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Health, Fitness, and The CrossFit Difference with Ann Fuerst (never second)

August 31, 2022 Anne First Episode 30
Whiskey & Wisdom
Health, Fitness, and The CrossFit Difference with Ann Fuerst (never second)
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Ann Fuerst she is the owner and operator of Essential CrossFit in Portnersneck in Wilmington, NC. In this episode we talk about, the importance of health and fitness, connecting to your why in any goal you set for yourself, and learning how to not fear failure.

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What we're sippin' on this week: Water
As some of you may know, Chris and Tyler started 75 hard early August. And during these 75 days we have given up drinking alcohol and drinking a gallon of water a day in replacement. But don't worry we'll be back giving whiskey reviews in October!

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Welcome back everybody. To the whiskey and wisdom podcast this week we bring on and first she's never second to a podcast. She's the owner of essential CrossFit. And what nothing. Oh. And because we are doing 75 hard still this week, we're doing water and wisdom. Just because, you know, I have not reached my gallon of water intake for the day I have in there. So we're just gonna be drinking some water which is what everyone should do. They suggest a gallon of water for your big people. I think technically it's like so many ounces per whatever you weigh, but a gallon's a good number. That's great. Yeah, I think that I'm really doing a similar challenge. That's not 75 hard, but we're gonna be running, running through the gym as well. Next month for start for our members. But so I'm doing like a test run of it now. Oh yeah. It's a month long. And so each day we're also supposed to drink a gallon of water. See, hopefully it'll get rid of my headaches and gimme better skin. Yeah. Ann has her a big thing of water here too. Mm-hmm so we're all drinking as much as we can. Cool. Well, we're running cheers on some water bottles. Cheers. Yeah. Plastic doesn't cl as well. I know. I like, I can't get that clip in sounds so good in the beginning of our episodes. But yes, Anne, tell us a little bit about yourself. Gosh, it's, it's kind of funny now because we used to live right by the gym in Scott's health. So my husband and I, and our four. Ages 10, 9, 8, and six. We lived very close and we sold our giant, you know, house on forage stamp yard. Mm-hmm we had amazing neighbors, just really cool little neighborhood around there. But just kind of felt like we needed a little more space to spread out. And now we live on a 30 acre farm in Rocky point. Oh, wow. Yeah. And it's cool. Like we have little teeny house and all this land and the kids are always outside playing and we have six pigs and 10 chickens and eventually we'll have some goats and hopefully cows too, but we're slowly getting that going. Yeah. So that's like kind of the, I don't know, kind of crazy thing that we did last year. I can't have my wife listen to this episode now because she's she's yeah. She's been wanting to start a homestead and everything, and she wants A cow named Bessie. Nice and moved to Rocky point. play on the lands. The only place where there's land left around here. Yes. Well, no, everyone like moves to Hamstead or Leland mm-hmm and I'm like, y'all, aren't thinking far enough in advance. Mm-hmm if you move to Rocky point now and buy, you know, 10 to 20 acres for the price of your house in Wilmington. Yep. Well then you're ahead of the curve and you can build your space out and then you can eventually sell it to somebody if you want to. Yeah. How are the kids enjoying the smaller house in more land? It's funny. They they've adjusted to so many different things and changes over the past few years with everything, you know, it's been going around the world and I see they seem fine. They seem happy. They enjoy like taking care of the animals and run around outside and yeah, that's fine. You know, we even kind of got there in the middle of winter. We finally moved in and it didn't seem too cooped. Like we. We actually live in a single wide, like six people. So, oh, it would seem like it's super crowded, but it doesn't ever feel like that. Yeah. That's good. Maybe as the kids get a little older, they'll start to move up, you know, someday we'll build, we're just not quite there yet. Yeah. I was gonna say six people. We, I lived in a double wide with six people and that felt crowded and I'm like, I, were you all older? Yes. I think don't think back too far. Well, this was like when I first went to high school, so like 14 through 17. Yeah. And so actually, I mean, we lived there longer than that. Actually it probably middle school too, but all of my siblings, it was me, my sister's 18 months younger than me. A stepbrother was six months younger than her mm-hmm and then my youngest sister was like five years younger than me. So we're all like teenage. Yes. And so I'm like. I think that's the age, like, especially like heading even into middle school, right. Kids start to feel like they need a little bit more privacy. Yeah. And so we're not feeling like pressured to do anything anytime soon, but time. Yeah. We've got a little bit of time, but not too much. yeah. Like, I guess I should start saving so we can prep to build mm-hmm So are you and your husband from this area? No, we're originally from Cleveland, Ohio. Oh, okay. So what brought you down here? I think ultimately it was weather. Yeah. We, I understand that our youngest was now our youngest, our second youngest was born in a blizzard in March. Oh, the end of March. Right. It's like, Nope. Okay. Of snow. And so it's always a he's it's a funny story. His his birth is just interesting. I was actually in the middle of a CrossFit workout when I went into labor. Oh my goodness. yeah. And I'm like, well, this is the third kid. some look, right? It was the open in 2014. Oh yeah. Wow. Res and bar facing burpees. And and this is my third kid. So from familiar with CrossFit and like women CrossFit and the whole being thing. But oftentimes it's an issue. And so I'm working out, I'm like, gosh, I'm like, that's not me. And it wasn't like, like my water broke, but it wasn't like a huge right thing. But I'm like calculating, you know, having been through this before a couple times how much time I have. Right. And so I called my husband. I'm like, Hey then my water just broke. I'm gonna finish this workout. determination. Yeah. Come home, take a shower. Then we're gonna stop and get cheeseburger, cuz they're not gonna eat the hospital. Right. I won't go to the hospital. Have this kid and it almost went down like that. Except that, I guess when I took a shower, they didn't think that my water broke by the time I got to the hospital, they're like, what year? We don't see anything here. And they sent us back home. Oh, no, by the time we got there, the first place, it was like, we got there maybe three and they made sleep about five. And then it took us like the hospitals only like 15 minutes away from us. Mm-hmm it took us an hour and a half to get home. Oh. And by then my contractions. Yeah. Cuz all the snow by then, my contractions were like two to three minutes apart. and I called my doctor. Cause there was a doc hos doctor there. You gotta go home. Okay. And she was like, oh yeah, you need to go back. So finally get back to the hospital, like nine o'clock at night. And he came like three hours later. Oh wow. what a whirl went. yeah, it was a good one. It was a good story. But you finished the workout, finished the workout. I think it took me like 33 minutes and like, like legitimate CrossFits probably finished in like. Seven. Right. You know, that's amazing though. I mean, how many people have that story? I mean, you were also pregnant doing the open workout. Mm-hmm so you have a crossroad gym. Mm-hmm I'm gonna go throw it back a little bit. What got you into CrossFit? Well, I was also pregnant in 2011. I, I always told my kids I'm like, I was pregnant for like five years straight. So it's like pretty much most of the story of my recent life. Right. In 2011 and my husband and I were watching the CrossFit games, he's like, watch this CrossFit thing. He's like, looks really cool. I'm gonna try it. And I'm gonna giant belly on the couch. Like give some Cheetos or something. This is crazy people like hitting stuff with sledge hammers and climbing ropes. I'm like, I could never, I could never do that. I, I was always athletic. Yeah. Play sports in college and. I ran a lot, even my first pregnancy, I ran pretty much up until my due date, but I was like, I don't, I don't know about this. Like I, upper body strength was never a thing. And he used to work offshore my husband. Mm. Okay. And so he'd be home for a month and gone for a month. Yeah. And then, so we had my daughter in September of the 2011 mm-hmm and he got to stay home for six weeks instead of four weeks, which was like a trip, you know, I was like, okay, cool. And then he went back to work. I'm like, okay, well, he's gone like sneak do go do this CrossFit thing while he is gone for this month. And then he comes back on, be all like pumped up or, you know, and it worked, you know, I went to a gym nearby, awesome people outside of Cleveland and this gym called CrossFit spirit. and just wonderful coaches, you know, worked with me kind of easing back in after pregnancy and things like that, but very conscientious of form things like that. And you know, a month later I felt like I was like strong. Yeah. You know, not just like not pregnant anymore. Right. you know, I, I felt like core strength and things that as a runner or I've played soccer too in, in college, like you just don't work on that kind of stuff specifically. Mm-hmm correct. And then CrossFit everything's core to extremity work. So breathing and embracing properly is so important and really transfers into so many different things to do so. So I got, you know, industry CrossFit shape and, and then I actually tricked my brother into doing it and he is also he's seven years older than I am. And this was like, this was our, we opened a gym together in Ohio. Okay. Okay. My husband and I, my brother and sister-in-law. And whenever I would tell the story, when we opened our gym, this is the story I told. So I tricked my brother and Judy CrossFit mm-hmm and I had been doing it for like two weeks and, and he's very competitive. He's a wrestler and went to the army and all that kind of stuff and was always very athletic. And we were playing soccer together at this little indoor place in Cleveland. And he was kind of little dad bod going on and and I played a ball to him, was like, from here you a couple feet away. Yeah. And he, he couldn't get to the ball. And I was like, what are you doing? Gotta make that run. And he looked at me just like, in this, this look of despair on his face, like, I can't, like, I'm just tired. Mm-hmm you know, and it broke my heart. It, my big brother looked out to him my whole life and yeah. And so I just thought, like, there's something, you know, he's gotta, he's gotta try this, you know, So we're sitting around the table at Thanksgiving and I'm like, Hey I really wanna try this CrossFit thing, but I don't wanna go by myself. I'm, I'm nervous. I'm scared you, you go with me and I'd already been going to this other gym. Yeah. For like two weeks. And I'm like, I think you'd really like it, you know, it sounds cool. It's like kind of competitive and you'd like, excited me. I was like, Hmm, this is in 2011. You know, CrossFit constantly varied functional movement. He's like, that sounds cool. he's like very analytical. Yeah. And he's like, sure. I I'll go. I'm like, okay, look, there's gym called CrossFit independence. Cuz I didn't want them to know me. Right. Yeah. Mm-hmm they have you know, this intro class on Monday nights, like they're on ramp. Yeah. We can go. I think it's Mondays and Wednesdays at like seven. We can go and you know, we'll go do it together. He's like, okay, sounds good. Sunday. He calls me. And I'm like, Hey, what's up? he's like, so about this CrossFit thing, I'm like, yeah. You know, cause I've already been going for two weeks and if you've done CrossFit before, you know, like no matter what fitness level you're at, it's like the Marines of fitness. Yeah. Like they break you yes. Break you down and rebuild you. And it it's all for the better, but you have to, to learn that, like the things you knew before about fitness, probably even aren't, aren't really that true. Right. So he's like so can we maybe start next Monday? And I'm like, sure. I guess why what's up? Just like, I'm gonna this week I'm just gonna go and like do some jogging and some some pushups and I'm like, okay. Yeah man, we can start next Monday. That's cool. And so we went the next Monday and you know, he barely makes it through the first regular. Awful so hard, whatever. And then you, the second time beer makes it to his second workout, but he does, you know? Yeah. And he's like, it looks like, you know what you're doing? I'm like, ah, I kinda went to this other place a little bit. And, and and so that was, you know, two weeks, whatever Thanksgiving. And I mean, by Christmas, he'd lost like 20 pounds. Oh, wow. Sure. I mean, it, it probably, you know, I don't say it saved his life, but it, yeah, definitely, definitely a huge impact. Yeah. And then Christmas was sitting around talking he's like, so you know about this CrossFit thing. I'm like, I really like it. He's like, and he's very entrepreneurial. Yeah. And he's like, so, you know, I think we should, I'm like open our own gym and he's like, yeah, we should do that. And five months later we did and, oh my goodness. You know, first month we had like 10 members next six months, we had 50 members and then we celebrated a hundred members and we was just like, That's insane. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. And so he still owns a portion of the gym we decided to, to, you know, get outta Cleveland, cuz it was just, we couldn't handle the cold anymore. Yep. and you know, so he's still involved there, but I think eventually they're gonna move down down this way too, so. Oh, cool. Yeah. So that means you guys definitely need to open a CrossFit gym closer to my house. But you guys did your CrossFit gym in Cleveland and then how'd you pick Wilmington? Like was it, oh, Hey, you know, let's open up a gym somewhere or you were, you were doing the whole scroll down the map and be like, oh, there's a town that looks pretty. Yeah. And we, we didn't really have the plan of, of opening another gym here for sure. Mm-hmm it was mostly just to, we wanted to be some place by the water. And at the time when my husband was traveling for work, he could be anywhere. Okay. It didn't really matter. And I've worked remotely for different companies since like 2009. So was like, COVID working from home. Like, this is like what I do, right. Normal So we knew we could go anywhere. We looked we looked here, we looked in Florida, we looked in Texas a little bit and we just said, well, let's go to Wilmington. Looks good. yeah. So here we are. And then, you know, we, we went to a lot of different gyms in town and awesome people, you know, and great communities and just, wasn't quite like our gym is really family friendly. We offer childcare when we. We don't have a like regular person, but we, we offer what we can and then we have a lot of family type events. Okay. So like the 4th of July thing, we had like this giant bounce house and like, oh, that's neat kids kind of stuff. Same thing for, from her. We had a bounce house and like, we did have childcare for those two events and just try to foster an environment of family based fitness mm-hmm so we run a kids' obstacle course program. That'll start back up in August 28th. Oh, that's neat. And those are Sunday afternoons. How old do they have to be? They, the youngest we've ever had was like four. Okay. And then we, I just asked that parents kinda like help them around course when we're doing that kind of stuff. And then we have up to like tweens and we just kind of separate those classes. We've found too, like as a big family. Mm-hmm, it's difficult when. You wanna do something as a family, but then like this class times for this kid this time. Right. And this class. So we let people with different age kids come to class together and we'll just separate them, not even necessarily by age, but more viability. Right. And so we have three coaches usually at every class and just kind of partition the kids off into different groups so that they can be with kids that are like wise, you know, skill, weather levels and things like that. So we have three classes, 12 30, 1 30 and 2 30, 2 30 is full with 20 kids in it. Wow. Mm-hmm and so we're still, we still a couple spaces left in the other two, so it's and so fun. So we usually have like a culminating event at the end of every season. So it's eight weeks. And then at the end of the eight week season, we'll go to our race. So in the spring season, we went to the Fayetteville, Spartan race, and we had like 50 people. Oh, wow. All wearing like a central CrossFit trip. Yeah. It's really cool. And then this time we're gonna go do there's a race in Myrtle beach. I just found it actually. Cuz there's a Spartan race too in Virginia. So the weekend before Halloween and I was like, ah, it's four hours away. about that. Well, like have to plan and maybe people wanna camp or something, but this one's just down in Myrtle beach and I, I forget the name of it. I'd give them some props too, but there's a Myrtle beach Barton race the weekend before Halloween. And I just wanna go down there and do that one cause it's like, people can make it a day trip a little bit easier. And then hopefully someday, well, like we have 30 acres, you know, Rocky pointly we could build something out there. Oh that race out that way. I was gonna ask that because there's always Spartan races in these random, well, they're not really random, but they're like never here. Right. And I was like, why doesn't Wilmington have a Spartan race? But I'm assuming it's cuz there's no one who's. Has the space and, or has built the course. Yeah. And it's, I guess it's interesting here too, because there's the elevation is mm-hmm not so great flat, right? Yeah. Right. So there might be some places like down in Leland or something where there's more, you know, difference in elevations there, but here it would be like, you'd have to go make Hills right. so I think that might be a challenge, but one of the things that we have done at the gym too, is that Spartan has their own version of like functional fitness and they call it DECA. And so we had our first DECA event in June. That was really fun. And so it's like DECA, shorted, Kathline, there's like 10 different stations. And so we had like 80 people at that thing. It was so cool. That's neat. I mean, we had this girl, Tara Jackson, she trains in town. And she was trying to break the world record. I think she was like 12 seconds off of it. Oh my goodness. but it was really hot too. So I was like, sorry. It was, it was cool. You know, see people like that, finishing these 10 stations and the one that we did, there's a couple different versions of it. Some it has running in it. This one we did is just the 10 stations. Mm-hmm and she did it like 12 minutes and 40 some seconds. Geez. And I did it like 23 minutes, you know, like, wow. You know, just people are so fit. She ran in college and stuff. She's wow. She's got, so if you ever look for a personal trainer, I think she trains people too. I think she does. Yeah, but she's, she's a cool chick. And it was, it was just amazing to see people performing at that, like, you know, in the zone, just like amazing AutoZone I saw you guys were doing that too. I wanted to come out, but then I was somewhere else. I think I had to travel somewhere, unfortunately that weekend. Cuz that that's more my level cuz when it comes to running for the actual like Spartan race. Yeah. That that's where it like trips me up. See on the running. Right. But the decade thing is a lot more my speed. We're gonna try to do another one hopefully before the end of this year. So cool. Yeah. We're actually like a DECA affiliate and now there are a couple of DECA affiliates in town, which is cool too. Oh, wow. So you'll start to see more events like that popping up November 12th. That's when you want it. Yeah. Okay. I'll see if it's open. are you gonna come? I'll show up. I'll support. Okay. For sure. You guys can set up your yeah, you'll bring up two chop. I will most likely not be participating right commentary, but after 75 hard you'll be so fit. You'll be ready to go. No, no. So we were talking about this earlier is like, it's so hard for some people it's like, I personally just don't like working out. I know you need to do it to like, get there. Mm-hmm and then you'll, once you get over the hump, mm-hmm, you'll be better off for it. But like, my wife has like this beach body, like muscle burns, fat or something like that. And then she was like, oh, here, this should be easy. Go ahead and do it. And I was, I was like, Nope, I, I was doing it, processing it. And I'm like, I am so old. My hip does not like this. And because when I was younger, I had done some workouts and stuff. So I knew like some forms of like how you should properly hold yourself up and move in different angles. And I'm just doing this stuff. I'm like, no, But I need to go in front of another person, cuz my, I know my hip is going the wrong way or I'm gonna break something in me. So eventually I'll, I'll get back into, I'll find a coach. I say, that's why I need to coach or other people to be around you and everything like that. Yeah. I think that a lot of people are like that too. Right? Like they do not like working out. There are a lot of people who don't like eat vegetables, right? Mm-hmm but if you want to be successful at things like, you know, what are you learning through 75 hard, you can do hard things and all you have to do is make it habit. Right? Yep. Right. So we actually use program and put it all out there every once in a, anything are a gym we? The programming that we use for our gym is called street parking. And I specifically chose it as I was looking at different programs to like I knew I didn't wanna write the programming cuz one, I don't have the time commitment. And although I have an L three CrossFit certification, like, oh wow. Been doing this for 11 years now. Mm-hmm I don't consider myself an expert programmer. Mm-hmm there's just too many different things to think about. There's too many movements I wouldn't even consider. Right, right. Yeah. I don't wanna do that. And so there are lots of different programs out there, like may ham and Vitus, and you, you see people doing things like comp train and, and they're awesome, but that's not who I'm trying to reach. Right, right. I'm trying to reach people who otherwise might be intimidated by CrossFit. Yep. So street parking is I guess a group of like 30,000 athletes worldwide and written by hu and, and Miranda Alka as they were games, athletes years ago. And now they have three kids and they UN they just understand a wide. Diverse group of people, every workout that they post every day has a dumbbell version, a Barb bell version, a sandbag version. Wow. And then usually some kind of unweighted version or like super scaled version. So it doesn't matter what level you come to us from. Like, we can make an accommodation to scale that will suit your needs. Right. And I think that like, again, CrossFit has like this kind of intimidating reputation. Yes. And it's, it's sad because people watch the games. They're like, like I saw they're going. I could never do that. Yeah. but I mean, and I have a different mindset, so I was like, but I'm going to mm-hmm right. And, but not every everyone thinks that way. So our goal is to make it like the, the lowest barrier of entry. So you look at the board and it says, pull ups. And you're like, I gonna do pull ups. You don't have to do pull ups. So we're gonna show you how to do a ring row or how to do an invert grow or a Barb bell bent over row. There's a million different things that we. To scale to give you a similar stimulus and still have that workup be challenging for you. So you say it's like, everyone's here, everyone's here is doing the same thing. Well, we're not really doing the same. We're all doing different things. kind of the same way. So like you'll come and look at at our gym and you'll see people almost looking like they're doing different workouts. So most of the days now, like I've had this, this wrist thing since the open cuz wall walks and I, you know, Colleen and Sean at paramedic next door and they're amazing. But so I've been trying to do things to spare my wrists mobility. So like I almost always selected dumbbell workout. If anything is overhead right now, right. To, to spare that. And other people in class will be doing a barbell workout. And we really try to make sure that people understand that scaling is, is part of growth. It's not, there's nothing bad about it. There's gonna be like ashamed about it's it's how you get. Where, you know, this guy in the gym who's lifting a million pounds is, you know, like yeah, you have to, you know, figure out where you are in your finished journey and we help meet you there. Nice. Is that why there's able to be so many different CrossFit gyms in an area cuz everyone's using different programs? Yeah, I think there's a lot of reasons why there are D at many different, well, first of all, there's a, it's an affiliate model. It's not a franchise. Sure. Yeah. So there's no like necessarily like any geographic, you know, territory protection. Mm-hmm in an area. I mean, CrossFit will look at you and say, well you're right next door to somebody. We wouldn't let you open another CrossFit. Like they're not that crazy. Mm-hmm but yeah, I think lots of gyms have different focuses too. Like some might have a slightly more competitive angle. Like ours is like our big thing is like family it's really important to us. And then kind of casting the widest net of fitness mm-hmm And so I think everyone kind of puts their own spin on it. And that is what makes it so unique. CrossFit's doing a lot of rebranding, you know, and, and marketing support now that they didn't do before. Okay. Which is kind of cool. Mm-hmm so they've in the last, like a year and a half, they put out this affiliate playbook helps business owners. Right. Cause we're not just, we're not just gym owners. Like this is a business and you need to make money at it. right. And so they're trying to put those tools in place and systems similar to what franchises have, and it's not free. Right. Mm-hmm so if you, if you wanna, if you wanted to, I would imagine that some point they're gonna be like, here's all this stuff that are systems that would be like a franchise and you could put it all into place and it would cost like a franchise would. Right. But if you don't wanna do that, do your own thing. And so you paid the affiliate fee and then you get to kind of pick and choose and things like that. So. I think they're, they're going toward maybe not necessarily affiliate model mm-hmm but putting those things in place so that people feel as business owners more supported. Yeah. So it's trying to put out like a media kit. So you have like graphics and like things like that, that you can use on a regular basis. And the playbook kind of tells you a little bit about like operations for your business and things like that. And they have really come together some like really good partners in, in the network to get us discounts on like Albert's company hybrid is in the affiliate partner network. So that's pretty, pretty cool that they're doing that now. That's yeah. Yeah. So you don't, you told us the story about your brother, but what, what makes working out so special to you? How has it changed your life specifically with CrossFit? It keeps me motivated like. Going to see my people. Yeah. You know, so we first moved here and we went to a couple different gyms and things like that. And I, I like to perfect. Mm-hmm, different parts because in crossfire like a generalist, right. You like do a lot of different things, really average mm-hmm And so I wanted to get better at, at lifting. Right. I went and got my U S a w L one. And before that I sought out Wal Newbar with Wilmington weightlift club. And I was like, Hey, Wal, can I come train with you for a little bit? Like, I need, I need, there are a few things I need to like brush up on and I could spend years here and not get good at dance at this. But, you know, he's got amazing athletes that come out of there and win the American open and all kinds of stuff like that. Wow. So I trained with Walt for a little while and, and he said to me like, you know, I'm like, I just came here and I don't. Like know anybody and like, I even went to a couple of gyms and like, I just haven't found like people yet. He's like, well, you know, and past in your, in your life, like where have you found your friends? I'm like I don't know, like CrossFit and church yeah. And he's like, all right. He's like, well, he's like come to church with us sometime. And you know, he just had Abby McGee on the other day, Salton charm. Right? Oh, we had Matt Ray with Abby. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yes. So we, that was rock church that Abby's oh, okay. Brother used to be the pastor, Evan. They've since closed, but we, we went to rock church for a while with them and kind of, you know, got connected with a really amazing group of people there. And and like I said, just didn't Jim wise feel like we have some awesome friends, like the owners across Wilmington, two of my best friends. But just we're trying to create something a little different. And so now we. Now we have it. Yeah. That's really cool. Yeah. So for me, it's CrossFit, cause I used to run marathons. Okay. I did them with the team in training the leukemia society. Yeah. And so it was a group of people, right. That we came together, common purpose were raising money, call to action mm-hmm And those people were kind of my people for however long. And I was like, I think I'm just like tired of running but the leukemia society is an awesome organization and team and training is got, you know, got people into running. Right. Like CrossFit has gotten people into, you know, like weightlifting or, you know, anything else like that different kinds of functional fitness. And so for me really, it's been, you know, getting, getting to know people and also making it more purposeful. So like we do stuff for a reason. Right, right. So like we had our event on 4th of July weekend. It was for operation underground rail. Who does things all over the world to yeah. You know, save people from human trafficking and, and make people aware of the signs of it and things like that. Mm-hmm last year we did am rap for autism. We did a fundraiser for the pretty pink foundation and there's just like, like the Phoenix event, like there's so many ways to make it more about just working out. And I think that's, that's, what's magical about it for me. That's really cool. Yeah. There's a, or at least I haven't seen too many places that have those programs based around something that's giving back. I think that's really cool. Thanks. So I try and ask us a random question each, each podcast. So mine for you is what is your favorite and least favorite workout? That is not a burpy Did you know that I really like burpees. No that's either people like them or they hate them. yeah. It's funny that use them don't pay burpees cuz I to SP buries just because like when I've done them, I let's be real. I'm kind of tall. Yeah. So when I go up really high and then really low, like the blood from up here does not stay in my head, so I get lightheaded and I'm like, but go ahead. A workout overall or a movement. I mean I think, well, I have like one of my favorite workouts was that open workout. Okay. Mm-hmm and there happened to be burpees in, it was thrusters and bar facing bures so, I mean, I don't love thrusters, but that's just such a great memory. I don't know. I mean, I guess I enjoy like snatching. Okay. Mm-hmm now like single arm, like dumbbell stuff has become really popular lately. I think some of it had to do with like, you know, COVID and people were working out from home membrane. Got, just got dumbbells. Yeah. But they've had like dumbbell snatches in the open the last two years now. Oh, wow. Yeah. So I like that. I love double unders mm-hmm that's probably one of my favorite things to do. I'm I haven't tried the double under crossover yet, but I'm gonna I'm not coordinated to pull off a double under really like continuously. Like I, cuz every time I see people do them, I'm like, all right, you get that good repetition. And I'm like, well I did two and now I gotta restart that's practice, man. Yep. Practice thinks perfect. Mm-hmm that's what it's about. Mm-hmm at least I know what a double under is. That's true for the people and that's literally because despite my amazing body of DSIS, what, so what is, what's a double under for. Non yeah. For a non CrossFitter. Or we had like all kinds of like jump rope champion people come and help us too. Yeah. And they need to find some people in town cuz it's really neat to connect, to like jump rope teams. Yeah. And they show you things and you're like, whoa, do that. But for every one time you jump the rope passes under your feet twice. Mm-hmm it can be difficult to count. So last times they tell you to like, listen for the sound of the rope when you're like judging someone in the open or something like that, so that you can understand whens to count the rep. And it's, it's really a matter people say like you don't have to jump higher. Kinda do mm-hmm yeah. Cause you used to be up mm-hmm all enough. It's longer. Right? Yeah. And so by necessity, you can't stay as low to the ground as you can for a single under mm-hmm so increase the amplitude of your jump you don't wanna say jump higher jump longer and. Yeah. So I, I, I would say it was like that hard for me to learn, but it definitely took a while, you know, and you're like doing these things and you're like, take this rope across the room and people are so mad, you know, like what marks all over your legs. But once you get it, it's, it's really, it's one of those things you're like really proud of yourself to do. It's like getting your first muscle up or something like that. You're like, wow. That was like amazing. Yeah. So I was a wrestler growing up. So that was just part of my like warmup routine was double under double unders. Nice. Yeah. It's cuz you got made fun of, if you couldn't do that on the rest team, you're running a shower in a plastic suit, blues weight. My brothers did. So it was weird when I was going through is when they started changing all of the roles for middle school and high school where you have to start doing hydration tests. And so this is how strict they are just long story. Really short here. This is a PA. Yeah, not here. Cause when I was in high school, we were kids first school running. Yeah. Mm-hmm so my first, like few years, so I started in like elementary school. I was in first grade when I first started wrestling and like watching it, it was like, that's what you did my first couple years of middle school. That's what you did. And then my last year, middle school, first year of high school, I can't remember. They started doing this hydration test and it got so strict that my body fat was too low that they wouldn't let me lose 0.08 of a pound to drop down to the next weight class because my hydration wasn't where it should have been. Wow. And my my body fat was so low, so I had to actually move up eight pounds. Oh my. And I was like, this is more dangerous than letting me lose. like not even 10 of a. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah there was a few tournaments where we had to cut a little bit of weight, but because of that, yeah. And did they do that in North Carolina? For what? I don't know. Hydration the hydration test. I think it started getting more popular, but I don't know if North Carolina does it yet. So we have a, one of the best wrestlers in the state comes to our gym. Oh yeah. And he's, he's so cool. So he started coming last summer and, and I was like, his mom comes to the gym too. And I was like, Hey, like, Hey I wanna make sure that he doesn't get like, too big. So can you like, yeah, let's talk to coach, haven't talk to me and like, make sure we're on the same level as far as program and things like that. Cause like, I don't want him to gain weight and then coach is all mad at me in the fall because he's gotta, and the winter gonna wrestle up a class in this like totally unplanned. Right. So, but it, it didn't happen. And and then he was second state, so I guess, wow, nice. Helped. That's incredible out. Laney. Mm-hmm okay. Noise. Yeah. He's he's a really cool kid too. That's neat. Yeah. Awesome family. Yeah. I never wrestled, I played basketball and I knew some kids who wrestled. And so I like they down here, the season overlap. So I I'd be outside, like waiting for JV practice to start. Cause I wasn't cool enough for varsity and I'd see the kids like running and I'm like, what are they doing? The trash band ones. Mm-hmm yeah. And I had one kid I can't remember who his dad was, but like his dad literally made him cuz they lived far enough away from town quote, unquote, that like his dad would stop like about half a mile from the house and be like, all right, get out. Yeah. Push it. and he'd he'd have to like his workout was pushing the car to the house. Oh my I'm like, man. Y'all are it's tough. You. Are going to become a Marine. That's what I thought might like, there's certain people like, yeah, but you're probably enlisting at some point, most wrestlers that I knew, if you were crazy enough to be a wrestler, like you were doing it to be a champion. Mm. So, and I'm sure your brother was very similar to that. Yeah. If he went to the military afterwards, mm-hmm yeah. He's very, he's very so many interesting, like good words to describe like his drive and his motivation. He's very focused. Yeah. So you did marathons first, right? Mm-hmm so how was that transition going from marathons to weight lifting? I was really uncoordinated at first. well say I, I it's funny, cuz I, in college I played soccer and I ran track and I was a sprinter and a hurdler. Okay. So like, like, I guess had a little quickness, but that was probably like the, the slowest sprinter that they had. So thanks for letting me run Charlotte. And I would, you know, there's a lot of like jumping kind of like little jumping, the weight lifting, and it would be like completely exaggerated. Like my jump would be like my not jumping up, you're jumping under which kept door. And so I dunno, I think like other sports wise, it was, it didn't make it that bad. I could imagine to be just a distance runner. Right. We have people come in to like, come from just distance runners or like in soccer, like I played outside mid, so I ran a lot. Mm-hmm so I'm mostly running type position. Right. It's an interesting transition, especially I talk a lot about how runners are usually very strong legs. Mm-hmm upper body is, and then like you can coordinate the arms and legs moving appropriately, but there's not necessarily like a lot of. connectivity. right. So seeing the kind of being able to communicate how to, how to attach those two parts of your body mm-hmm and make them work together. It, it takes a while for distance runners and I've noticed for soccer players as well. Okay. That's interesting. Older ones. don't and then the kids kids today, too. That's why we're so focused on kid fitness is just like seeing kids come with such terrible core strength. Mm-hmm it's like heartbreaking, right? Yeah. Have a hard time doing a sit up and, and their grip strength is like grip. Strength is like related to overall health, right? Yeah. Like if you can't hang for 90 seconds there's some like correlation with like longevity, right. So, oh, wow. It's, it's important. And you know, these kids come to us and some of them are in other sports and, you know, like coordinated or whatever mm-hmm But even those ones, like we spend so much time focusing on sport. And that's the top of the pyramid. Right, right. We need to focus on the bottom, which first of all is nutrition. Yeah. And then we think about like all the other different pieces that we have to have, like all conditioning and strength and all these other different agility and coordination. And then at the very, very tipity top, we're thinking about sport and let you know those finite type movements that we learned to, to be excellent at those sports. Yeah. And we have as a culture, I think maybe just gotten impatient mm-hmm and skipped right to the sport. I gotta go sport. That makes sense. Even like coached USA, soccer, you know, licensed coach or whatever. Yeah. Say it's been so long, like coach, coach, but they taught years ago, get to the game, get to the game. Mm-hmm so important that you do get to the game. Right. We don't want anybody to be bored. Right. So the idea of drills and you. Dribbling between cones and all the sudden, like kind of went out the window and all they wanted you to do was get to the game and I've done a lot of different things. So I taught, I taught high school for a while. Okay. Okay. English and science and interesting in combo, but they needed a science teacher. So I was like, sure. Right. And I, I always taught like sentence structure mm-hmm and paragraph structure before I just like, go let kids write essays. right. But the same thing, like the administration be like, should I read them, let them free write. And I'm like, why? Right, right. Cuz it's important to know those different pieces and understand how words function together. Yeah. Before you write an essay or write five paragraph essay mm-hmm right. We gotta be able to know these different fundamentals. So. I don't know, that was kind of something we talked about in the last episode as well too, is just going back to the basics mm-hmm and being able to have that foundation before you can start kind of leveling yourself up mm-hmm and it was interesting that you, you worded it that way, having like a pyramid with sport being in the top. I never thought about it like that, but I you're absolutely right where there's just so much disconnect for especially the youth today. Yeah. That they're thinking like, Hey, if I'm not gonna be this athlete in high school, then why should I even try to go on a run or work out anyway? That's it's extremely sad. Yeah. We, and I can't take credit for the pyramid. That's a CrossFit philosophy. So thanks to Greg Glassman. Yeah. But the wrestling family mm-hmm they have a, the. Dad, Nick Boco has a oh yeah. Thing called the reform sports project. I, I had a feeling that's who you're talking. Yeah. so I'll drop his name. Yep. I drive his son's name. That might be but you know who I'm talking about now? And the whole idea is like, play multiple sports mm-hmm and same thing. That's another philosophy of cross, but like try new sports often. Yeah. And I think in our family, my daughter's like the prime example of that. So she's 10 and she wrestles, oh, wow. She's done tennis lacrosse and I'm like, Hey, do you wanna try surfing? She's like, yeah, go surf camp. So she surf camp for a week. And, and I, I love the, like the passion for trying new things. Right. She gets a little frustrated cause she's like really good at stuff. Yeah. And so she does get a little frustrated if she's not good at it right away. sure. But she she's usually pretty good at it right away. And, but just the, the. Desire to try new things and the, the, the lack of a fear of failure. Right. And failure's like the way we learn primary channel of that. So and that's, again with our obstacle course, one of the things that we try to teach, like, Hey, you might not get up the wall the first time. Right. That's okay. Like we're here for eight weeks. This session you come back next session. Mm-hmm and one of these days we're gonna tackle that green monster. Yeah. And it's going to make you light up. You're gonna be so happy. That's cool. And so those like really magical kind of moments are what, like mm-hmm, make it all worth it. I'm, I'm glad we went into that too, because that was one of the main reasons why I wanted to bring you on is just talking about the, the foundation and fundamentals of just being healthy and feeling healthy and feeling comfortable in your own body and how that just translates into so much more of your life beyond just being able to do a pool up. Sure. So. Kind of elaborate how important that is. Not necessarily to you, but to being able to help those people that maybe came in not being the both ath most athletic. Yeah. That's, that's great. Those, like, those are the kind of things too. Like I'll like somebody will get something for the time and like crying, you know? That's awesome. And I mean, I have my own stories like that too. Yeah. Yeah. Like, so my first muscle up, I got in the open. Yeah. My kids were there and it was at my old, old gym in Ohio and my brother was there and he's looking, he's crying cuz like people knew, like I tried so hard for like a year trying to get one, I go to clinics and do all this extra training and da, da, da. And like when I finally got it, everyone was like, that's awesome. That's too cool. you know, so those moments, you know, whether it's someone getting their first pulp or, you know, going from. I can't, I can't do a pushup. I do girl pushups. I'm like, first of all, you do scaled pushup. right. and second of all, we're gonna get away from those, because if you're ever going to do an RX pushup mm-hmm mm-hmm you need to be able to do a plank. Yeah. So we're gonna plank, and then we're gonna do negatives in your plank to a box, to a wall for crying out loud. Mm-hmm we're gonna stand against the wall. We're not leaning into the wall. Yeah. And so taking people through those progressions, cuz people just don't even understand that there's something you're not just able to do pushups or not able to do pushups. like, there's like a million different ways to get to it. It, so mm-hmm yeah. So I think that helping people see those successes, whether it's in a movement or in nutrition, so we've started a huge nutrition program at the gym. It's. Catching on like wildfire we're so we're so proud of it. Like our head nutrition, coach name is Carrie Misk and she's amazing. She does all of our intakes and does all the nutrition coaching. And it's very much habit based. Right? Mm-hmm so I'm going through 75 hard challenge. I'm going through. It's like very much like, what can I, what are the things I can tackle? And I, I know I can accomplish really know you can drink water. It's kind of a pain in the butt. Carry this thing around if you all day. But you know, at the end of the day that you can look at this on and drink my water. And it's probably one of the easiest habits to put at the bottom of your stack. Mm-hmm you wanna do double lenders. I'm coming every day and you're gonna put it by the bottom of my stack. I'm gonna do five minutes of practice on double under. I don't care how many times I whip myself. Mm-hmm right. And of course, we're gonna show you some things about like rhythm, right? Call penguin, drill, like all these different things that you can learn to get better at the timing. Yeah. And then. Building on that little bit of success in that five minute period, you're not gonna do five minutes straight of Dublin. That of course, yeah. Prepaid But you know, go take a little break, do some more, whatever. And it's that? Making sure, making it a habit that, that gets people there. I wanna do a pull up. I always tell the easiest way to get there is three sets of 10 negatives. Every time you come to the gym, I can't do negatives. Okay. Get a band. I can't do with band. Okay. We're gonna start from the floor and do negative Inver growth. Like wherever you're at, we're gonna find a place to like level up from. Yeah. And that's the other thing. She was like making it somewhat gamified. Right, right. Level up using like these types of words that connect with people emotionally mm-hmm and speaking of the emotion, figuring out their, why, why do you wanna do it? Why do you wanna do a pull up? Cause I don't look strong for my kids all now we're getting somewhere. Yeah. Why? Because I wanna be here when they're 20, they're 30, you know, whatever, getting married and they're having kids. Right. I wanna be here for that. All right. Now we're getting somewhere. Yeah. And so it's kind of uncovering those, those deep connections to what people, why people wanna do what they wanna do. Yeah. For some people it might be somewhat seemingly more superficial, but almost always, if we ask some more questions, we can figure out their true why and connect to that and then have that be a part of their goal. And that's important. That's so much deeper than just getting a planet fitness. like membership, you know, like that's probably why people fail so often. Sure. It's not connected to that. Why mm-hmm and being able to have someone like you and your team over there probably have a great retention rate. Yeah. Yeah, we do. And I think that it's. Has something to do with the coaching and the connecting in that way, I call myself a professional nag. like, people are in class. I'm like, I, like, we have a system, we have a CRM. Right. And people don't come, it will say so. And so hasn't been to class. Do you wanna put them in the, what is at risk member? yeah. Like thing it'll start firing off out text. I'm like, no, I'm like, Hey, so. And so I don't use anybody's name yeah. Been in class this week is everything okay? Yeah. You know, and I'm calling, I'm texting, you know, from like people know well on a very personal level. And and those people matter to me, like, yeah, it's somewhat foolish, right. Because people leave. Right. It kind of hurts the heart And there's gonna be reasons for that. But. You know, at the heart of it, I, I want people to feel like they're part of something so much bigger than just right. Getting to pull up, you know, fitness, it's bigger than fitness. It's always been bigger than fitness for me. Got you. And Steve jobs says stay foolish. So all right. I'm in, I love that. I was just mentally I'm reversing in my head. I saw this tweet the other day and it made me happy cuz like that's what you're your CrossFit is kind of pushing towards is helping kids get better. Cuz apparently according to CBS that kids today are 30% less aerobically fit than their parents. I believe that. And everyone, well the study says it's climate change and rising temperatures and I'm like really? Yeah. That was funny in my head. I'm like, or it's because they're not getting out. They're not, I mean, even when I was a kid, it was like, go outside, go do something mm-hmm nowadays. It's why don't you sit in front of the computer and play Fortnite or, you know, fall guys or something silly mm-hmm And I saw that tweet and then you were talking and it made me think about like, it's so nice that you are, you've built a culture where kids can come and try and get fit, and it's not like, oh, Hey, you know, I just dropped them off at a daycare and I hope they're playing outside. It's bringing the family together to try and. People healthy. Yeah. And I, the family is so, so key. Right. Mm-hmm I mean, because think about any of the goals that you have in life, whether it's, you know, professionally or personally, if you don't have that network there to support you, that understands your, your, why mm-hmm your then, you know, the, the likelihood of success is so much smaller. Right. So it's kinda like putting families on missions together. And so we're gonna tackle, as we dive more into the nutrition thing understanding how we can eat better as families mm-hmm because God parents fall into the trap, man, my CA you anything, but I can cheese in hot dogs. Well, who gave didn't go get themselves so, and we, you know, we did it too. We first you know, had our kids, we like, we did a lot of paleo yeah. Or crossroads. Right. And and then slowly kind of fell out of it and got lazy with it, whatever. You know, we have snacks in our house and I look at it, I'm like, I can't have this in sales anymore. And so we're trying to like, you know, get that cleaned up ourselves as well, but it's so much easier when you have a team tackling it together. So when I, we have a member's group on Facebook, like most gyms do, right? Yeah. And so when I address the group, occasionally, I'll be like, Hey guys, Hey, y'all whatever. But most of the time I say, Hey team. Right. Because that's how I think above these people. Like, they're my team. Mm-hmm and they're the people that I want going into the Spartan race with me. Mm-hmm people that I want helping me pick up trash in the neighborhood. Right. Like had a whole workout on a Saturday that was dedicated with, or out there, trash bags picking up trash on Futch Creek road. Oh, wow. We didn't get very far cuz believe it or not. There's a lot of trash on Futch Creek road. I mean, there's a lot of trash in Wilmington. What's up with that. That's. Well, and ever, ever since Florence, I feel like it's been like next level. Well, I, I was noticing this cuz Tyler said, you know, his quote where he forced his friend to, you know, just start picking up trash everywhere. And I, I will, I don't remember the quote, but I remember the sentiment. And so my head is always like, need the change you wanna see in the world. Yes. But I think a lot of people just don't care anymore. Mm-hmm and Wilmington also has a lot of trucks and people just throw stuff in the back of their truck and then just drive and then the stuff just gets blown out their, oh, I think it does kind of go back to fitness with that too. Like if you don't care enough about yourself, why do you care enough about the trash that you leave? Mm-hmm just the sloppiness in general. What made you wanna do the the nutrition part and how did that come about? I felt like. We had, we had kind of dabbled in like little challenges that we'd have. And I felt like it was not laid out in a step by step, easy, easy to tackle form for people. I was like, okay, well, here's this template of, you know, meal template. And here's like, if we do challenge here's points for following the template and doing this and drinking, but like how right. So we partnered with a company called HSN nutrition and they've done all of our training for us. We use an app with them kind of backing us up if we have any questions that are beyond our realm, our scope, because legally you can only say so much if you're a nutrition coach versus a dietician. Yeah. Then we actually have a dietician through HSN that we can contact and, and okay. Hook them up with. And so I felt like we needed a more structured. Support system and also like their they're mentors for us. So when we have questions about like, how do we, this, person's got these things going on, you know, they want, you know, this person wants to gain weight versus world wants to lose weight. Like, you know, little things that, that Carrie, as our nutrition coach is already well versed in cuz she has a degree in exercise science and things like that. But it, it really helped us understand the business behind it. And really connecting. So actually the owner of HSN Nicole coin called me on Monday and they just had got back from the games and she had an awesome talk with like CrossFit health and stuff like that. So she's checking in on people. She's having a big thing in in September she's like, oh, you're gonna come to the conference in Memphis. And I'm like, Nope, I would love to, but I'm not. And and I was like, I like teared up. I'm like, Nicole, I'm like. partner with you guys has changed our business. Like it helps us connect with our members and understand and showed them so they can understand a very relatable way how to habit stack from the very smallest changes they can make on an basis into, you know, transforming their lives. Right. And so it, it seemed like a void and a service that we needed, we needed to fulfill. Yeah. And we were, I was hearing it mostly from my parents at obstacle course, Hey, we really need some help with nutrition. You guys like, do you guys do anything with nutrition? And I'm like, we are almost there, right? Yeah. Until you have like the certificates and things like that. Yeah. Like legally again, you're not really allowed to say much about it. Yeah. Other than here's template Yeah. So, you know, if, be very careful about that, It definitely seemed like, and again, going back to the pyramid, what's at the bottom mm-hmm making sure that people see food as like, as fuel. Right? Right. And how, what types of how you get the most mileage outta your vehicle? Mm-hmm so knowing what to put in is very important. Yeah. Well, we have come up on an hour already. It blew by again. but I do have to ask you the last question. Uhoh if you were to tell your younger self one thing, what would it be? Goodness. This is always the hard one. It is a hard one. Don't be so afraid of failing. Yeah, I like that one. I like it. Is that something you struggled with when you were younger too? Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I always always tell people my greatest fear is failure. Yeah. But I know, I don't know. I've definitely done it. right. we all have Is that why you have your kids do the different sports and everything too, so they can kind of get used to it early and often and know that it's okay. I, you know, I think it kind of goes back to the whole obstacle course thing. Like that's, that's a real like testing ground, right. Again, sport in sport today too. It's like so structured and so protected and mm-hmm, like little kids sports. It's all. It's great. And they, they do the different things, but there is hardly any room for failure in them. Yeah. So we wanted to create a somewhat safe environment. Yeah. Right. For kids to take risks and learn from those associated risks. Hopefully get a little more. Confidence mm-hmm and then our, our class isn't just like running and jumping in obstacles. It's like a, like we mini CrossFit 'em first. Okay. So they do a warmup and then they do a little workout to just kind of Tiba that like, nobody would win at that. We do want them to have some team work in there. Yeah. And then they play a game. Sometimes it's a little vicious and competitive, but sometimes it's, it's more fun. And then for like the last half of class, they go outside, we set up a different course every week with the obstacles that we have. And so there is when they're like I don't know if I can do that, you know, like where they get a little uncomfortable usually. Right. Is that last half. So I think that is maybe a little bit of me saying, okay, I wish I would've done this kind of stuff. Right. and when I was little I'm sure I did, you know, mm-hmm I didn't think it was until like my early career that I was like, I don't wanna mess this up. Yeah. It's interesting too. Cuz nowadays. I feel like so many kids, just like you said, in sports, like they don't really give them the ability to fail. They're like, oh, here's a trophy and here's a trophy mm-hmm But like when we were younger, it was a thing where we were doing so many things. You never thought you could fail. So you hit a point in your life where like well, that didn't work out. And so people just kind of quit. Yeah. But I, I like the thought as like, you know, don't be afraid of failure because if you, if you're not afraid of it and you push through and you take that loss, well, you take the loss and you learn something. Cause every, every failure should teach you something. So I just think that's kind of cool. Thanks. Yeah. Appreciate it. Yeah. That was something too that I tried to learn something from my two year old, as much as I can. And cuz I think there is something to, to youth that gets lost once you become an adult. And like when he was trying to walk. He was like adamant that he was going to stand up and start walking that one day. And he fell down time after time, after time. And as a parent and as the adult, you're like, oh, you almost got it. Keep going. Mm-hmm but you never see that anymore. Like when you're, when you're in high school or when you're like in college, you don't have that person. It's like, oh, you failed that business. Try it again. Yeah. It's just crazy. So I'm, I'm glad you said that one. Cool, awesome. Fall down. Seven, get up eight. Yep. Got that right. I love that. So we're at the end of it. unfortunately, this is actually kind of fun. So you wanna drop in your social plugs? Sure. Yeah, so Instagram is just, I think, essential CrossFit to try to find us now. Right. And we're on, on the Facebooks. We got a little Google page, Google business page. Yeah. That's like very important these days. Oh yeah. For the Google bots. Yeah. Apparently. Yeah. Do you have a TikTok? I'm old. So I don't, I should probably have somebody younger in the gym hit that up for us. But I haven't delved into the to world. Don't worry. We don't really have one either. It's always just a question. We put things up every once in a while and see if it works. But yeah, so far. Yes but I just wanna say thank you, Anne. Thank you. You were the first CrossFitter that came on. Yeah. Sorry. I had to but it was great talking to you. I learned a lot. And now you got me thinking that maybe potentially I should look into CrossFit again. I didn't realize there were so many different program options. Like you said, I, when I started working out years ago, it was the more traditional right. Very competitive. And I'm like, that's not me. Right. that's not us either. We wanna, we want people to go every day. Again, you can't always win. You can't always, you know, not fail. But we want people to feel like they accomplish something mm-hmm and that doesn't mean beating you down every day. Right. So yeah, we're running special right now. $14 for 14 days. Oh. So when is that special in technically the end of the month, but for your If you could promo code wisdom I think that'd be awesome. Yeah, for sure. We'll hook 'em up. Love to get some more people in there and, and understanding that you can do hard things. Cuz I think even as an adult, especially as an adult, we forget that definitely. Well, thank you so much again for coming on. And everyone that stuck with us this far through the podcast, like share rate, review all the things. Yes. And if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. Right. unless they deserve it. But I mean, you're pretty good there right now. all right. Well, thank you again so much for coming on and we will run it back at the gym. Awesome. Thanks guys. Sounds good. Thank you. Cheers. Goodbye.