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Behind the scenes of Whiskey & Wisdom with Tyler Yaw & Chris Kellum

July 13, 2022 Tyler Yaw & Chris Kellum Episode 23
Whiskey & Wisdom
Behind the scenes of Whiskey & Wisdom with Tyler Yaw & Chris Kellum
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This week Tyler and Chris answer your Questions! Skip to minute 25 for the Q&A section
1. We answer the top 10 most asked questions about the podcast
2. What our favorite whiskey's we've drank on the pod thus far
3. General overview of the previous 20 episodes

This week we sipped on Monkey Shoulder
Monkey Shoulder was originally created to make perfect whisky cocktails and has been made for mixing ever since. Put your nose in the glass and you’ll smell zesty orange, vanilla, honey and spiced oak. Take a sip and you’ll taste mellow vanilla with spicy hints.
That smooth, malty and fruity character is bold enough to stand out in a drink - and balanced enough not to take it over.

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From the top, what was our first whiskey? We are live. coming from the cargo district studios in Wilmington, North Carolina. I love today. We're literally just having fun today. We, Tyler are sitting here in the dark because if you guys didn't know we set up this really cool recording studio for podcast mm-hmm and it is in a building that is slowly undergoing renovations and currently, so in realistic terms, it is under construction and we may or may not have power or lights or anything. And sometimes you hear our air conditioning in the background. Yes, because we are literally starting from the bottom. Now we, you here, almost this week, we're just being a little bit random. I figured we got a bunch of questions that we had a Q and a for a couple weeks ago. But also I was just thinking, what whiskeys have we actually had? I mean, we're 20 something episodes in, might go down the list and like mark off and we'll say, you know, what's our top three. Yeah. Because I know they're gonna be different. Definitely. Well, our very first I know you can't forget is the Hibiki harmony that we had while we were at the what was it called? Ballast hotel ballast. They changed the name. That's why I forget it. that was the very first one that we had. And then next was with Thadius and we were sipping on bear proof that week from glacier distilling company. Yes. The huckleberry one. Yep. Huckleberry Finn is the first thing I think of bear proof. That was a good one. That's probably, that is definitely on my top three. So when we get to that, sorry, slightly surprised on that one. Jump in the gun. And then, and then with Brittany Lineberry, we had barrel house from Kentucky bourbon. That is the one my sister acquired. Ah, yeah, let's see. Then after that we had Palmer Griggs beyond for the first time and we had knob Creek nine year the classic. I just sipped on that last night. Oh really? Yeah. It's a solid kind of go-to yes. And then we had you on the podcast, Chris. Oh, wait. Really? Yeah. I forgot about that. and that's when we did hollerer head whiskey. Oh, yes. Oh, by the way, you don't even know this yet. So since we are Haller head ambassadors, yes. And flight week is when this drops is going to be last week. But when we're recording it, it is this week. So I have a brand new, large ass bottle of Haller head. So we're gonna have to crack that open at some point. Oh, for sure. What are you doing Sunday? You know, wonderful question. I don't know. How about, what were we doing Saturday? What are you doing Saturday? Well, Saturday is Greenberg's one year anniversary. Ah so we're going to fly a machine. Maybe that's what I'm doing Saturday. Should we're meet up at like seven. I haven't had Greenburger yet. Wait, what? I know. I still haven't been able to make it out there yet and it it's necessity. And now that this is an option, it's probably gonna have to happen. Yes. And then you can go home and drink collar head. That sounds good. Yeah. I'll drink that for the fight and do grim burger and flying machine for dinner. Yeah, I like it. Plans. Let my wife know next up was episode number six, Jimmy Moore. And that was our bullet bourbon. Oh yes. That's one of my favorite when doing a whiskey ginger. See, we'll go into that too. Yeah. Then after that we had Joe Solomon, our first educator on the pod, the angels in me. Yep. He brought the angels in Vion. That was very nice. That was good. That's one of my favorites too. I'm not sure if it breaks top three, but it's definitely one of the favorites. Okay. And after Joe, we had on Raylin Morris, when we were talking about crypto mm-hmm And that was Eagle rare. Oh, she did get lucky. Yeah. She didn't even know it was rare. No, all of these jokes would make a lot of sense if you guys listen to our podcast. So all right. So after Raylen we had on salmon. Nope. Second educator, Jake, Jake from state farm is the way that he introduced himself to me the first time I remember that. evidently I was slacking as a host and I put zero notes down. Was it the seven? The one from South Carolina? You might, you might be right, because I'm pretty sure Sam, it was VI Kane, cuz it was ginger. You are right about Sam's. I think you're right about Jake's as well. I just can't remember. But that sounds about right, because virtual cane, ginger infused bourbon also from South Carolina is when Sam came on from the elder emo hours. Yes. Her podcast is doing legit. They go live all of the time. Yes. I wish I had that time. well, so she, she really doesn't like that does I'm yeah. She gets off of work and then she'll go home and like, they'll go live on TikTok or on Twitch or something. Right. And eventually sneak peaks. that could happen. Yeah. I'm excited. I, I literally have to get my computer fixed, but I've been thinking about that for a while. We'll get that all up and running here soon. since you said sneak peaks, something else I wanted to bring up. I don't know if this is a sneak peak or what it is, but I have talked about Billy Thorpe at one point. He's one of the. Other local podcasters in town? Yes. You just came back, just came back from Puerto Rico. So he always talks about Maven coffee and that's also in Wilmington by the refinery, which will eventually get to Emily Tippet. Okay. Who her family runs the refinery. Her dad is the pastor there, but Maven coffee is right next, next door. I did a post on Maven coffee. If you saw, I saw that this morning. Yeah. Saw on Instagram. They have these, he calls 'em cocktail coffees. There's no alcohol in them, but the way that he makes them is like a cocktail. Hm. It's pretty crazy. So he hand curates these coffees from around the world and he, he won't buy it until he goes to the actual place where they, the roastery, the, or not the roastery? No, the, the act where they actually grow the coffee beans shees yeah. And then if he likes it and he likes the store, then he'll buy it. And then he brings it back and roasts it and everything, and then makes these cocktails out of it. So, you know, like you've had smoked yeah. Old fashions before. So he had this one it's called the campfire coffee. Mm-hmm and it's essentially just a smores coffee, but he smokes it the same way that you watch people smoke old fashions seems like you would love that. It was fucking fantastic. I'm just looking I'm like, yep. That that's straight up Tyler. Yeah. So I fantastic. So like Billy will eventually be on the podcast and everything as well too. That's why it's like, kind of like a sneak peek. And also one of the reasons why we started this podcast is cuz I wouldn't know what I know now if it wasn't for Billy, cuz he did a whole, how to start a podcast podcast. ah, learning to new stuff all the time. Always. So with that being said back to salmon. So that was the Virgil king ginger infused bourbon. We talked about the elder emo hours and everything that she did there. Yes. Definitely check them out. Definitely. There's some good stuff going on there. I always like following their TikTok. So if nothing else, if you have TikTok follow their TikTok, next was Emily Tippit. Go figure two and oh, so that was the 1233. Ah, we'll figure it out. And that's also when we acquired raise energy, coming to find out. Oh really? Yeah. First time that we put them on the podcast to give off 15% off of raise energy with promo code wisdom. So we're still doing that, still doing that. Okay. Yep. Forever. They are a solid brand of ours. Back when we had our previous business idea that we barely got off the ground. They have been a part of us ever since then. So even before the whiskey and wisdom podcast, Braze has been supporting us. after Emily Tippet, we had Palmer Griggs beyond for the second time opening up about his mental health journey. Mm-hmm And with that one, I also didn't put it down, but that was the one he brought. The reason why I didn't write one down for Palmer. Greg SP is cuz I wanted to focus on his story and story alone. And in lieu of the whiskey, I put the national suicide prevention hotline on there. So which is 1 802 7 3 8 3 E. 8 2, 5, 5. So that's why I wanted to focus on that more than the whiskey. That makes sense. Yep. I'm just here to learn, send it. If you're feeling down and out, don't go to whiskey. Go to the suicide hotline is what I was trying to accomplish there. it could help just don't too much. Do too much. Anything in out of access is not good after Palmer. We brought on Chelsea Hollis. Ooh. Or, yeah. Balancing work in life as an entrepreneur. And that's the one where we had the Oak and Eden. Oh, need okay. For everyone that actually can't see us, we keep looking over at our desk that is full of whiskey. Trying to find out what we had during Jake's episode, the real reason it, well, there's two, one we're still arranging the studios. So we have like found a space to just like line up all the bottles for us to be like, oh, here pointed out two for those who don't know that was a double episode because we started recording that one. Yeah. And we did the whole entire episode and realized that we didn't have the, the chip in to record. So then we had to do it again and we also didn't have food beforehand. So if you go back and listen to it, you can tell we were, we were on a vibe. Yeah, you're right. Similar to Francis, definitely similar to Francis. We're almost that one as well, too. but after Chelsea, we had on HP fangs. With HV fangs. We had the double Oaked Woodford reserve. Fantastic whiskey as well too. That was a good one. Yeah. And if anyone who doesn't know, he actually started his own studio inside the cargo district. Mm-hmm as well. And so he has everything set up there. It is called do art and primarily focuses on a lot of children and students that are doing art to express themselves. And the only piece of artwork that we have up in our studio right now is from HP. So highly suggest, check him out. His stories are fantastic. I didn't even tell you this. So during his. Interview with us. Mm-hmm he talked about how, when he was going through the art gala thing that they set up. Yeah. There was someone that came and was like, oh my gosh, you're the butt person. Yes. So that person reached out to us on Instagram and she was like, I'm the butt person who asked about it. so that was super exciting to get that full circle there. And we had a chance that I had a chance to talk to her and everything. So that was a lot of fun. She does a lot of cool stuff too, so I might drop her into the share notes as well. Yeah. I ran into somebody else who is who's over there at the, the exhibition mm-hmm she also has a spot in, technically in the car district, like three doors down from HP. Oh, okay. And she she's a very interesting name and I'm not gonna butcher it. But I'll find it but she does, she takes recycled. Or non recyclable plastics and turns it into artwork. Oh, that's neat. So she had a, she was working on Willie Nelson. Okay. When we went in and she just was like, well, she had, she had a bins of all different color stuff. So she, she was a mom. She's like, man, I got all these plastics and toys and no one I can't recycle 'em wow. She took it and broke it down and been making stuff. It's pretty cool. That's interesting. The next one we had on here was Catherine Bruner with the four roses, small batch. Catherine is actually my real estate agent. She's a real estate agent on here. We mostly talked about networking and I was like gung home. Like I need to buy something. She was like, would you slow the fuck down? yes. I was like, take your damn time. Find something that you actually want and need here. Like don't be diving into shit that you don't need. don't be like those kids who are like, Ooh, I need to get married outta college. Exactly. Which we're not saying don't do that, but sometimes you just gotta, yeah. You need to know and take a step back. Yes. And after Catherine, we had on Francis spy. Yeah. And that was the larceny small batch was the whiskey. However, she made us the, oh, she made her own version of an old fashion. Yeah. With some lovely. Yeah. She added that spray into it. Yep. That was pretty good. I never would've put Sprite in an old fashion. No, I still don't think I ever had before, but, or after it's it's very, it was interesting. Yeah. It's different. Certainly different. It's it pushes like that summer vibe. Kind of drink. I'm like, I can do that. Yeah. It definitely takes it out of the realm of like a traditional, like a bourbon cocktail and moves it into just like a summary vibe, a cocktail that you would get like at a beach bar type of thing. Yep. We did that. And after Francis, we brought on Sean bats. Oh yeah. And he brought us the Buffalo trace. Ah, the local boy coming in with the good stuff. Yes. Thank God. Cause I still haven't been able to find that in a local ABC store to go two counties over or three south to South Carolina. Yes. and pay like $80 for a $30 bottle of whiskey. I mean, they're not all upcharging and then you can't find it. Yeah. But when we brought Sean on, we talked a lot about port city and professionals. Yes. And his business. And we were trying to low key or maybe high key Fort Simmons, who making a YouTube channel called the whiskey hunters to fund this. He should, I'm still, dude, we're gonna tag him in this just to be like, yo yeah, jump on. It's a sneak peek. And so I was traveling not a lot, but relatively locally, but went to a bunch of different counties this last weekend. Mm-hmm and I felt like I should have had a camera on me doing it because I went to like all the ABC stories that I could, and I felt like I was part of the whiskey hunters that he wants to create. So I was like, we need to get this happening. you should, they had some good whiskeys out there, but the ones that they did have were like the super expensive ones. So Katherine Bruner wanted us to bring on the The confiscated, Kentucky. How confiscated? Yes. And I still haven't been able to find that yet. However, Kentucky has a double Ry. Okay. However, it was $330. So was that in North Carolina? In North Carolina. So that was retail. So that's more expensive than a blue label. Yes. They also had blue label there. Yeah. Blue label is like two 50. Yeah. It was something close to that. But yeah, when I saw three 30, I was like, I don't think my accountant will, let me write this off. no, what do need more sponsors? Ooh, but what if we use it at like a whiskey and watches evening? Possibly. Then we could write it off. Good ideas. Yeah, for everyone listening, I'm going for my CFP certified financial planner. I can't legally tell you who I work for. But one of the things I saw, the reason why I bring it up is I'm going through tax and tax deductions. Yeah. And the one thing I was reading today is if it directly goes to your bottom line and it's part of your business, you can write it off. And I was like, if we drink it, that's direct bottom line. Correct. so, Hm. We just need to find an accountant that agrees with that. I, I got somebody I'll ask oddly enough, for a person who like doesn't really deal with anything much, which is me. I actually know, like at least two accountants, I got one who does my actual taxes and I know somebody else I'm like, Hey, I got a question. Okay. That's the best way to do it going back onto our Yes. So we did both trace with the local boy, Sean. Exactly. And after him we had, Eric is Stillman mm-hmm and that's when we did the tu Lama Tula more do XO that's still on my bottom three list. The XO is on the bottom. The XO is on the bottom. Not too Lamore du XO is on the bottom. Okay. Let's see. We'll go back. Go ahead. But we also talked about Milwaukee's best on that one. marketing at its finest. Exactly. But then after Erica, we brought on probably our second or third, it's probably tied for second or third, most popular episode was Chris Leco? Yes. And he brought on his favorite or one of his favorite bourbons, which is the high west burry. Is Burra not Burra I don't know. I don't know. I was just listen hi west, if you're listening, let us know and tag us. Exactly. And he was the one that started with Andy's burgers back when it was Andy's burgers Yes. And it grew from that and went to the highway 50 fives and had a bunch of those franchises and is now working on what it's now called Leland brewing company, but was originally 7 26. Yes. Leland brewing co I'm so excited for that. It'll probably not be ready to roll until like January of 20, 23, but since I live super close by and there's no breweries, that's like what I'm looking for. Oddly enough. I think it's like split between the difference for me and you of. Yeah. You know, it, you're probably right because you live that far past it and I'm on this side. I'm like, technically I'm close enough. Exactly. after Chris, we had on Shannon bra, who is the libertarian candidate for the us Senate in North Carolina. And we were sipping on regular to LA Mordo, which I like significantly more than the XO understandable. And then our most recent, our most recent episode is TJ Dunn and which is currently called, slowing down with TJ. Dun you really gotta slow down drinking the, go ahead. What we, what did we drink? Yeah, we had the Elijah Craig barrel proof. and not only is he talking about slowing down the life and kind of taking in everything and just the way that he approaches life, but also when you're sipping on Elisha Craig barrel proof, you gotta slow down drinking that too. Yeah. I found out the hard way almost died. I did too. Yeah. I think we both like tried to drink it too fast at one point. Like, well, cuz we're used to taking normal like sips. Right. And I mean, I just take a big gulp just, and that stuff. Just it, he was right. It coats your mouth with just so much flavor. Mm-hmm yeah, you gotta slow down Weldon mills. That's what it was. Sorry, Jake. Yeah. Well, after that was a long day, it was early in the morning. I didn't have enough coffee. I had drank twice all before. What? 11 o'clock yes. So that's kind of, it is what it is type of thing. All right. So, but today, Chris, after 23 minutes, what are we sipping on? So we're gonna add one final one to our list before we do our top three, and this one is monkey shoulder which Tyler's looking it up and I'm like, I've seen it around. I've seen it at the bar. Like on the little things where they mix their drinks, this his monkey shoulder with little monkeys. It's kind of cool. But I didn't realize that it's was created to be a mixing whiskey. I didn't realize that either. Cause I had tasted it before and I was like, this is good. It's just different. I don't know why it tastes so different. It tastes very sweet to. so after he looked it up, it literally says as soon as you go onto their website, monkey shoulder made for mixing 100% made for mixing What are the, are you sure you have it pulled? What are the flavor notes of this one? This one's all over the I'll just read it straight from the website. Cause I don't wanna mess it up. So from the top it says monkey shorter was originally created to make perfect whiskey cocktails. And it has been made for mixing ever since. Put your nose in the glass and you'll smell zesty orange, vanilla, honey and spiced Oak mm-hmm. take a sip and you'll taste mellow vanilla with spicy hints. It's literally what it says. Spicy hints, spicy hints. What kind of spicy is it like a spicy accountant hints? Like not, not like that kind of spicy here. Like a little bit of Soche spicy. We'll find out. Yeah. Yeah. Cheers. Cheers. I definitely do get the spicy hints on the back of it. Yes. You're so comparatively mm-hmm this one is like I'm made for mixing some of the other drinks we had. I feel like are good mixing whiskeys, despite the fact that they aren't labeled that. Right. Like the two Littlemore XO, which I know is not near your top, but I feel like that would be a good, like if someone likes whiskey, but wants it in the summertime, I feel like that'd be a good one. Yeah, because it definitely has brighter citrusy notes. And to me, like citrus summer goes together. There's another one we had. Oh, the Virgil cane. That is definitely a Virgil cane into little Mordo, different sides of the same coin. But I feel like both of those mixed with like ginger beer would be like on point. what did we have last week? We didn't mention that yet. do we have last week? Mike Blair. Oh man. I'm slacking. He had Turkey wild Turkey. It was the version of wild Turkey. Didn't he? Mm-hmm he brought it in. Oh, I'm it's cuz it was wild. Wild Turkey. Yeah. So it was a special version of wild Turkey. And Mike Blair was the one who won our Woodford reserve giveaway. Oh yes. Yeah. Oh, my, it was literally last week we have already forgotten. It was a fantastic whiskey thing. No, that was so I can, I can't believe I forgot this one. That was long branch. Yes, because Matthew McConaughy is the rep. Yep. Or like they're something or other. All right. All right. All right. Yes, sir. And he was like, Hey, they, they reached out a long branch to connect so we can make this happen. But that thing was good. That's right. Yeah. It was very good. Good enough to be top two. Mm. I don't know if I put that on top two. It's definitely in top five, but we're not doing top five today. We're doing top three. I mean, we can do top five. We got other things to talk about before we get to it. So yeah, we'll talk about what we got talked about. And depending on how long that takes, we may do a top five for a top three. We'll find out I can't believe I forgot that one. That was so ridiculous. That was good. All right, but we reached out to you all. I threw in some questions that I just get on a weekly basis anyway. And I also asked some Q and a questions from you all as well for us to throw on a Q and a podcast. So here we are. And our question number one is the most asked question, I believe at this point, what's your favorite whiskey you've had on the podcast so far? Ooh, see, so that's a hard one. I don't know if it would be, that's why I want to throw out one. That's like my favorite, but wouldn't be like my number one. Okay. Which seems kind of weird to say only because it's just so different. I think my number one for just like chilling, living life. Would probably be the double Oaked Woodford. That is probably gonna be on the top three. If I decide to that's what's gonna be by the end of the podcast. Yeah. But for me, anyway, the high west of bur eye was by far my number one. And if I could ever find that outside of north, like North Carolina on my journeys, that's gonna be the first thing that I buy see and go, that's why I picked double Oaks because you can get double Oaked in other places. Like people try this out for real. Yeah. A BOAI Bo I, whatever to mess you call it every day. but the high west, you could only get it out there. Exactly. Like seeing how I'm in retail. Ain't no way I'm getting out there during that. If it's out during. Yeah, cuz that's, that's right's during a special time too, when they do it. So like, if I ever were to head to Texas or Utah or wherever they sold it, I'd have to do it the right time. So that's a good point, Utah, outside of salt, big city. If I ever get to Utah at all, it's not top of my list of states to go. Why not? It's cold. You can get a snowboarding. I did that enough in PA. There's so much food there though. There is there, but see, going up a mountain to snowboard is like annoying to me cuz it's just like you get it like 30 seconds of fun. And then you're like that's why I said food. Yeah, I know. I know there's a lot of hiking too though. I would go to Arizona for food. Huh? Never thought about that. Mm-hmm they have a very good Mexican influence down there. And if you have like a really good, authentic Mexican FEU, that's my favorite. I do know that because the last season of top chef was filmed in Texas, they were like, oh, cuz it was the second time they went to Texas. And this one I think was technically top chef Houston. Okay. But they're finals. Like they do their top five and they take 'em to a different place because they're still technically filmed during COVID. They couldn't go anything crazy. So they took them to Phoenix. Okay. And, oh my gosh. Some of the food there was legit, they literally met this lady. You'll have to, I always suggest watching top chef cuz it was like, Ooh. One of my favorite shows of all time just because it's different. I like food competitions and unfortunately me being me in a Sagitarius I just don't care about a lot of people. So it doesn't add in that whole like, oh, Hey well, so and so is a. A mother of like seven and she's here. No, it's like, no, I'm a chef. Let's get this. Let's get it in. Yeah. And that's why I like it. But yeah, no, they met this lady and she legit did like she air dried her meat, like stuck it above the building, straight up air dried it. Oh wow. I was like, oh, that looks so good. I might watch it then. Cuz I'm used to like most of those chef shows being like, let me give you like nine hours of a backstory, every single episode. And like, if I'm gonna watch like a cooking show, like cook, no top chef is quickfire and they're like, Hey, here's your challenge? You know, make me breakfast or you know, make me the best small one bite plus something crazy. Yeah. And then, alright, so you won here's your next move. Let's go get your, get an idea for your meal. You have to feed like 45 people. You have three hours of prep and they'll talk to you about like what they're making and then it's showing them like Dolan out food. Oh. I'm like, man, y'all gotta come up with ideas off the dome like that. Yeah. Like that might be something that have another watch. Now there's only like 19 seasons Jesus So you got plenty of shows to watch plenty of episodes just for everyone listening to like, this is why we started a podcast. We started out with the question. What's your favorite whiskey? and here we are talking about top chef and Mexican food. So on to question number two, that being said, okay. What has been the most valuable podcast episode for you personally? Ooh. Okay. So personally, mm-hmm, the episode where I felt like I learned the most from just somebody in general that I'm gonna go back. So I think our conversation with Thadius mm-hmm Mostly because it was like our first one and I was like, technically it was the first, but yeah, I understand. I, I learned so much just by listening to 'em and I've talked to 'em since then. Yeah. And it's just been a very interesting person to get to know mm-hmm but after that, the next one I would throw up either Catherine or Francis, you know, represent military. Yeah. So for me, I would definitely say probably episode number two with Thadius as well. And for the same reason that you said too, so not only did he bring value during that first episode, but also just the current friendship that we've had going on with them. Mm-hmm it feels like that just episode just continues. Every time I talk to him, no matter if like we bring up something important or not, like he's throwing fire all the time. Like he's always bringing up something like thoughtful or something he's like been thinking on or chewing on. So for me, that's probably been the most valuable just because of the continuing of education I get from Thadius. Yeah. With that being said too, he actually reached out to me today and he goes when's episode number two. So I was like, we'll get that set up. Don't you worry? Episode 27, 27. Okay. So for us sitting here now, that's like in two episodes or three episodes? Okay. It's like six, here you go. Not quite, but yeah, something around there. I, I think 27, cause he was episode two of the 52 weeks in a year. Ah, gotcha. Split that 56 and the episode two, you move forward. That's where I got the number. Yeah, that sounds good. I was thinking in like weeks that we record since we recorded batches and I was like, not quite that far out anyway. Outside of Thadius though, I would probably go with, there's probably a tie between Palmer's second episode with his mental health journey. And then also Erica Stillman's take time for yourself. That was our longest episode. Erica's Erica's I could see that mm-hmm that was a, that was a ride. That one was fun. We went up and down and left and right. And everywhere at that one, but there was, there was so much good stuff just the whole entire time going through it cuz that's what her business is. Yes. So it made a lot of sense. And so after that, This is kind of the same question, but it's wait, go ahead. Before you get to question number three. Yeah. What is your number five rated whiskey that we've had, number five. Yeah. You got 10 questions might as well do 5, 4, 3, 2. Yeah. Might as well. My number five would probably be, I know it's a hard one. Yeah. Number five. This is gonna sound crazy, but probably Buffalo choice trace. Okay. I mean, it is, it's crazy because everyone looks me like, oh, it's Buffalo trace, but it really is like a good entry level whiskey. It's just hard to find that's where like the value comes from. It's just hard to find. It's good. It's solid. It's definitely a good entry level. Like getting into the whiskey game to understand what a good whiskey is. Yep. And bang further your buck. I would probably put that at number. But overall from what we've had, I probably have number five. Okay. So my number five, oddly enough is not the same. Go figure my number five. OK. And Eden. Yeah, that was a good one. That was solid too solid whiskey. You technically can find it almost anywhere. And OKN Eden also has a rye version that you guys should try. So mm-hmm, I'm here to throw out, plugs, help everybody that Ry is pretty fantastic. So I would agree with you there. Question number three, let's go. So very similar to number two, but there is a difference. Okay. Just favorite episode that you enjoyed sitting. Like sitting around chilling. Yeah. Ooh, that that's hands down easy for me. I know it. HP drop it. Yep. Yep. that was such a vibe. Like he came in and we just had so much fun. like before, during, after, like he was so all of it, he has an energy about him. Yeah. So like full disclosure when we do some of these, we do, we do 'em in batches. Mm-hmm so we'll interview multiple people at the same time. So Chelsea Hollis was leaving when we brought HPN and he like became best friends with her while we were talking and we were vibing with them and everything. And they're like, all right, I guess we'll get started with the episode. And then we went and we had a fantastic time just talking to him in general, on the. Afterwards, Katherine Bruner comes in and then they started talking like, they've been best friends since they were two And just cuz they're both really open, like hilarious people in general. Yeah. And they did, they got along. Fantastic. So that was fun too. I wish I could have had that on audio. Like that was, that was a hilarious time. It's just interesting. So everyone looks and they're like, oh, you know, I always laugh because everyone, a lot of people I know are very, very religious mm-hmm and I look back and I'm like, I'm religious to a, to a point. Yeah. But I also believe in energy mm-hmm just because there's too much out there that would throw it off and certain people come in and they just have like a frequency and they're just, I'm like, man, his, his energy length was just such a level that it just rose like. Chilling talking to, to Chelsea were laid back, you know, just having a con like a chill conversation. And then he came in and I'm like, man, I'm awake. Like Yeah. It just, I don't know, certain people, like I said, just have a different energy level. And if you look at it in life, which I always think is kind of funny that there are people who, if you look at and realize they are energy vampires. Yeah. it just makes me, that's why I start. I was like, you know, that's actually a, has be real thing. Like there are certain people like their energy, all they do is just suck it away from other people. And then people are like, are you in such a bad mood? Oh, you're with Soandso. Exactly. Yeah. You can tell every time, or why are you in a good mood? Oh, you were hanging out with that person. And certain people like you're on the same vibe and that's why that's where the joke or you're on a vibe. Yeah. Like it's a real thing. Some people just have a different level. When it comes to vibes on a different level, since you already took HP, I don't want to be like a copycat on different things. So like same concept as a favorite, but a different style of vibe. I'm gonna do two for two different reasons. Okay. So the first I'm gonna say is Shannon bra only because that I do that. Yeah. I mean, he is the first of all, like the libertarian connection, like that was awesome. But beyond that is like he's the only person we brought on that's Twitter verify with the blue check mark. So like, that was pretty cool. He was on his own vibe that we got to kind of like listen to and whatnot, but the other one, the most chill one, I think that we've had so far was with Chris LA. I was, I thoroughly enjoyed that when we ended up sitting here and talking to him for another hour after the podcast. Yes. And like, it was just so much fun. Just chill, kind of hanging out, just continuing J drinking, the burry and everything. Yeah. So it, that was just fun. So I think my second for vibe second favorite would be Brittany. Yeah. I mean, she is a good friend but it was just so fun. Cause she was just like, she BR she was so bubbly when she came in mm-hmm and I was like, you know, thank you, you know, for supporting your friends, you have no idea what the heck we're doing. But yeah, no, she's super fun. She's done so much since like we last talked to her and the other thing too, is like, you wouldn't know this because of the way that we put these episodes out, but she was actually the very first person that we interviewed yeah. On the podcast. So that was another thing too, is just being able to have like a very good friend of both of ours, sit in there and just chill and talk. Yeah. That was really nice. If you're looking for a like high quality real estate team, the Diane Castro team that she's on in Wilmington, North Carolina, no matter where you are in the world, Google search, it you'll find it because they have YouTube shows. They have TV shows. Like they are some next level, like incredible team that's going on over there. Like they're actually featured in one, if not two episodes of like a TV show talking about like mm-hmm American dream, I think. And then they actually put out YouTube videos. Obviously people don't check everything for YouTube videos. Mm-hmm but like their videos are actually kind of cool. Like they're snippets. They, they get you a good angle and it's nice to like, hear somebody talk about real estate. And I'm like, oh, Hey, she lives in this area. Yeah. It's not like watching those shows on HGTV. And I feel like they bring the guy in. Like six countries away or six counties. You're like, oh, Hey, I need you to help me buy a house. He has no idea what's going on. Yeah. On to the next one. Send it completely off topic of podcasting. What's your favorite quote? Mm I have a couple of favorite quotes. Yeah. There's my favorite one from like when I was younger and a strike goofball. And I will never forget this from top chef. Cuz they used to do a top chef like an episode at the end of the season where like, Hey, bring everybody together. Let's chill talk. And one of the dudes literally had someone ask him like, Hey, what's your type? And his response was. Beauty's only a light switch away. I tell you I legit died laughing. And in my, I was like, that's, that's my favorite quote for the longest time. Just cuz it was so, so stupid. Doesn't completely different than my favorite quote. But no, my, my my favorite, I have two quotes that are totally opposite. And both of them are from movies. Yeah, because I watch a lot of those or I did Knight's tale mm-hmm when old boy was like, you have been weighed, you have been measured. You've been found wanting. I always look at people and I'm like, man, like there's so many people I would just like in my head, I do that to them all the time. I'm like I ask you to do something. I get you. You've been set up for success. You have all these opportunities to learn. and you just fail. Yeah. So, yep. You were found wanting, and if I could just kick you in the throat, I would, but right. that's not my vibe. Secondly, my wife hates me, but I do have this quote on my arm. Mm-hmm it says do or do not. There is no try. That's a top one for me too. I got that tattoo. And I'm like, you know, it was a time in my life where I'm just, I needed to push myself. Yeah. And so I got it and it's on my forum. So if I'm looking at mirror, I can read it. And I'm like, you know, this is, this is actually a thing I do and think about in my head. So if I act, if I try and do something, I always joke my I'm like, you're not trying you either do it or you don't. Yep. Yes. You get to a point, like if you fail, you didn't do it. But you learn from that situation. Exactly. Yeah. I agree. So I always break it down for that, but my wife hates me because I got this tattoo and she's like, oh my God, you like star Trek. I'm just kidding. She said star wars. I was like, no, no, she actually loved star wars. She grew up watching it all the time. Okay. And she's like, oh my gosh, you're a star wars fan. And I was like, well, actually I'm pretty sure I've seen I at the time. I didn't realize I'd seen all the movies. I was like, I don't know if I've seen them all. I just liked that quote. Oh no. She's like, oh my gosh. Such a poser. I have seen them all now, by the way, just so you guys now just make sure we throw it out there. Yes. So what's your favorite quote? My favorite quote has been back since probably like sophomore year in high school. Okay. And it is be the change you want to see in the world by Gandhi. Are you sure? He said that. I'm pretty sure he said that. Okay. There's multiple sources. I know there has been a few quotes lately though that have been attributed to wrong people. Yes that I've been noticing. And I was like, not quite my friend go back another 50 years. it's so hard nowadays because everyone's like Google. Yeah. But everyone knows to look up Google and if someone's smart enough, they can just put whatever they want to at the top. So mm-hmm yeah. You pay enough money. You'll get your search at the top and it may not be right. So, or, you know, enough code that too. Yeah, let's be real. But yeah. I mean the, and especially now it kind of fits, I mean, it, when I first read it too, is like, there was times like in high school, I was like, oh man, that'd be nice, but I'm not gonna do it. And I'd be like, and then I saw that quote and I was like, okay, like if I see something that needs to change or that even something small. So my friend brought this up because when I told him back sophomore and junior year high school, like my, this quote about a year later, he came up to me and he goes, remember that quote that you told me. And I was like, I, I have no clue. I'm a quote guy. So like, I don't know. He like what you got, he was like, be the change you wanna see in the world. And I was like, yeah, he goes, did you know every time that I come across a piece of trash on the ground, I have to pick it up now because of you And I was like, and you're mad about that. Yes. Cause you force him to change his mindset about letting people, just, eh, yeah. Walk through it all. It's one of those things too, and it, and it's true. And ever since he said, now that back to me, every time I see trash on the ground, I have to pick it up because it just kind of continues. So for everyone that listens to this, when you see a piece's of trash on the ground, pick it up. I'm so happy. You did not say the one quote I was expecting what's that, that was probably my top five. Not all those who wander or lost so I wouldn't say that's on my top five, but it's an interesting, I like that one because it's an interesting thought to ponder. Okay. It is a good. Just you're right. It's a good thought process. Mm-hmm you're like, okay, you're true. A lot of people who are wandering through life, aren't actually lost. They're just wandering through life to learn things and gain experiences. Which I never thought of until like, just now, cuz my brain thinks that some days but there's so many kids who have that tattoo really. And they're like, like, so I remember one of my friends when I got my first tattoo, he went with me and he has a map and a compass TA like mm-hmm half sleeve and he has that quote, not all those who wander or loss. And before I even knew he was getting it, I was like, man, I kind of want that quote. Then I saw it and I'm like, no, can't do it. and then that the year I got like ended up with like two or three other tattoos and that was the year. It was like top, most basic tattoos that quote. Then there was a globe as a, as one of the most basic, an owl as one of the most basic and an arrow. Is that just kind of how you choose your tattoos is like, how am I gonna be the most basic this year? Nope. I literally got the globe because my friend was talking. He was like, he, he was gonna like that one the globe on his back. And then as he hit countries, like he was coloring it in. Yeah. I'm like, that's legit. I'm not doing that. Right. I know my personal self. I can't, I'm not traveling that much. Mm-hmm but I got it. Cuz I flew around the world. Gotcha. Yeah. And as a joke, you know, it was the 80 days, it was like pushing 300, but that's why I got it. Cause I think it was cool. So, so we're getting close to our time. So let's do like a, a rapid fire for a couple and then we'll do the last couple will be longer form when you're bringing on the wives. Oh. Did your wife as she fucking did and I was like, you know, we're gonna call it white claws and wives. We're gonna sit down. We're gonna talk for an hour and we'll just do what we're doing now in bullshit. Sure. Or sure. It could, it should be wine and whiskey. I like that too, because Emily doesn't really drink white claws. And I also don't wanna support Whitelaw cuz it's way too fucking basic fair and wine. You have a little bit more variety. That's true. Yeah. I don't wanna put myself with a brand too. That's not paying us. No. So, so wine and whiskey will be a feature in the next couple months, as soon as Jennifer can get a babysitter. Yeah. For both the kids. Yeah. That's pretty much the, the situation we're in. All right. All to the next one. why did we start the podcast? That's a longer question than I wanted to have right now, but here we are. So if you ever listen to the podcast, Tyler brings us up all the time. Yeah. But I think even back when we were working together, we were like, oh, we should do something together. Didn't know what it was supposed to be. Right. But you, I definitely remember you hitting me up, like, yo, you wanna start a podcast? I was like, sure. Let's go. Yeah. And it, it did take if anyone actually knows us and follows if you look, it was almost, it was a full year plus from us talking about it. Yeah. Trying to figure out what we needed in general, and then asking everybody, like, what are names? What are titles? Who should be mm-hmm should we have a third? Like what are we gonna do? But Tyler mentions all the time. The why? Yeah. Which is I was letting you tell me. Oh, thank you. Yeah. J our why for this podcast is networking and building community. Yeah. And that, that's the main reason why we started the podcast is to. Build our network and create a community around people that, you know, you can come here every single week that you have Chris and I, that you can trust. And you know that we're gonna bring on someone who one may challenge your beliefs may confirm your beliefs may bring something that you don't know may bring something that is completely surprising. So we, we wanna build the community out and especially, we're bringing a lot of people from Wilmington on right now that that may change. It may stay the same. We're not sure yet. We'll, we'll see how it evolves. Yeah. I mean, my, why was just to sit down and enjoy just growing. Yeah. As an adult, a lot of times people just don't, they're just stagnant and they don't try and learn anything in their position. Either at work, they're just doing the same thing, flipping burgers, or like picking up a car, dropping it off. But I feel like I wanted to do the podcast with you. Cause I knew we'd talk different things because we're at different spots in life. We could help. Build each other up and educate people. Definitely. Yeah. I mean, if you go back to our very, very, very first episode, that was the number one thing we talked about is asking questions. Yep. That that's the biggest thing is sitting down asking questions. That's why, when you hear our podcast, you don't typically hear Chris and I talking as much as our guest because our job is to ask the questions on to the next one. Let's see. Can I plug this? Sure. So I've changed my favorite quote. okay. That was quick. And I mean, this one, you can ask Emily, I, I would say this all the time. There are three sides to every story. Yeah. Yours, mine and the truth. Yep. And I've been thinking about that cuz so many times everyone's like, oh well, so and so, or they did this or they I'm. I'm gonna go ask you and the person you talk to mm-hmm and I'm gonna figure out taking both sides because everyone sees things through their, their lens and their point of view. Yeah. Be it political, be it religious, be it, whatever mm-hmm And I, and especially this past, like six months, I've seen it more and more. Oh yeah. Obviously of like, yeah, they're definitely not just your point of view is the truth. So you got that right? I had to change it. That's that's my quote. Perfect. I like it. Next question. What wisdom have you gained from the podcast? Oh, I've gained a lot. I think my biggest takeaway has been patience mm-hmm and also. Fuck it. Go do it. Yeah, because so many, like, they both seem like counterintuitive to have patience, but also go do it. Yeah. But when I say patience, it's more so when I'm going and say, fuck it, let's get, just do this. Like, let's start this podcast, let's start a business. Let's do something. You have to have patience and, and know that nothing happens overnight. Yeah. Unless it's like, she Benu like they switch. But that's where I think that's the biggest thing I've learned is that everyone has, they've grown and they've done so many different things in their life, but it wasn't like right away. They've put in, put in the effort, put in the time. But they had to just go and do it. Oh yeah. I think that's one of the biggest things. Especially, not only is that something that we learned, just putting it all together. but it's something that I think a lot of people will gain from just listening to the podcast and hearing the stories is they just, they started it. They had a feeling, they, they knew that's what they were meant to be doing. They started doing it and it doesn't happen overnight. It may look like it happened overnight, but it didn't. Yeah. And you get these from these stories and that's where I really wanted to pull out from these people as well. Beyond that something you don't see from the podcast on our back end, and I had learned this previously, but like, there's some things you just need to relearn over and over and over again for sure. And one of the things that I relearned is just ask mm-hmm if there's something that you need ask for it, because the worst thing is gonna be no, and you're gonna be at the same spot that you were to begin with and if you get it, which happens more often than not, you get something else. Yeah. We have a sponsor right now that just sent us free. Every type of whiskey, because I just asked. Yeah. And we will probably gain a lifelong relationship from them. Yeah. So, and it's not like I just laughed cuz you're like, if you ask and they say, no, you're in the same spot. No, you're not technically cuz if you ask and they say, no, you've moved to step forward. Cause you've learned that that person said no. Yeah. So you don't ask them, you ask somebody else or if they say no, your next question should be why exactly good point. What can I do to get you to say yes. Yeah. Which works in a lot of situations. Not all. Yeah. And to that point too, one of the things that I learned from one of my very first sales jobs, our regional manager always said wreck the Pento, not the Ferrari So if there was something that you wanted to try, that was new and you didn't know if it was gonna work. Do it on a, either one, like a small account that wasn't like a big deal mm-hmm or do it on, like, if someone came in, like we both worked in, in jewelry, jewelry. Yeah. And if someone came in, like, you know, the tire kickers. Yes. Like we know the tire kickers. If there was a something you wanted to try to see how people reacted to it, try that something new on that person. Like what do you have to lose? Nothing because they're coming and kicking tires anyway. So it is what it is on to the next one. If you could talk to anyone famous, who has passed away, who would it be? Who was passed away? Yep. Oh, Hmm. Real question is what's the definition of famous that the overwhelming majority of people would know. Ooh, easy. All right. So Thurgood Marshall, you it's awesome. Ty was like staring at me. He is like uh, who? Sorry. I don't know who that is. So for those who don't know, the name sounds familiar, but very good. Marshall was a justice on the Supreme court and he was the first African American appointed, appointed, appointed, and then voted in. Yeah, yeah. To the Supreme court. Yeah. No but yeah, no, I, it's interesting because he's a person that a lot of people like people just assume, oh, they're famous. And a lot of famous people make a lot of money. Mm-hmm but I, I like to ask people question who, or talk to him because I feel like he had a lot that happened during his lifetime. Yeah. That made a lot of change and had a big effect on my lifetime. Mm mm-hmm so that's why, I'm gonna tell you not my answer that I'll tell you my answer because this, this first person. If I could still somehow be able to pin him down and ask him questions cause he's still alive, which is why it's not my answer. Okay. Is Thomas Sowell? So he is a he's a famous economist. He's very well known in like the libertarian well realm because he's very much Liberty focused and I've seen him on TikTok for some reason. Yeah. So one of his famous quotes that I love is no solutions only trade offs. I'm pretty sure I might even said that to you. at one point. But yeah, I would love to talk to him very similar. The his background and everything that he went through was just incredible where he came from. Did you know he was born in Gastonia? I did in 1930. There's a documentary about him. I've watched that. Yeah. That's why black rednecks and white liberals. those are books by him. Yeah. He has a just incredible life. Like it there's you could easily write a whole movie about him. I mean, probably I was just curious. I was like, I'm like, why does this name? That's why. Yep. But to my actual real answer, it would be Marcus arres. One of the emperors of Rome, the Marcus arre. Oh yeah. Why? Because I read his meditations of Marcus arres, Uhhuh, and it's crazy to me. How like translations, of course it went from Latin to English. Yeah. So take that with the grain of salt of what it may be, but it's very close translation cuz you people that know Latin, but it too English, it's just the vernacular. That's different. Mm-hmm but his thoughts and meditations and what he was going through. Thousands of years ago is very similar to what we go through today. So to be able to write something that's so timely from 100 ad to 2020 ad is is amazing to me. And to be able to have a, a type of wisdom that will last, that long is incredible. Very interesting. So very different. Yeah. yours is more kind of nuanced and practical to now and then mine just kind of over time. All right. Next one. What do you hope to see for the podcast in the future? Mm, I hope to see myself on camera. Potentially just depending on layouts, I'm sure that if we ever expanded the, the studio mm-hmm, totally do that. But you know, we always have things working. Yeah. But I think for the podcast in general, I, I think having a, I look forward to seeing like a celebratory, yo we hit a hundred. Yeah. Or, I mean, that's, that's almost two years. That's almost two years. Yeah. Of recording or just having like the growth in the community where we actually have like people asking us, like, so what's your choice? What do you think about this whiskey? Right. And I can be like, you know what? I never tried it cuz I ain't got that kind of money. what about you? probably the same thing. Just kind of being Kind of more on a shallow level is just kind of being like that resource for people to go to like, Hey, what do you think about this whiskey? What do you think of like, should I try this? How should I drink this? Yep. But on more of like a business level, I would really like to start working with more different companies, not necessarily like sponsorship or monetization wise, but just to kind of build that community that we talked about. So just kind of bring it all together is probably what I would hope to see for the future of the podcast. next question. I'll try to make it too long. Cuz it was focused towards me. is you talk so much about 75 hard? What is it? so we, me and Emily talked about this, I was like, eventually I'm sure I will have to do that, but. It's a great mindset. Mm-hmm and change. My friend Asia, who will be on here eventually. Yeah. She's going through that and it's definitely a mental shift. It is when I talk about, or mention like vibes and like energy trans, like not energy transference. Cause I'm not on that level. I don't know anything about that, but it definitely changes your vibration. Yeah. Because it slows you down. And it gets you back to the roots of pretty much health. Yeah. Mental health, physical health. I know you talk about all the time. Yeah. So the main tenets of 75 hard, it's actually a full program, the live hard program, and there's multiple other steps to it. 75 hard program is just the first step. What 75 hard is, you have to find a diet stick to it. You have to drink a gallon of water every single day And there is a workout that you have to do inside workout. You have to do outside. So two of them, every single day for 45 minutes, at least 10 pages of reading non-fiction non-fiction or everyday that's the hardest part for me. Yeah. So it has to be business or self-help. Okay. And the other one that conveniently is last for us is no alcohol. So we'll figure something out for that next time we do it. Woo. Ooh. What if, all right. Hear me out. What if we found a sponsor that made non-alcoholic alcohol for us to try non-alcoholic spirits. Yeah. And cause, I mean, they're all terminologies mm-hmm and technically 75 days. Is like eight weeks. Yeah. So reality. We only have to get someone to sponsor us for like four weeks. Cause if we do a batch at the beginning and then we do a batch midway with like non-alcoholic yeah. It's doable. I like it makes sense. Let's do it to choose the month that we decided to start it in. Yes. We actually also need to find a sponsor. that's true. I, I have a few people at my sleeve will make it work. All right. And last and final question of the night is what, how do you see your growth in the next five years? just as you not, not podcast, not this it's just, just you. Well hopefully, hopefully I see a decline in my belly fat. I feel like. Growth in the next five years, I am looking to establish my watch collection. Yeah. Just because I, I like watches, they do go almost hand in hand with whiskey mm-hmm and figure out the next step I would love to have within within five years, I hope that the recording studios is running certain smoothly. Ish as you can have any business run yeah. Yes. And, and I would hope to have a few more stamps on my passport. Yeah. One of the things that I know you and I can both appreciate because of the manager we both had mm-hmm so one of, one of her things is kind of having three tenets of what you're focusing on. And even before I met her, that was. I always knew I could do three things efficiently. Mm-hmm and once I started branching out the fourth, fifth, and sixth, I knew I couldn't do it as efficient. Yeah. And so the three things I'm focusing on now is business, faith and family. So those are the three things before I had kids, I was able to say like, Hey, spending time with family is easy. I can fit that in once you have kids, it's an actual priority. Yes. So I had to, instead of having like a three and a half it's, it's a strict three and that family has to be part of that third. But yeah, business, faith, family. And if you wanted to do like a fourth overall for that, for me, and it kind of fits in all three of those in my mind is fitness as well. Because if I'm not feeling my best, if I don't like working to my prime physically, I feel like I can't do those three. I can see that. So that's, that's kind of where that comes in. And in order where 75 hard comes in to play with all of this, cuz you gotta turn back on. Talked about that again. we need a sponsor kid. I know, right. He gives it away for free. So he's like, I don't need to pay you anyway. Is being able to create that time for you to be able to accomplish your three tenets of life is a big thing. So my time is my physical fitness time. Cuz that's how I can get myself ground. You give myself feeling good and everything. So if you wanna put a kind of overarching umbrella on top of those three, that's what it would be nice. I get to ask you the fun. What's your number four. Number four. I wrote these down. I knew we were gonna go through this again. What if we're double Oaked okay. You're number four. hold on. I had to look at it cause I don't have the, the space. I didn't bring my stuff to write it down. All right. So I will go with Hower head that one's a solid one too. with Hower head it's I, I want that to be part of my, like top five or top three. It's just so unique and so different, which is why I wanted to be part of that. But when it comes to like whiskey, it doesn't fit that or bourbon, it doesn't fit that. But when it comes to overall experience, yes, it's 100% in my top three. Okay. So if we're going on that route, then I'll go barrel proof. That's my number three. The Elier Craig. I'm glad you brought that up. So Eli Craig is barrel proof is my number three. Okay. Which is, this is the fun thing is the, both of us have such very different, like. Pallets mm-hmm because I think the, what did I say for five is that OKed Eden. Yeah. So I think my three would be double Oaked from Woodford mm-hmm just because oddly enough, I have the traditional Woodford reserve. Yeah. Like the, the tall bottle at the house. Yep. Me too. And then when we tried the double Oak, I was like, it's a whole nother level. Those don't even taste this. Yep. I was mad at my life cuz I had the double Oak first and then I had regular Woodford reserve. Mm-hmm I was wood for a reserve is good, but double Oak. It's hard to go backwards. But when you look at the price difference yes. That's a big difference. All right. So those three what's your two. Now I just made fun of you for doing the, the hollerer head whiskey. My number two is bear proof. love it. So, and, and the only reason why I put that as my number two is because that's, anytime anyone goes to Montana, I have them pick up bear proof for me. And the, do you have more than one bottle? I have three bottles. She bruh, you need to let me know next time you got somebody going there, cuz I need at least one bottle for the studio. Well, yeah, we'll get that. And I, I have one full bottle, so I might have to bring it to the studio so we can continue to slip on it. But the reason why I like it so much is cuz I also love ginger beer. Mm, okay. And I, we may have talked about it, but bear proof and ginger beer is my favorite drink at, by all. By all means we did. We talked about it during that episode, I thought. So that was about it. So my number two. Is the high west boo RA. What makes that true? Number two, what would you like about it? It was just so smooth. And if my number one is also a very smooth one, but I just liked it cuz it was just chill. Yeah. I could definitely, like I said, when we were drinking it, I was like, man, I could sip on this, like sit and buy campfire. Like if I got a fire pit Outback which might happen eventually, but maybe not if I haven't kids cuz that's a yeah. A hazard. Yeah. But it's definitely more of a chill. Sit down, have a friend over mm-hmm before I drink, I mean, I got a bar full of whiskey and there's a few of very few that you can just sit back and be like, yo here have a sip. Yeah. That's also like affordable and you don't feel like crying if you hand it to a group of six people. Yes. Yeah. Cuz we both have a few of those and like you're not gonna pour six shots of those. I still have a bottle of Glen fit 21 year. I'm like, I need an occasion to open this. Like y'all, ain't just getting me to open this for nobody. Maybe when we have a sponsorship milestone arena. So your number one, my number one is the high west burry. I, I figure that was, yeah. So my favorite type of a bourbon in general is rye anyway. Okay. And so with that burry, it is the smoothest rye that I've ever had. And so you kind of get those, you get the flavor for sure. You get the smoothness and then you also kind of get the little extra flavors on the back end. So you get a full flavor. It is definitely full flavor. Mm-hmm so do you really think that. Like rye bourbon is still bourbon for me. It is anyway. That's my favorite by far, you're not considering rye as a separate category. Typically rye is a bourbon. I mean, I I'm just asking cuz I mean, some people like, so you got whiskey, we should be the overarching. You got bourbon. You got rye. Yeah. You got Irish whiskey and you got scotch Japanese whiskey. True with the why yep. I don't know why I did that. why not. We've been drinking. So my number one. Yeah. Do you know what it is? I don't have a clue. Bear proof. No shit no, that was my favorite. Surprisingly enough, I it's, it was so smooth. It was so clean. It is. And especially cuz like when we drank that, the only really the only real whiskey I had before that was like, Jameson. Yeah. Or like crown mm-hmm and both of those will have on eventually, but they're not like sipping whiskeys. Right. But that was just, it was smooth. It was clean. I, to me, that's a summer whiskey, definitely. And seeings how it's hot here, all this. Yeah. Especially today. We're just constantly sweating when you step outside. Yes. I'm like, that's something I could go like, yeah. Let me get a sip of this and be okay with also, I'm just a fan of like fruit flavored finishes. And if you guys haven't noticed, Tyler is not the biggest fruit flavored finished person similar, like with the exo and there are different whiskeys that have certain things and to finish in, flavorwise like two of the more do the reason they do the exo and the Caribbean Ru cast is because they have more fruity undertones. Yeah. I like things that are citrusy because despite being born in November, I am definitely a like citrus lover. Which I gotta ask you that question later. One, one of these days. Yeah. Well, we have surpassed our time that we were planning for for today. which is all good. That's the point? Yeah, it's fine. That's kinda what happens every week anyway, so this is where we're at. So thank you all for listening, learning more about all of the whiskeys that we've had on here. A quick synopsis of everyone else that we've brought on the podcast. We officially, before this episode, we had brought on 21 guests. We are legal. Our podcast is legally allowed to drink to finally. If we can't guess as people. Yeah. So by the time this comes out, it'll be quote unquote, our 23rd, but it'll be our 21st guest. Yeah. So that was exciting. Thanks for listening to all of that. If there was someone that we talked about that you wanna listen to, we'll have those links below and hopefully you learned a little bit more about our favorite whiskeys that we had and what we enjoyed about everyone. If you like this, let us know if there's something else you wanna listen to let us know. And according to the poll that I put out, the random conversations were your favorite, followed by self-help, there's a little bit of that in between too. Yes. So hopefully we'll do a nice balance for you all for that thrown in with a little bit of business and a very small bit of not politics necessarily, but a something similar to the, to the feel of that maybe if that gets brought up. Yeah. So. I get to finish it off. Thank you guys. Hitting us up, listening to the podcast of whiskey and wisdom. I'm gonna plug myself every week from now on. I will be posting my favorite whiskey. Yeah. Well maybe not my favorite. I will be posting a whiskey and a new watch that is coming to the shop. Oh yeah. Because you know, if you need a watch and it's actually available, I'm your man. Yep. Don't ask me about like a green dial Daytona or some BS. But yeah, come check me out on social media. I don't actually know what my thing is. I'm pretty sure it's like CT Calum or something I think is right now, but find me on social media. I'll be posting whiskey and watches on Wednesday because why not, you know, alliteration for the kill. But thank you guys all for listening and, and sitting with this silly conversation we had today you know, we are linked up with rays and bones, coffee. 7 6, 5, 15. What's 15. That's how much you get off. I was like, I'm looking at it backwards. So I would've done one in five, so sorry. Gotcha. So on raise energy, use code wisdom, get 15% off your order. That stuff is amazing. Pretty much the only thing, energy DrinkWise, Tyler can drink without catching a migraine. Yep. And that kid gets him all the time. True. Bones, coffee hit us, hit it up with code wisdom as well. Sends you great flavored coffee straight to your door. Mm-hmm and who doesn't like getting good with coffee and not having to fight the crowd and Folgers is just poop. less true, but yeah, we will see you guys next week or hopefully you'll hear us next week. I don't know if we'll actually see you probably won't see us next week, but hopefully in a few months. but you will certainly hear us. Thank you guys for joining. Cheers. Cheers.

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