like, well, probably need to find something else. And so I just started to lift and then started to, you know, when I met you. Yeah. At Brunsons I'd probably lost probably 40 pounds by the time I came to Brunsons. Oh, wow. Geez. And then I came to Brunsons and then they had the awesome cardio kick boxing class. And that was a lot of fun and that helped a lot. And then I would do that and then I'd lift and, and just, you know, like I said, just eating, just eating. Right. And and so yeah, to date, I've lost a hundred, like a hundred pounds, maybe 105, like give or take. Wow. So, yeah, but it's, you know, there's a lot that goes into it. Mm-hmm, you know, like it's a, it's a, it's a journey. Like, I know everyone wants to see like the after one month and like your two months and you know, like I've lost, you know, X amount of pounds and like, that's all fun. And like, that's really awesome. And that's, it is awesome motivator, but, you know, it's, you kind of realize though, like you're a hamster wheel at that point. Yeah. And like, you have to keep going, like, you know, like you can't just, yeah. I can't just say it's not enforce gum where he just like, stops running. He's like, well, I guess I'll just go home now. Like I'm done. Like, you can't really do that with fitness. Can you? No, not at all. And so now that I find myself on this. You know, giant hamster wheel. Now it's more of like, okay, I've lost. Like I don't really want to lose any more weight. Mm-hmm like, maybe give or take, you know, after I bulk up and whatnot, maybe give or take 10 pounds, but like I'm, I don't need to lose like 20 more pounds. Right. And so now it's like, okay, well what's gonna be like, what's this gonna look like from like my longevity mm-hmm and that's really been a big thing I've been focused about lately. And that's where I've been worried about. A lot of people lately is like with health and fitness, you know? Like what's like, what kinda life do you wanna live? Right. And I think so many people get wrapped up in like, okay, well, fitness is all about looks and it's all about fitting into skin, your jeans. And it's all about like looking good. And yeah, like that's definitely part of it. Like, that's, that's nice too mean. That's real. Like, that's nice. If you wanna look nice. Like, I know I wanted to look nice for my wife. Right. Like that's why I did it. Like, I just didn't wanna look like a marshmallow next to my wife, you know? So like I wanted to look good for her. Mm-hmm and I still want to. But now it's like, you know how, like, what's my physical health gonna look like in 20 years? Like, why am gonna look like when I'm 61, what I'm gonna look like when I'm in my seventies. Right. You know, like how's my body gonna react? Like I don't wanna slip and fall and like, well, boner died because he broke his hip and he just never recovered from it. But like people it's true, you know? Yeah. It happens all the time. So like now it's kind of like, okay, well, how can I, you know, what can I do now? That's sustaining that I can keep doing mm-hmm till I can't know more. And so, and that'll change obviously, but yeah, like it's, it's funny how just kind of like the world, like brings you into places where you need to be that day, because I literally had that conversation with you, we texting back and forth about it and kind of about the physical health. And mm-hmm, just letting people know like, Hey, I care for you. Maybe like we should start working out together, whatever that case may be. Yeah. And I was telling one of my good friends that that we were talking about that and she goes, you know what? I actually have that story. And so after she graduated high school went through some stuff and whatnot. She ended up gaining a bunch of weight and she said that she still looked in the mirror and she was like, damn, I still look good and everything. And then there was one day that she went to been down to pick something up and she said, her body just hurt. She was like, I've never felt this way before. And like finally looked in the mirror honestly, and looked at herself and was like, mm-hmm this isn't okay. I, I don't deserve to feel like this. I deserve to treat my body better than this. And she goes, I just really wish it was okay for people to reach out to someone and say like, I care about you, what you're doing to your body right now. Like isn't okay. Like, Hey, you're still the beautiful person that you are, but like realize the health damage that you're doing to yourself. She goes, I just wish I had someone that was close enough in my life that would've told me that before I got to the point that I was at that point. And she goes, so I, I worked on it myself and showed me like her before and after pictures. And it's just incredible the work that she put in to get to where she was, but it took that point to being hurting in her twenties. Mm-hmm to realize that that's what needed to be done. And that's, that's kind of the part that I kind of thought about. It was like, yeah, it's cool to say, like, I've lost a hundred pounds, but honestly, like I should have never let myself get to the point where I need to lose a hundred pounds. Right. Like within all honesty, like it's, it's cool to say that. And you know, if I ever start a fitness, Instagram page, I can throw it up there, but like, I should have never been there in the first place. I should have never been there in the first place, but I was and you're right, like. You know, you go to therapy and people are talking about like, yes, like you should go to therapy. Like, you know, you're mentally, not all there. Like, you need to figure your stuff out. Like, you know, you should go to therapy and that's cool and that's accepted. But like, if you tell someone like, Hey man, or woman, or, you know, friend, or this or that, it's like, maybe you should like, I don't know, like go work out and like, not eat like shit. Mm-hmm And like, you're a bad guy now. It's like, you're a bad guy. Yep. And it's just kind of, it's odd, you know? And it's, you know, and I get it. It's people's bodies and people are very like, I'm, self-conscious about my body still. Mm-hmm you know, but it's like, you know, it doesn't always come from like this, you have to look perfect and you have to look like an Instagram model. Yeah. And you have to like, be like, you know, BR you know, Mr. Suave or anything like that. Like you just like you're you have a body mm-hmm and like, it needs good food and it needs to be exercised. Yes. Like it's really. It's a non-negotiable, it's a, non-negotiable like, if you have a car and you want to drive it, you gotta change the oil. Mm-hmm you have to put in the gas or plug it in your nearest outlet and like, that's just a part of it. Yeah. You know, but it seems like we've gotten so far away from, I don't know. I, I love the self-love movement. Mm-hmm I think that's good. You do need to love yourself and you do need to like, appreciate you for who you are and whatnot, but that doesn't mean that you can't improve. It doesn't mean like you can't like help your overall longevity cause like what doctor's just gonna be like, you don't need to lose 50 pounds. Like you'll be fine, cuz yeah. That doctor wants to keep saying you, you know, for your heart disease and like all this stuff and on the opposite end of that spectrum too, it's not even just being overweight either because my story is actually the complete opposite, right. Is so when I was in middle school, high school, I was a wrestler during that time when I couldn't wrestle anymore, I did tumbling and gymnastics and everything and that's a whole other workout. I had no idea. Oh yeah. I loved that. I did that for years and really enjoyed it and. Got more muscles doing that than I did for the years and years that I wrestled it was I bet. Incredible workout. And so I was always used to having muscle on me. I ran all the time. I lifted all the time. I was like I said, I tumbled. It was back. Flips, not let's. Lemme see, I gotta see this. We got right. I know. Right. Maybe during the break, we'll be right back and so it's very similar to your story actually. So I stopped doing it. I got married, had kids like all of that stuff and started working more and all of the muscle that I had, I wasn't eating well, I didn't have the right nutrition. I didn't gain weight. I lost a bunch of weight because I didn't have the proper nutrition going in. All of my muscle went to like nothing. I was almost skin and bone. And I was looking back at pictures of Jennifer and I, when we had first met and I was like, holy crap. I used to look like that. Like. I'm in my twenties right now. Like I can get like that. I'm still in my prime. I can get back to that and, and better mm-hmm and so again, it was kind of to your point, too, like there was a, there was a vein aspect to it cuz I'm very similar. when it comes to that too. I'm like, who doesn't wanna look nice. Right. Yeah. And then also my mom was going through a a naturopath program learning about health and everything. And she was like, Hey, did you ever think about like maybe eating these things instead and so at least I had her kind of pointing that out to me and I was like, oh, that does make a difference. So started eating those things, started working out at Brunsons and me and whatnot. And started putting the muscle back on, did 75 hard did even better. And then I started falling off that train again. And then I could tell when I looked in the mirror, I was like, Ooh, I'm starting to get back to that person again. Mm-hmm and then it it's that switch mm-hmm so at least for me, like I was able to see that and then. almost too like my own detriment. I kind of go the other way. Yeah. And start working out a little too much, but yeah. Well, and that's, it can't happen. Sure. And that's kind of the second, you know, another thing that, you know, I kind of got to a point where it was like, you know, you work out, you know, it's like, okay, I can get, I got down to my goal was like 180 5 mm-hmm And I was like, cuz that was cuz that was the hundred pound mark. Right. And so I was like, all right, well I got down to 180 5, like I bet I could go to 180 mm-hmm and it's like, well, that means I'd have to cut about mm. You know, 200 more calories. I was like, eh, I could probably do that. Yeah. And then it's kind of like, oh, I'm at 180 now. But like, and I looked, you know, I'm definitely thinner, you know, you can definitely see my muscle more bras. Like I don't know if I feel that great. And I don't really know if like, if, when I go to the gym, like I'm not really getting stronger, I'm just kind of like hovering around, you know what I'm saying? and so like, and I love me some extremism, so like, that was just like my thing. I was like, I bet I can get down to 1 75 next, you know, like, but you know, and then I actually I just started working with a dietician. Okay. Her name's dietician, Caitlin over in Leland, big shout to to her. She's lovely. She's a wonderful person and lovely. She was like, when, you know, we did our first little talk and stuff. She was like, okay. She's like, well, what are you eating today? And I told her, and she was just like, dude, like, come on. She's like, this is all you're eating in a day. And I was like, yeah. And she's like, you need to like put a thousand more calories on that. Oh wow. And I was like, what? Like a thousand more calories. I was like, I'm already like, you know, like your stomach gets to the point where it's like, I can't eat any, you know, like you're at 1700 calories for the day. Yeah. It's like, I can't really eat anymore. Like I'm done. Yeah. Like I'm full or, you know, I'm gonna get fat, you know, or like whatever. And then so she was like, no, like you're gonna eat 2,700 calories. And like, once someone tells me to do it, like I'm gonna do it. Like, like she tells me to do. She's like, this is what your macros need to be hit. This, this and this. She's like, you'll be fine. She's like, I promise you. You're not gonna put on the weight. I was like, well, you did get your degree in, you know, you know, you're a license, you say something about this. And so I've been I've been kind of working on that for like a month and a half now. And like, she was right. What do you know? Like the bro science, I was wrong. love it. And so like working with someone like her has been huge, but yeah, you're definitely like, you can definitely get sucked down the rabbit hole of like, I can, oh, you ran 20 miles that I could run 25, but you could run 25, you know, where do you stop? You? Don't, you know? And like, where do you, so like, it's important to like pull the reins back a bit, but it's just, it's weird, man. You know, people, when they talk about their health, they get super personal and they, they don't wanna talk about it. But like, if you come at it from like love and it's like, I don't want you to like, be. 50 and feel like you're 70 or like I have a heart attack at 55 or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. You know, like, it's just not like it's not a good road and like all the diseases and stuff that we suffer from. And like, everyone talks about how awful our healthcare system is. Yeah. Which it is mm-hmm but like no one seems to like, want to do like the, the real healthcare, which is like, eat really good workout, walk, get sunlight. Right. And like, do those good things. Like no one really wants to do that. Yeah. Imagine how much less strain would be on the healthcare. If we didn't have so much heart disease that was going, I mean, that's the number one. Like, and then I was reading this thing the other day. It was like 44% of all cancers are avoidable. Wow. Just they're avoidable. It's not, and it's not like drinking from plastic stuff. It's not that stuff that we're talking about. It's just like, just being good to your body. It's like, okay, I'm gonna lift heavy. I'm gonna eat clean food. Like, you know, it's just those things that like never thought of it. Yeah, it's just kind of, it's so bizarre. So anything now that I'm, you know, that I wanna preach to people is like, if I, you know, talk, if I ever have to have a conversation to someone and be like, Hey, maybe you should do this or that, like, it's not coming from like a, you need to look sexier, you know, like you're getting like a tub of LA and like what it's like man, or woman or whoever it's like, you know, like this is for like, like don't you want to like, have a good rest of your life. Mm-hmm I mean, don't you wanna like, be able to like, I don't know, go do stuff and yeah. Feel good afterwards and you know, not be afraid to like challenge yourself. And I think that's another thing, you know, you ran 20 miles, you weren't afraid to run 20 miles. No, you wouldn't be a runner. You wouldn't be afraid to run 'em right now. No And so like, you know, it's, it's like, it's just that, you know, I feel like, I feel like it's weird, but like, as society we're just kind of declining. Cool. it's like, that's why I brought him on. It's just like, we're kinda coasting and it's just kinda like we're okay with just being ho hum. Yeah. It's like why then we talk about like Mr. Beast, you know, like he's not, he doesn't wanna be ho hum. There's really, probably nothing that special about him. Honestly. No, nothing. He's just obsessed. Just obsessed. He's just obsessed. And he's like, I'm just gonna take this and run with it. Yeah. All the people that we talk about, the UFC fighters, boxers, Tyson fur. They're not like any better than anybody else. No. Sure. Being six nine and like Tyson fur and having a wing span, that's like a skyscraper helps. Like he's not any better than anyone else. So like, and I'm not better. Like I lost a hundred pounds. I'm not special. I'm not special. Like anyone can do it. Honestly. Anyone can, it's just flipping the switch. It's just, it's just putting your mind to do it. Anyone can do it. So the question. For you, daddy is, is, did you have that same, like mental? Oh, well I'm I know you posted a picture and you were like, well, you know, I'm a little flubby. I want to trim this up. Was that kind of like, what flipped your switch or are you, cause I know you've, I feel like you've said this before is like, if you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready. Yeah. So what happened for me? I was a little chubby, I'll be a hundred for a hundred percent up front. I was a big drinker. I skateboard and surfed a lot, like my whole life. So I was a big drinker cigarette smoker. Mm-hmm a couple other products, you know, we don't dabble into that. But I just, after, like I went through one of those good heartbreaks, you know, good, good heartbreak. I was like, I looked at myself. I was like, all right, dude, ton to get this shit together. Like, and I did it. Not only because of that, but because we're animals. Yeah. Mm-hmm, like, I think that if people watch net geo and like literally take a whole day and just watch NA geo and watch a pride Alliance, watch a pack of wolves. They're only as strong as their weakest link. So if we went into a room with 10 guys and seven of them weren't capable and it hit the fan, guess what? Ain't going. Only three of us is making it out. And that's how I kind of look at life because he said, you know, going coasting, shit's kind of slowly hitting the fan. Dude. You got dudes that with all due respect, and I don't mean this in any harmful way, but you got dudes that can't let alone get away from a situation like you don't have to necessarily be always a tough guy. You don't have to fight, but let's say something happens. You gotta run. You can't run a mile. You shit outta luck, dude. Yeah. And that, and then the pedigree for the future generations, like if you are in poor shape and you breed with a female, who's in poor shape, what is that doing for our society? That's why, if you look at statues like Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bon apart, all these Romans is Greeks. Dudes are shredded, bro. It's my goal to look like one of them and then if you look at the pictures of art. of the children and the people back then they didn't have much, but they were happy because they realized like, Hey, we're in great shape. We could do whatever we want. People say, oh, aliens built pyramids, alien. Didn't build the pyramids bunch of strong ass dudes who tapped into that spirit, that Tyson fury and everyone else has, are the people who built those pyramids. In my opinion, you know what I mean? Think about it. We all don't know what we're he lost a hundred pounds, right? You lost a hundred pounds. I did. Okay. What possessed you to lose that? A hundred pounds? Not the picture. Not anything else, but you saying, Hey, I'm gonna do this. Yeah. If you tell yourself, Hey, I'm gonna do this. You could do whatever you want. Yeah. It don't matter how you do it. You get it done. It's always funny, Jack. A willing way. Yeah. Like we get the point in society. And it always happens. Like, there's always that wave where the people at the bottom try and reach to the, the stuff that the people at the top are doing. And the people at the top are like, oh, well, everyone's here. So I don't wanna do it anymore. Yeah. And that's kind of what happened. Like, like you said, if you look back in the past, there's a lot of photos. Or there, there weren't photos, but there was drawings. Yeah. Yeah. Of people where the people who were fat are all the rich people and all the skinny people are poor. And then you hit the point where, well, yeah, the poor people find a way to put weight on. And so then they get fat and the rich people are like, no, I don't wanna be like them. That's just not. Right. So then they lose a bunch of weight. And so then it is this always, this trailing trend is to get to look like the next level. And then that person hits and they're like, oh, we don't wanna look like you guys. We were talking about that. Yeah. About capitalism and how everyone's trying to like, be like the, be like the guy at the top. And the guy at the top was like, eh, good try. Now I'm gonna go find something else to do. I mean, like if you look at it too, like all the leaders back then, like all the world conquerors them dudes were 23 years old and shredded you didn't see now one dude take over a country that was. obese. Yeah. Thank you for saying that. I didn't wanna say it gay care, but yeah. You know, and it's not about, it's not about being in poor weight. It's about, you know, for the most part, like the reason I do the stuff I do is mental mm-hmm, it's mental. I don't care what I look like for the most part. You know, obviously I'd be lying if I said I didn't care, but for the most part, I don't care if I wake up and I'm not frazzled brained. I know my workout worked. I think that, you know, people, it's all part of a big plan, man, but we'll have to save that for another episode. You know, you keep 'em dumb fed and weak and they'll never revolt. That's really what it is. Mm-hmm I mean, I think there's a lot probably to that. I definitely think, you know, you know, cons in the conspiratorial spirit you know, like this whole, this, do you wanna say this whole, like self love, like you shouldn't change, they should love you who you are. Like a lot of there's is truth to that. Mm-hmm but you know, in the same breath, it's like. You know, like going back to it, like, it doesn't mean you can't improve upon yourself. Right. And it doesn't mean that you should just accept, you know? I think that's a good thing. I think people accept. There's like, well, I'm just, I'm just 285 pounds. Mm-hmm that's just who I am. Yeah. That's it's like, no, like you're not like, you're not that you could be 2 35. You could be 180 5. You could be 350. Like you're not just gonna be at that weight. You know what I'm saying? Like, it's, you're just not gonna stay there forever. So it's gonna go one or two ways. But I think we've just, I think there's just a lot of accepting, just blind accepting. Yeah. Is really what, and it's like, it's not the he, and it's like, yeah, like you shouldn't made me feel bad. Right. Of course. Like, no one should be like, oh, look that fuck up. You know? Like you shouldn't like, no one should be like making you feel bad. Right. But like, it shouldn't be stopping you from like trying to do, trying to do better. Mm-hmm you know, like. I've talked to some people that are like, well, I don't wanna go to the gym cuz I think people are gonna look at me and judge me. I can promise you as a person that goes to the gym a lot, no one in there cares about how you look. No one cares about how you look because they care so much about how I'm saying like so like, and yes is some things about the gym culture. Like, is it obnoxious? Yes. You're gonna go in there and they're gonna be dudes that are gonna be like showing their abs, flexing the mirror. And you're gonna see girls there they're, you know, lifting their, you know, their pants up and like they're, you know, they're taking pictures for the Instagram. Like you're gonna see all of it speaking 'em at geo and there you go. But go to planet fitness. It's like that's, you know, for $10 a month. But like you go in there, you focus on yourself, you do your work, what you have to do and you get out, you know, mm-hmm, there's obnoxious people in everything. There are people, there are yogis that are obnoxious. There are, you know, You go to the grocery store, you're gonna find people that obnoxious there. Yeah. Like there's, you know, there's obnoxious people in every realm of activity. Right. The gym is no more, but the gym I think gets vilified a lot more. Yeah. Yeah. It's like, oh, that guy can, he's a meat head. Like, look at him with all that weight. He's a meat head. Or then, and then like the people that are the people that think, you know, when they're going in the gym, they're outta shape. They think that other people are calling them like a fat ass or, you know, under their breath or thinking it I'm thinking like good for them. That's what I think every time, like, that's awesome. Like good for you. Like, you know, it's the, but it's the mental. Yeah. It's like we said, if you can get your physical in shape, then you can get your mental. Exactly. But a lot of people are backwards and they're like, well, I can't do either me personally. Like I had multiple people who asked me like, oh, why are you doing seven to five hard? And I'm like, cause I fell like it. Yeah. They're like, that's so hard. I'm like, eh, but is it really? Cuz cuz me I'm. Despite the fact of how I look currently, I went through basic training. I did, you know, workouts multiple times a day and I ate semi healthily. Mm-hmm for a while. And I'm like, I've done it before I can do it again. Yeah. I think if people mm-hmm no one ever thinks obviously somebody does, but like a lot of people don't think that, Hey, you know, back when I was, you know, 25, I was skinnier. I could do that again. They're always like, I was 25, the good old days. Yeah. I'm like, well, yeah, they were good days. I mean, obviously your health hadn't transitioned. Your body was still growing, but like, you can always get back there. Like, do I want to go and workout twice a day? No, no. Hell no. How many times, if you see my Instagram, they're almost every single night. My second workout is after 10 o'clock. Yeah. Have I like taken an appetizer. Yes. And like still got up and said, all right, I still gotta go do another workout. Yep. Like you just have to do it, like nothing to it, but to do it exactly it accountability. People don't wanna be accountable. And to the people in the gym that are like, you know, the bigger people or the people that are like, oh, I don't wanna be in there. No, one's looking at you. If anything, you're giving a lot of the guys who are in shape motivation because the guys like, like me, if I don't wanna be in the gym, I really don't wanna be there. But I go, and then I'll see like a little later, like a bigger person or like someone that's not in shape trying to kill. And I'm like, yeah, you go, you bastard. Cause now I gotta go because you know what I mean? Do you, so I think, and Chris, you hit on, do you like working out? Yes and no. I like running. I like the boxing workout, but like lifting weights and stuff. I'm not. I mean, I'm not shredded, but like, I don't like lifting weights. I don't know what it is. It's just like, see I'm the opposite. So I hate running with a passion. I even hate jogging with a passion, but 75 hard. I, I do it. Yeah. Because you just can't lift the heavy weights that I like the lift twice a day, but I, I do enjoy lifting. It's very therapeutic for me, but, and you do you like any of it? Oh, I'll do everything except for running, but that's also because I'm overweight. So like, my knees really can't handle it. You said you do it, but do you enjoy it? Do you enjoy it? Who fuck? No one enjoy. I'm like, but like, I just don't enjoy running. Like I got out the other night and my dumb ass put on like some DJ coed, like old, like early two thousands. And despite the fact that my knee is like burning from the inside, like I'm laying on my back. I walked outside. The song came on. I said, oh fuck. And I just started like high speed for me, like a run to the industry. And I was like, let's go, let's go. And I got to the end. I was like, okay. and I still had like 30 minutes left in my workout. And I'm, and it's one of those things. You just, even if you hate doing it, you need to do it as a kid who wanted to eat fucking broccoli. Yeah. Mm-hmm nobody. But I mean, besides that a lot S yeah, but like you was just built, there's always something that you, that you're supposed to do. And you're like, I don't want to do it. Okay. There's a lot of shit I don't want to do, but you need to do it. Yeah. Like I don't wanna work out for 45 minutes and my leg hurts or like you get to the gym and you're like, oh, that's a bad day. Okay. Well, it'll be done at this time. Yeah. Like you gotta, you gotta, you know, put in the. Otherwise, like it's not gonna get done. Yeah. You're buy, you're paying rent for yourself. It's it's, like I said, it's like nonnegotiable. Like I don't enjoy it. Like I can think of a lot of things I'd rather do than run. Sure. You know, there's a lot of things I'd rather do than go lift, but I don't, you know, there's really no option. Like I said, like, you have to do it like it's rent, like yeah. And I think that's just a big part of it, you know? And it's nice. I'm my own boss, And so like, I can go to the gym at two o'clock in the afternoon. Like I get that I'm spoiled to have that, you know, kind of that, you know, leisure time, but everyone has time their day to devote 45 minutes themselves. Absolutely. In a shot and wake up earlier. Yeah. Like everyone I know with our, with phones and stuff, like we waste so much time. Mm-hmm we waste so much time. And so I know that everyone has 45 minutes. To do something positive for their body. Like Chris, how much less time are you spending on your phone since doing 75 hard? Hmm, not much. dude, I can't, I, I couldn't spend as much time on my phone or really doing anything. That's not worth it, but, but see like, but that's the thing, my I'm doing stuff on my phone that like produces mentally new things for me. So like every day I'm trying to learn something like I'm watching videos on watches, cuz I sell a bunch of watches. Right. Or like I'm to be completely honest, part of the reason why I get out and do it and like walk outside is cuz I, I told my wife, I'm like, you know what? I'm downloading Pokemon go. Cuz it forces me. And everyone's like, oh you're, that's so stupid. I'm like, no, Hey whatever, get you outside, man. It gets me outside. But also it tracks how many, like I have it set up. So I play with this dude. And as soon as I, I start walking at the end of the week, it says, Hey Chris, you walk this far. Oh, you've put this many miles in this many kilometers at the end of the week, you know, here's, here's a reward. So I mean, I am on my phone doing that. Yeah. And it distracts me because I'm sitting there and I'm walking, you know, at a decent click, just playing on my phone and I look down, I'm like, oh, well it's been 45 minutes. So yes. I don't like going outside, but you can't tell me that, oh, I'm a nerd. And I like playing video games. It's like, what? Get your ass up and put a game on your phone and you'll be distracted. It's like what Anne first said too, when we had her on a couple weeks ago is like, sometimes you just have to gamify it. Yeah. But with that being said, here's another first for the podcast. This is gonna be a two parter. And we're gonna take a break right here and get new drinks. Yep. See you soon. So, yeah. Thank you guys for coming on. And we'll continue this talk to something a little bit more random in our next one. But thank you everybody for listening and you know, check out Thad on his Instagram. He has always posting silly stuff. As well as some motivation and check out Palmers page, he doesn't post that much, but his wife. Channel that we post will add in the show notes is actually really cool. Just seeing different photos and different points of view around the world. But yeah, give us a follow, give us a like and a five star review. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all, but we do like five star reviews on, on the major podcast entities. But yeah, have a good one. Cheers.